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  1. adj2ent

    Special Sale Today - ADJ UV Canon 400W - $130

    The issue with these is the lamp. It pulls a lot of juice, gets hot, and if you don’t have a backup lamp you lose 50 % of your coverage if you only have two of them. I went with a system using Led UVs, The new fluorescent UV’s and the older blacklight UVs from back in the day. I remember way...
  2. adj2ent

    Projectors - wow, things have changed

    We get questions about these no name projectors on the backyard movie site. Prices of video projectors have dropped a lot over the past few years. Optoma and Benq are some of the least expensive name brands. usually these no-name brands always give you some specs which are misleading and make...
  3. adj2ent

    How do you record a CD using a CD recorder and hooking it up to the Denon DN MC 6000 MK2?

    I haven’t done it in a while but you just record the files to the hard drive, Convert if necessary and then burn the files to create a audio CD. But I didn’t think anyone was using CDs anymore. Anything I want share (audio, video, photos) I just upload and share the link. Most listen to audio...
  4. adj2ent

    I may be getting another tablet today.

    That’s the same thing I think all the time. I can’t tell you how many times someone will buy a computer knowing that what I deal with everyday then ask me is what they get brought any good. Usually the sad truth is they overpaid & brought something so so. But you really don’t want to say that...
  5. adj2ent

    Gateway computers is back

    Yes, I knew that, I don’t think there is any computers from a major manufacturer built in the US for a long long time. I expected to see SONY laptop’s first as supposedly they were supposed to be released over in Japan a couple years ago. My SONY Vaio desktop is still going even after20 years...
  6. adj2ent

    Gateway computers is back

    Yes, Gateway computers are back, complete with the back black & white cow boxes available at exclusivelyWalmart for now. I remember my first PC udesktop computer was a Gateway 386SX brought for the discounted price of $3,600. I think that was around 1990. It was a big step up from the 286 we...
  7. adj2ent

    Should I Be Worried

    It’s a 50th Birthday Party if you are anywhere close to that age pick what you like off the list and get that. I am 60 but even in my 50’s what I listened to wasn’t really driven by the newest stuff out. But I hear you about not updating since March. A couple of weeks ago I found out the same...
  8. adj2ent

    Does anybody know how to use Eventbrite?

    Someone is going to have pay an additional fee to sell the tickets through eventbrite. I’m not sure about the numbers but you’re going have to add $2 to $4 per ticket to the price. The big question you have to ask yourself is how do the people who frequent the events like you do purchase their...
  9. adj2ent

    Am I nuts?? Passive system

    That’s not too crazy. I still use my passive systems for my larger Outdoor Movies. The systems aren’t effected rain or 95 Degree heat. It’s just heavy. I have plans to upgrade the amps, it that’s about it. The system 23years old and still going strong. But I don’t know if I would buy any new...
  10. adj2ent

    Just started creating a new website using Site 123.

    You can work on the website with a tablet or cell phone but you will need to pull it you on all three to see how it looks on each, cell phone, table & laptop/desktop. With godaddy’s s/w it automatically creates the cellphone formatted site. Get the right content, format & photos is goingto...
  11. adj2ent

    Am new to this sorta ..

    I saw DJ in a wheel chair. The guy could DJ. I hate to say you can come in with a cane just have your crew carry the equipment. Now if you come in with a cane trying to carry equipment, well that looks foolish. If you’re good at our age nobody going to say anything but damn. Considering how...
  12. adj2ent

    Am new to this sorta ..

    Like I said you got to come up with a plan. You have to choose your mentor, someone successful who you can trust. As to be really accomplish things it takes a change in thinking. The example would be why would you even considered a 9 year old computer when for a few dollars more you can get one...
  13. adj2ent

    Am new to this sorta ..

    Who told you that? Lol I won’t get into a PC vs Mac debate because depending on what & where you play that determineS what use should use. But if you don’t have much money you aren’t getting a Mac. Any $300 Mac is likely old & under powered compared to what you could get for the same money in a...
  14. adj2ent

    Am new to this sorta ..

    Darn, Jeff don’t let out the big Secret. I guess it is time to come up with some sort of plan, invest and actual DJ for a little money or sell them on more karaoke or something else which might be more profitable. Depending on your age, what the people want to hear will also be factor but when...
  15. adj2ent

    Am new to this sorta ..

    If you have a Pentium It’s time for a new laptop, asap. I was just updating ipos s/w in Staples and the Laptop with a Pentium gold was so so slow I thought the laptop wasn’t working. Thats compared and the I5 & I3s laptops. Laptops are cheap now and you’ll need one that for both business &...
  16. adj2ent

    Am new to this sorta ..

    Pretty much any decent laptop will run DJ software fine. If you are doing basic stuff a I5 8GB Ram & 256GB SSD would work. I use virtual DJ for everything, karaoke, DJing, VJing & production stuff. But since you don’t have a karaoke library I would continue with Karafun for now but think about...
  17. adj2ent

    Just started creating a new website using Site 123.

    Maybe time to invest in a new laptop and one of those adjustable stand. I bought one of those adjustable stands for working in bed or sitting or standing. It will support a light laptop or iPad. But you have to be comfortable if you are going to be working for hrs in the same spot. I tell my...
  18. adj2ent

    CES 2021

    Now i just read NAMM will be virtual. That’s what I figured would happen. My trips to CA & FL were already on hold definitely right now.
  19. adj2ent

    File this under interesting

    Somebody somewhere posted a link a song by postmodern jukebox. I’ve been checking out a lot of their stuff. They redo different takes on current songs. Most featuring some very talented singers & musicians. This one struck me because where in the world do you find a female singer who plays the...
  20. adj2ent

    CES 2021

    So I just Read that NAMM is going to try to have it in person not digital. Let’s see what happens, as far as I read it is still surging in CA. I haven’t been to NAMM 2016. I wasn’t heading out there for 2021 but I’d like to make it back out there again. Maybe hit CES then NAMM with time off In...
  21. adj2ent

    Struggling tonight, Barn venue,

    What I would do is play your best stuff and see if they’ll come in. If not try to get one speaker outside so they have sound out there. If the music is good they’re not going to blame you if they don’t want to come in but you look like a hero for providing music where they are.
  22. adj2ent

    Does Anyone Have An Update On RayMar?

    I just got the news on Facebook earlier day. I think I was go the zoom call with him and a bunch of other seniors. Lost my Godmother last week too. We are just losing too many people. RIP Ray
  23. adj2ent

    Good thing I was looking on my emails just now.

    You never call the number on a email like that. Likely it is a scam to get info. You only call the the number of the credit card company if you actually do see a charge posted on your account. Of course if they are trying to scam you they don’t here your correct credit card info.. What ever they...
  24. adj2ent

    Is there a difference in drivers from the Denon 6000 to the MK2?

    i am willing to bet what you need is already there if you have a recent version of VDJ since both are pretty common controllers. I have the 6000, since there a MK2 available wouldn’t go back to a basic. There are a few differences/improvements between the two. I’ve ever had to do anything in VDJ...
  25. adj2ent

    CES 2021

    I just got the news CES 2021 will be online and Digital only in January 2021. I not sure I was planning to go anyway so it being online will work for me. Las Vegas is going to take a big hit, when I was thinking about going in 2020 most hotels were soldout Months before. But looking at whats is...