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  1. dunlopj

    Gibson sells off brands

    Which is why I walked away in 2003...Clear Channel took all the fun away,,,,:monhissyfit:
  2. dunlopj

    Rascal Flatts "Through The Years" now available

    There is a really good version of this song on their new EP "How They Remember You".
  3. dunlopj

    Mixxx 2.3 Beta

    Now that is commitment!
  4. dunlopj

    Mixxx 2.3 Beta

    I'll believe that when I see it! :cheers: But if it's so, I'll really miss the build updates!
  5. dunlopj

    Passing The Torch

    Dan, thank you sir for all you did here over the past 15 years! A job well done!:pillyes:
  6. dunlopj

    Building A Podium Style DJ System

    Really good to her from you Bobcat! Thanks for the update.
  7. dunlopj

    Politics, Religion, and Sex....( All members please read)

    Already happily opted out....
  8. dunlopj

    Attended my first Zoom wedding today

    Ricky...look at it this opportunity to get more photos for your web site AND to let potential clients know having a band is a possibility.
  9. dunlopj

    Attended my first Zoom wedding today

    Could not have said it better myself! Here here!
  10. dunlopj

    Weddings First wedding...we're doomed I"m afraid

    I think that is a great idea! Might become at least for now the new norm.
  11. dunlopj

    Socially distanced backyard movie night

    Well now I'm really confounded...:sick:
  12. dunlopj

    Attended my first Zoom wedding today

    Ricky, maybe this could be an offering in your venue for those who for whatever reason could not be at the site. Turn lemons into lemonade....?
  13. dunlopj

    Socially distanced backyard movie night

    Me thinks I'm having a hard time figuring out the difference between your serious and satirical moments...
  14. dunlopj

    Socially distanced backyard movie night

    If you can't say something nice, don't say anything. Scott....good for you! Nice job! See...that wasn't hard.:pillyes:
  15. dunlopj

    Attended my first Zoom wedding today

    If that's all we can have for now, so be matter who or what caused it. No use in arguing that. Plus you can bring your own catering!
  16. dunlopj

    DJ Expo 2020 - New Dates 11/16-19

    No bowling alleys?? Oh the horror...the shame...:pillworried::pilllaugh:BTW, I love to duckpin bowl...invented in Baltimore and a few still exist.
  17. dunlopj

    Prom playlist?

    After my recovery from Leukemia and the resulting loss of hair and weight, I knew it was time to retire...btw...I've NEVER been "decent in appearance"...:cheers:
  18. dunlopj

    Weddingwire, talk me down

    I really miss his gig logs.....:sqembarassed:
  19. dunlopj

    weddings in ohio

    Blah blah blah....can't wait till we can just have pointless discussions about actual DJ'ing!:pillerr::sqO.o::cheers:
  20. dunlopj

    weddings in ohio

    Most of the time, I am...including here... When I'm serious, you'll know it by the look in my eyes as I stare you down from my folding lawn chair from the stage....hope you get that joke...
  21. dunlopj

    weddings in ohio

    Gonna be like a Catholic school prom!
  22. dunlopj

    And just like that.... We are back in business...

    Please give us post gig report. Should be interesting if people feel comfortable enough to gather on the dance floor...
  23. dunlopj

    Hey Mix!! Booked any winter gigs?

    Parks and handball courts.....just sayin'....that says a lot.
  24. dunlopj

    No Gigs Until June and other random stuff...

    Again....must be a N.J. thing...:pillwink: