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    Mixxx 2.3 Beta

    Laptops and Desktops
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    VDJ 2021

    Make sure you have the "newest" new release - "Atomix have just added the ability to pre-analyse tracks and save the stems so loading time is reduced. People without the beefy NVidia GTX graphics cards Atomix recommend were complaining about how long it took to analyse when the track loaded...
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    Mixxx 2.3 Beta

    Mixxx 2.3 Beta has been released. FINALLY, you can name and color code Cue points - If you don't need video, Mixxx is now about as good as any $$$ software.
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    To MAKE music what software do you use

    In truth, I don't "make" music - I'm really not talented enough - but I do edit the hell out of it using Audacity.
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    VDJ 2021

    It's also causing a buzz on the Serato Forum. My exact Post there - "Frequently, excellent features such as this are dismissed SIMPLY BECAUSE they are VDJ'ish. This shall be interesting!" I never miss an opportunity to poke the SSL Groupies in the eye! Realistically, this is all based on an...
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    Hum from HDMI

    I'd start right there. Take your volt meter and measure the AC voltage from ground on the TV (with it on but no HDMI cable connected) to the ground on the AC outlet. Then reverse the plug and read it again - use a cheater if you have to, since the plug might be polarized with one larger spade...
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    Google maps, grrr!

    You said you'd be afraid of upsetting the neighbors if you installed Yorkie 801's. What neighbors??
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    Printer Issues

    When I hooked up my HP Officejet Pro 8610, I signed up for HP's Automatic cartridge replacement program - something like $4.00 per month. It has worked VERY well, but I probably don't print as much as Bobcat. The printer monitors it's own cartridges, and when ink starts to get low, it notifies...
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    New equipment

    I think one of the Studio speakers is wired out of phase. Check the + and - wiring connections on the back of both speakers AND the other ends of the wire that connect to the amp, making sure the polarity is correct.
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    Traktor Upgrade on Sale for $24.50

    My favorite is Mixvibes Cross DJ V3.4.3 - Dj'ing and Video - but you can't get a License for it since their release of V4, which IMHO is inferior. Also IMHO, if you really get into Karaoke you'll want true "Hosting" software. I use OpenKJ, which is totally free.
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    QSC KSub $599.99

    Just in case someone wants one (or $1200 for two to hold their tops) -
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    Check out my new MIX

    Nice transitions! I don't do Twitch, so I'm not sure about the expected listener, but I probably would not have put most of the really high energy stuff right at the beginning.
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    Next Tech: Ground Loop/Lift

    Why is there a puddle of water by the DJ booth? I said "Do Not Touch the Equipment!!" Why are you using a wooden stick to move the controls? I said "Do Not Touch the Equipment!!" Sometimes it takes a while, but they'll learn.
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    Next Tech: Ground Loop/Lift

    I toured the USS Ling in Hackensack, NJ before she was vandalized - a diesel/electric WWII submarine. The entire lower part of the sub was lead/acid batteries. There was a an approximate 10 ft3 room that was fully insulated - rubber walls, floor and ceiling - with huge knife switches in the...
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    Next Tech: Ground Loop/Lift

    Similar, with an explanation how it works - "This shows how to break ground for appliances, such as a PC, with three-prong plugs. You can build this circuit into a computer or another appliance, but I find it better to build it as an independent break-out box. The diodes provide open loop for...
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    Going Live Saturday--a few quick last minute questions for those who have done it.

    Like I said, I understand little of this. However, if you need a good mic for a camera, today only -
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    What's the First Song You'd Play on these Speakers ??

    Well, Andrew Loyd Weber is no slouch, but on his shoulders stands Verdi, Puccini, and finally Mahler. This is the 5th (last) movement of the Mahler 2nd. I'm posting this because not only would it sound outrageous on these speakers, but more importantly, for Sawdust who just lost two dogs. As...
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    Going Live Saturday--a few quick last minute questions for those who have done it.

    Amazing, I hardly understand one technical word in this thread! Brave New World!!
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    What's the First Song You'd Play on these Speakers ??

    Good - but they're mainly composed for vibrating sheet metal on a car!
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    What's the First Song You'd Play on these Speakers ??

    Since I do a lot of Latin, I'll throw this on as a Bachata if the drapes need dusting - View:
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    What's the First Song You'd Play on these Speakers ??

    I didn't know he had 72 Cerwin Vega bass horns. Hey, you can never have too much horsepower!!
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    What's the First Song You'd Play on these Speakers ??

    AC/DC Thunderstruck !!
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    Serato Users!!

    Check your personal email for messages from Serato - "Serato Play" is a free expansion pack until the end of May.
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    How much money do you anticipate earning in May and June events?

    If you people had gone to Law School, like your parents had wanted, you'd be singing "Blue Skies"!! When I retired, I enrolled my wife and myself in long term health care policies, with the idiotic idea of preserving wealth for our children in case one, or both of us, end up in nursing homes...
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    Post your going to the store Mask!

    No, that's exactly what I look like. The back of the T Shirt reads "Friendships Evolve - C4 is Forever". I have found it remarkably easy maintaining a 6' (or more) Social Distance. In fact, if I didn't know better. I'd think woman with small children are actually trying to avoid me!!