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  1. TwinSpinDJ

    Prom playlist?

    Yep, you've aged yourself out. Been there done that as well. I hired a younger DJ who was current with that age-group. I provided the equipment and all he brought was his digital mixer and his music. I fielded requests. I think I paid him $100 for a Halloween party.
  2. TwinSpinDJ

    Greek dance songs?

    How about the song with words "gypsy woman"...I can't recall the song at the moment, but I'll get back to you when it comes back into my brain. LOL
  3. TwinSpinDJ

    Greek dance songs?

    Regardless, we owe our resident "Greek" DJ a ton of thanks for setting us straight about Greek music...I appreciate the lesson. A couple years ago I did a graduation party for the owner of a Grecian restaurant here in town. Many older folks attended as well as a dozen or so teenagers. The...
  4. TwinSpinDJ

    Ode to Music for the Musically Mature

    Great find!
  5. TwinSpinDJ

    Turbosound IQ18b - New Sub

    "87 lbs."... I had a road case that weighed that much and it was a bear to lift. The Yorkville LS801PB weighed in at 137 lbs., but was extremely balanced for moving on wheels. I had a DJ trailer with ramp back then, too. Rick can attest to the easy of moving it. Lifting...definitely not!
  6. TwinSpinDJ

    Turbosound IQ18b - New Sub

    Magic...what is the weight of this speaker? does this speaker compare to RCF and Yorkville?
  7. TwinSpinDJ

    What's the First Song You'd Play on these Speakers ??

    Just thought of another "boomer" for those bins: 1996 Grammy Nominee: "Gangsta's Paradise" - Coolio
  8. TwinSpinDJ

    What's the First Song You'd Play on these Speakers ??

    "Sandstorm" - Derude "Magic Carpet Ride" - Stepphenwolf
  9. TwinSpinDJ

    CORE DJ Mixshow list (ALL EXPLICIT)

    Don't play "dirty" "explicit" music. Not that I ever knowingly play it, but since my primary focus is weddings I need to make sure my music is as clean as possible.
  10. TwinSpinDJ

    First Cancelation because of Corona Virus

    My last gig was Sunday, 3/15/2020 during the initial blast of corono-19 restrictions going into affect. Nothing on books at this time. I am a bit disappointed in that the bowling alley has closed for 2 weeks until April 1st. I bowl in 2 leagues.
  11. TwinSpinDJ

    Status Check

    Hi rick. I'm just up the road visiting in Fairfield Glade (Crossville). All we got was wind and some rain...and the Tornado Alert. All OK here. Headed back to Florida Thursday. Sorry for your friend's loss.
  12. TwinSpinDJ

    Who here plays Moombahton?

    I like dance monkey--tones and I; bpm supreme moombahton remix. However, I follow Latin reggaeton.
  13. TwinSpinDJ

    Anniversary Party Playlist

    Great job. You're right on target with the music. Nice list. Could you PM the playlist? Got a 55+ dance coming up and your list would come in handy for cherry-picking.
  14. TwinSpinDJ

    What 'upcharge' would you put on this request?

    My Ceremony fee includes the charge for up to 1-hr rehearsal. If they don't need a rehearsal, then they arrive early at the Ceremony site the day of. It doesn't matter to me if they don't need Rehearsal the day before. I still get paid.
  15. TwinSpinDJ

    What 'upcharge' would you put on this request?

    Absolutely, extra day's pay (one hour's worth and travel expenses).
  16. TwinSpinDJ

    What 'upcharge' would you put on this request?

    Being a single operator with no staff, it falls on me to make sure all facets of the ceremony are worked out in advance. Most of my clients don't hire a Coordinator; hence, I assist in that regard. So, you've never worked a Rehearsal? Most of mine have been outdoors and at a separate...
  17. TwinSpinDJ

    What 'upcharge' would you put on this request?

    Here's the venue in the areas that I serviced in Maine and North Carolina ever provided the service you indicated. It was the client's responsibility to reserve an hour for rehearsal the day prior to the wedding. My Ceremony fee automatically include up to 1 hour of my time...
  18. TwinSpinDJ

    What 'upcharge' would you put on this request?

    How do you plan to do "rehearsal" for each segment of the Ceremony? Got to account for time spent. I normally charge for an extra hour of my time and travel. And, IF you've never seen or set foot in the venue (ceremony inside, outside, same location), you need to work that into your planning...
  19. TwinSpinDJ

    Digital Song Request Service - DJ's Get Paid!

    I didn't read many of the responses to this post. However, what seems to be the consensus based on postings thus far? I don't need somebody who never experiences live performing, but tells me what goes together in a playlist...for money. I do read gig logs of what DJ have played and see if...
  20. TwinSpinDJ

    New subs, wrong place to order

    Me, too. Shipped directly from Edison, NJ to North Carolina....nothing damaged!
  21. TwinSpinDJ

    Wanting To Buy... Evox 12, Anyone Selling?

    If you are close to Edison, NJ, why not stop in to the warehouse/showroom and take a listen. Perhaps they may have a few returns and are willing to reduce the price. I purchased my Evox 8 system just that way, but I wanted new. Listened to both the Evox 8 and 12. My requirements were for...
  22. TwinSpinDJ

    New DJ Needs Help Selecting Speakers...

    Had I been smart years ago when Dynacord had the system similar to RCF Evox, I would have purchased it. Since then, they no longer have that system available. I'm happy with the Evox 8 system which is adequate for 150 to 200 people room.
  23. TwinSpinDJ

    New DJ Needs Help Selecting Speakers...

    I recommend seeing, touching and listening to speakers before purchase. Sometimes you don't have them available. Before I decided to buy the RCF Evox 8 vs. 12, I knew I wanted the RCF Evox but nobody had them in my neighborhood or nearby. So, on my upcoming trip to Maine (have friends that we...
  24. TwinSpinDJ

    What Browser Do You Use?

    I use IE because that's what I've always used. I'm and old dog and difficult to learn new things. I switched to all digital, no CD, in 2013...I believe or maybe it was 2015, not sure. Why is Chrome a better choice than IE?
  25. TwinSpinDJ

    Corporate Events Final 2019 Christmas Office Party...OFF DA CHAIN...

    WIFEDJ...could I get a copy of your play list? Great list. Shows you know your stuff and how to make almost everyone happy!