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  1. JamminDownJD

    Break-apart truss totems

    I tried Google and all of the forum searches, and I cannot find it, so I am asking your help. I seem to recall seeing pics of someone owning 2m (6-ft) truss totems that break apart into separate tubes and baseplates sort of like the Trusst Glo Totems. However, instead of (4) 2m poles per totem...
  2. JamminDownJD

    What's with the trading card pics in the DJ Photo Gallery?

    What's with the trading card pics in the DJ Photo Gallery? Can we increase MP or other traits? Do they come with a stick of gum? LOL
  3. JamminDownJD

    I built my ceremony rig!

    I have pretty much finalized my ceremony rig. This is the lightest and most compact setup I have ever used. I'm psyched, because many of my summer gigs will require a separate ceremony setup. I will be using this as my main rig next week for a golf benefit where the space that I am given is...
  4. JamminDownJD

    Rack to Tabletop system

    I've been running on a rack system for the past five years. I've been itching to get back on a tabletop digital turntable system because you can't scratch with miniature jog wheels on a Denon DN-HD2500, Pioneer MEP-7000 or similar digital controller system. I primarily DJ weddings, but I do...