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  1. Valerie Hicks

    UGH I have to buy a new TV today.

    The gas line to our water heater sprung a leak the other day. We knew that because our house smelled of propane sunday. So we turned off the gas. We had no heat or hot water till monday. I had an appt with my gynecological oncologist monday morning so I showered the old fashioned way by...
  2. Valerie Hicks

    About YOUR wedding

    we didn't want a big fancy wedding so opted for a destination wedding on the other side of our state (400 miles away). Our guests included immediate family (my sister, my parents, his brother & sister and parents), a close friend of mine who lived near there (her husband had pancreatic cancer...
  3. Valerie Hicks

    How much money do you anticipate earning in May and June events?

    $0. We still have one event early june that hasn't officially cancelled yet but we've been talking to them and expect their decision to reschedule or cancel by May 1st-ish.
  4. Valerie Hicks

    Financial Relief Options For The Full-Time DJ Operators

    We applied online and waiting for response. South Dakota doesn't have in place yet the unemployment for self-employed, but supposed to be coming soon. MN I heard just started last week, so hopefully it's in the works. My opinion is take advantage of the resources while you can and before...
  5. Valerie Hicks

    First Cancelation because of Corona Virus

    totally agree. I've watched a judge tell a vendor that they were clearly the experts and the only ones able to prove they were not the cause of (said case), but the plaintiff shouldn't have to pay for the damage to their car, so he judged the 2 vendors part of the suit each pay half. The...
  6. Valerie Hicks

    First Cancelation because of Corona Virus

    the bulk of our events would not be able to reschedule. They are things like school dances, figure skating performances, corporate meetings. Most will continue to book us in the future, but few will have opportunity to reschedule. Of course we will work with any of our clients to apply any...
  7. Valerie Hicks

    First Cancelation because of Corona Virus

    Attorneys I have researched have indicated that in some circumstances a pandemic can indeed fall under "Act of God" but not always. It seems case specific, which may include location, etc. If it falls under "Act of God" you most certainly would end up responsible for refunding money already...
  8. Valerie Hicks

    DJ tests positive for corona virus
  9. Valerie Hicks

    First Cancelation because of Corona Virus

    we had our first cancellation due to coronavirus. A figure skating show supposed to be held this weekend. They are holding the show for family only and will not need our services (lighting-spotlights). It's a $2,000 event for us. We'll be back next year.
  10. Valerie Hicks

    No request at this upcoming event.

    so you didn't book the event and you aren't playing the event. Then what does requests or not even matter?
  11. Valerie Hicks

    No request at this upcoming event.

    we've done a lot of events where the client specified no requests...not because they "didn't want anyone to bother the dj" but because they wanted a specific flow of music. On our planner we ask if we can take guest requests, if there are any must-plays, or any never-plays. All part of the...
  12. Valerie Hicks

    This guy wants to see me doing an event.

    what reason do you have to doubt the guy will pay? It's none of your concern if he makes enough money on the event to pay for his advertising, room rent and dj, and any other expenses he has. Some people are happy to have a loss leader. I've worked for several years on an event that the founder...
  13. Valerie Hicks

    How many of you get asked this question?

    Don't believe I've ever heard that question. Then again, we're in South Dakota where resident DJs aren't much of a 'thing'. Most assume we do wedding dances which is not really our primary focus.
  14. Valerie Hicks

    Too Funny Not to Post

  15. Valerie Hicks

    Which event would you rather do?

    Our base is $2800 plus transportation. Our average HS contract is usually around $3400-3700 (we do have a smaller system thatis $1800 plus transp.--we do for smaller schools like the ones with 50 or 75 couples)
  16. Valerie Hicks

    Which event would you rather do?

    D or C We really prefer high school events, but the almighty dollar is nicer on the wedding. That's pretty low for us for a HS.
  17. Valerie Hicks

    The latest thing on Saturday's event 8-31-19

    I think you missed HIS point. People will return to a mediocre restaurant many times over again because it's convenient and the price is ok. Is it stellar? NO! But it meets their expectations. Sometimes fast food is good enough, sometimes you want to be served on a real plate instead of a...
  18. Valerie Hicks

    I'm pissed off about yesterday!

    what did he want with your hard drive? Did he want to use your music or YOU to use your music? You imply that YOU invited yourself to come play DJ and were offended because there were already several DJs on-board at the event and you weren't allowed to headline.
  19. Valerie Hicks

    The latest thing on Saturday's event 8-31-19

    So he didn't ask for anything different than agreed upon but you have a thread 3 pages long discussing how cheap and awful he is as a fundraiser organizer because he at some point mentioned a possible vision for the future. Got it. You do know most people would reply with "we can make that...
  20. Valerie Hicks

    Travel Fees?

    who said breaking out line items on services? We're talking about transportation. The post is about if you charge for travel and how it's figured. It's not about the rest of the contract. I simply said the reason I break it out ON THE CONTRACT is so that I can go back and look at all of our...
  21. Valerie Hicks

    Travel Fees?

    You're confusing items....I quote all-inclusive...."that will be $4075" includes transportation, and tax if it applies. The contract lists the system price, transportation, and sales tax and the total equals the amount I've quoted. When providing them the quote they seldom care or need to know...
  22. Valerie Hicks

    Travel Fees?

    $1.50/mile round trip per mapping software such as google or mapquest. Our cost to drive the truck comes out to just under $1 per mile (licensing, maintenance, fuel, insurance, etc); the extra $.50 goes towards per diem and lodging. We stay overnight typically at 200 miles (one way). We do not...
  23. Valerie Hicks


    I'd like a donation because, well, adulting is hard.
  24. Valerie Hicks

    What do you use for gear movers? Does anyone use dedicated always loaded vehicles or trailers?

    yes. Steve and I each have our own daily driver mazdas--his a miata and mine a tribute at the current time. Truck takes too many parking spots and doesn't get good enough mileage to be a daily driver.
  25. Valerie Hicks

    Do it yourself DJ?

    I've never hosted a reunion....or other party for that matter, with the exception of our wedding reception (which had no dj and no cover charge). None of our family reunions have ever had a cover charge.