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  1. JamminDownJD

    New Yamaha DXR mk2 Series Speakers

    The DXR MK1s were great already! Happy to see Yamaha stepping up.
  2. JamminDownJD

    Break-apart truss totems

    Getting the 1m poles plus connectors and baseplates separately is (or more accurately, WAS) significantly more than the price of the Omez kit or even another Trusst Glo Totem kit.
  3. JamminDownJD

    Break-apart truss totems

    It turned out to be the Omez Lighting Go-Truss system. No longer made. Too bad, this would be awesome to bring in my smaller vehicles for smaller events. I like how the case has individual loops for each pole. I grabbed these images from the BH Photo site, which included a bad review...
  4. JamminDownJD

    Break-apart truss totems

    Chauvet and Trusst is the same company. I have the Trusst Glo Totem 2.0. Global Truss also sells a similar package, and Odyssey has a multi-piece truss totem (but it is much wider and uses smaller-diameter poles). It turned out to be a discontinued totem package sold by Omez Lighting. The 2...
  5. JamminDownJD

    Chauvet EZPAR 56. I ordered one and it came in

    The little remote is useful to me. I usually set my uplights to a static color for the entire night. Set the color, press the blackout button on the remote to put them in "sleep mode" to save batteries. Just before the guests come in, walk around to each light, press the blackout button again...
  6. JamminDownJD

    Chauvet EZPAR 56. I ordered one and it came in

    Upgrade to EZPar64s for amber. We use the EZPar64s for the majority of our events, and keep them in simple rubbermaid containers. Very light and takes only 2 hours to charge. Cons: The rocker switches on the older models do accidentally switch on when packing the lights together during...
  7. JamminDownJD

    Break-apart truss totems

    I tried Google and all of the forum searches, and I cannot find it, so I am asking your help. I seem to recall seeing pics of someone owning 2m (6-ft) truss totems that break apart into separate tubes and baseplates sort of like the Trusst Glo Totems. However, instead of (4) 2m poles per totem...
  8. JamminDownJD

    Jewel cases VS paper sleeves for CD's

    By the way, those plastic jewel cases are NOT easily recyclable (#6, with polystyrene). I had thousands of CDs in jewel cases, now thankfully down to a few hundred jewel cases. But I felt bad throwing away all of that plastic. I should clarify: most communities will not accept #6 plastics...
  9. JamminDownJD

    Tool to create video intro graphics? Get some kid to do it for you for five bucks. But seriously, Adobe After Effects is the go-to tool for what you are looking for. Not a cheap program, but you will find plenty of useful tutorials on YouTube.
  10. JamminDownJD

    Sears Third Quarter was nothing short of Terrifying

    HHGregg will sport yellow signs soon. Bebe, Guess, Abercrombie & Fitch, and more will join The Limited, American Eagle Outfitters, and BCB Max Azria in the demise of mall retailers. JCPenney has a couple of years. Macys will be scrambling (looking for a savior buyer).
  11. JamminDownJD

    JC Penney to Close 140 stores...Department Stores are Failing

    Plus, warehouse automation, distribution, and delivery systems have become more efficient thanks to breakthroughs in technology. Watch what will happen to jobs when more and more drones deliver merchandise and we have driverless trucks. Traditional brick and mortar retail is sliding, and has...
  12. JamminDownJD

    Cheap Road Cases

    I have been using those for years for small gear. Beware, however, of the corners. They do not take a hard beating, and can fall apart. If you use these for very light duty, then you should be fine. Just don't bang them around too much in transport.
  13. JamminDownJD

    Sears Third Quarter was nothing short of Terrifying

    Despite the $900 million sale of the Craftsman brand, Sears actually also borrowed money from its CEO Lambert. Basically to me, it's a slow liquidation of assets to go straight to Lambert to pay off its debt to him. Sears has been done for a long time. This is a controlled bankruptcy, with the...
  14. JamminDownJD

    Sears Third Quarter was nothing short of Terrifying

    How to save Kmart and Sears? You can't. Sell off the real estate (they own many of the stores they occupy). Invest somewhere else. Seriously, they are are way too late to make a decent turnaround. They passed the point of no return a decade ago. Their brick and mortar is crumbling. Kmart...
  15. JamminDownJD

    What's with the trading card pics in the DJ Photo Gallery?

    What's with the trading card pics in the DJ Photo Gallery? Can we increase MP or other traits? Do they come with a stick of gum? LOL
  16. JamminDownJD

    Comment by 'JamminDownJD' in media '10501615_10152544205683914_524413568697795116_n'

    The Pro X XX-DDJSZWLTBL. I removed the laptop shelf for this particular event and used it sort of like a table facade. I like to try different setups at times.
  17. JamminDownJD

    Who's got the tallest stand?

    Look at what lighting production companies often do. Pipe and Base. Just make the base is big enough to support the stand, and if possible, weight it down with sandbags or specially-made weights for pipe and base. There are adjustable uprights that can go to 12, 16, even 20 feet. Otherwise, you...
  18. JamminDownJD

    Your main DJ software likes and dislikes

    Serato DJ mostly, though occasionally I may use Serato Scratch Live or Virtual DJ. What I like most about Serato DJ: the interface, ease of use, and tight response with my Serato DJ-native equipment. What I dislike about Serato DJ: Auto playlists still suck compared to VDJ, because there is no...
  19. JamminDownJD

    All In One Light Show

    Which one did you eventually get?
  20. JamminDownJD

    All In One Light Show

    One thing I like about the ADJ Dotz Tbar: You can adjust the position of other fixtures that you attach to the top of the unit. One thing I don't like about the ADJ Dotz Tbar: The weird look of the lens. COB was supposed to be the new big thing in lighting. I haven't seen anything really come...
  21. JamminDownJD

    All In One Light Show

    American DJ TPar Dotz system has 2 AC outlets, and they are controllable by remote.
  22. JamminDownJD

    GTD mic initial impression

    Just check the Amazon links. If true, these WILL be subject to the proposed FCC auction. GTD Audio G-787H: GTD Audio G-787H UHF Diversity Wireless Microphone System: Musical Instruments Frequency: UHF 610MHz - 680MHz GTD Audio G-787HL...
  23. JamminDownJD

    Denon DJ MCX-8000 controller announced

    For those DJs that also do club gigs (especially when the club uses Pioneer CDJs), it's also a plus to be able to practice on decks with just a USB stick with the song files. For me, there are times when I just want to bust out the turntables and actually bring out the crates. Plug the...
  24. JamminDownJD

    All In One Light Show

    I have two each of the 4Bar Flex (which can also be mounted on the floor, and has a pass-through hole), and the Mini 4Bar 2.0 (which uses a very, very thin pole). That's two Mini 4Bar 2.0s behind me in my profile pic. I like the 4Bar Flex and the Mini 4Bar 2.0, but the older style RGB LEDs are...
  25. JamminDownJD

    I Hate That Dream...

    Those dreams have dogged me for several decades. Sometimes, it would be magnified thousands of times by being at a radio station! Lol