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    China is shut down!

    Look at the bright side. A wide pandemic will really help curb the build-up of greenhouse gasses. And that housing crunch? No more. Homeless problem? The vulnerable are most impacted. Gone too. Credit card debt? Who cares? Let them grab the money from your cold dead (and possibly still infected)...
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    Wedding venue chain shuts down; screws 7500 couples Man that really sucks.
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    New subs, wrong place to order

    I wouldn't blame IDJNow for the shipper's poor handling. I would contact them and ask them to send new ones via a different carrier. If they refuse an exchange or refund, then you have a legitimate gripe with them.
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    Stop making some noise!

    I had a lengthy chat with my neighbor yesterday. The party ended at 9pm (by contract). The open dancing began just after I left. In other words there was only 30 minutes of open dancing. He also mentioned that many of the guests didn't speak English very well and the DJ didn't translate enough...
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    Stop making some noise!

    At my suggestion, Numark put a feature into one of their dual CD players many years ago (CDN-90) that allowed this functionality using a wired remote. Of course, they also changed the display at the time to something that was not daylight readable so I never actually used this player and...
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    Stop making some noise!

    We follow similar methods. This DJ missed so many opportunities to improve the party. I have no idea what constraints or instructions he was following though. And I am not the type to comment to a DJ while they are working. It will be interesting talking to my neighbor in the next few days. I...
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    Stop making some noise!

    I finally got comfortable just talking to an audience as if I was having a conversation with friends. In other words, I say "Yo dudes!" all the time. OK, maybe not. The first words I speak are only to focus attention on me. I typically point out some positive aspect of the event (great food...
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    Stop making some noise!

    I attended my neighbor's wedding today. It was an interesting experience but one I hope to not repeat. It was an example of how important the little details are. My fiance and I were at table with several other neighbors. We all left at about the 4.5 hour mark. At least 1/4 of of the ~110...
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    California AB-5: The Gig Law

    Then we can make it so. Let's say the DJ is a Democrat and the couple is Republican. Then consider the opposite scenario. Ok, continue arguing...
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    California AB-5: The Gig Law

    Can we get back to arguing if it is proper eat at a wedding and if so, should the DJ sit at the sweetheart table?
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    California AB-5: The Gig Law

    On Jan 1, California enacted a law called Assembly Bill 5 (aka AB-5) that is incredible broad and sweeping in regards to employment classification. This is a money-grab by the state to collect income tax and disability holdings from just about everyone. The new employment test is called the ABC...
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    Karaoke Karoake? Is it worth it? What gear/software?

    I recently set up karaoke for home parties. I basically took an old Behringer X1204USB that I had lying around and fed it into one of the line inputs of my ceremony system. I used it as a sub-mixer for the vocals and vocal effects and monitor output. The music was played through one of the sound...
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    Anybody here still use Visitrax software?

    That was a great tool. The guy that wrote it was very responsive to feature suggestions. I haven't reinstalled it on my last few computers since I rarely use my CD library these days. I had a fairly good organization strategy for my CDs but Visitrax helped a lot with compilation CDs in larger...
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    NAMM anyone?

    Anyone attending NAMM next week? I will be at the AES Academy on the 4th floor of the Hilton for much of the time as I am a key advisor on the planning team. Come up and say hi. We have some great training available too.
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    Time to Update the Laptop

    My last computer purchase came down to needs, not brands. Here are some of the requirements I had: Ports: 2x USB-C and 2x USB-3, HDMI (full sized) - I HATE carrying adapters and hubs for mini-sized ports Battery: More than 12 hours of realistic life Weight: Under 3.5 lbs Security mount...
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    New DJ Needs Help Selecting Speakers...

    I typically recommend powered to newbies. There is less decision making involved and a lower level of knowledge is needed. Be realistic about the needs of your early events. How big a room? How many people? What kind of music? All of this will turn you towards one product or another. Consider...
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    Peavey IPR-1600DSP failed on one channel - looking for help in repairing it in the DR

    Wow, we've got a bunch of EEs here. I never got into working with SMDs (I mostly designed RF/microwave circuitry) so I rarely try to fix boards that use them. I just check the obvious through-hole components and call it a day. One of my industry friends was the head of engineering over at Peavey...
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    Ring doorbell, anyone?

    You are correct. I am a relative Luddite though. I avoid strictly voice operated devices and disable that feature on my phone and PC. I avoid 3rd party apps on those platforms and NEVER sign in to any app with my Google or Facebook ID. I also don't use those "fun" 3rd party apps that modify your...
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    Ring doorbell, anyone?

    Social Credits is taken almost directly from George Orwell's "1984". Big Brother is watching!
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    Ring doorbell, anyone?

    China has 120 million cameras monitoring its citizens. They love it. They have a system called Social Credits. Get caught doing something the state doesn't like, you lose social credits. Lose too many and your job disappears, your travel rights cease, you may lose your home. etc. This ensures...
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    Ring doorbell, anyone?

    I used to install burglar alarms for my brother's alarm company. Alarms don't stop theft, they only deter it. Most physical theft involves targets of opportunity. Your best protection is to make another target look simpler and lower risk. Porch piracy involves little effort and is relatively...
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    Ring doorbell, anyone?

    I bought a Ring last month but have yet to install it. Maybe that's why it doesn't work. Actually, I bought it and then thought that maybe I should get a higher res model. I will probably be getting Arlo Ultra cameras for the outside. They are one of the few wireless 4K models.
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    Hello Everyone should be the standard?

    It's fine. I avoid ladies and gentlemen because it is overused, not because it offends anyone. The essence of communication is intent. No one seeks to offend when they greet a crowd with "ladies and gentlemen". The term is not being used in a way to exclude others. It is not the same as...
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    BNC connectors

    Hmmm, when I brought up the link last night it said RG-59.
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    BNC connectors

    Buy 50 ohm cables, not the 75 ohm RG-59 cables Steve linked to. Low cost (high loss) 50 ohm cables are called RG-58. You are better off buying lower loss RG-8x. RG-8 is better than RG-8x but thicker. Pros often use LMR cables from Times Microwave. The higher the LMR number the better. LMR 400 is...