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  1. prodjay

    Clean version

    Is there a fast way to check to see if a clean version of a song exist? ( need to check about 30 songs )
  2. prodjay

    Wireless mic drop out

    Would this cause a wireless mic to have drop outs at a very short distance?
  3. prodjay

    DuraTex advice

    So I have made me some more of my subs and purchased DruaTex from PartsExpress and would like any advice on the best way to apply this to my cabinets.
  4. prodjay

    New light stand

    I just got my new Global Truss DT-3900 stands in and would like some ideas on how to mark to height at I crank them up.
  5. prodjay

    DJ Expo info.

    I would like to know more first hand look at the new ADJ Focus Beam LED. Is it as bright as some of the other lights of the same size LED. Just would like to know if the light is all it says it is.
  6. prodjay

    Used powered amps

    Is anyone here close to Canton, MA, it looks like it is just south of Boston,Ma? I found some used powered amps and would like to know if anyone form that area can tell me about High Output productions.
  7. prodjay

    Shure SLX 1 body pack sync

    can anyone tell why I cannot get this SLX 1 body pack to communicate with my SLX 4 receiver???? They are both J band. I have tried to set the channel manualy and by the auto sync mode.
  8. prodjay

    Ceremony rig

    OK, Do most here leave your ceremony unit fully stocked at all times? What mean is do you leave a wireless mic and mixer in the case all the times or do you rob peter to pay paul, by taking some of the equipment out and using it for other things? I would like to have everything wired and ready...
  9. prodjay

    Mackie DL mixers

    Has anyone here used one of these mixer? If so what are your likes, dislikes of it? From time to time I need to mixer 5 to 6 mic's and would like more control with out adding a bunch of outboard gear. I like the fact that I can run this mixer with an Ipad.
  10. prodjay

    New Ed Sheeran w/Bruno Mars, Chris Stapleton

    What do you think about this? View:
  11. prodjay

    Ipad case

    Best Buy has Ipads on sale today, so I went got one now I need a case for it. What case do you recommend?
  12. prodjay

    Wire clips

    where can I get clips like the ones that come with the Evox system to hold the wires to the sub pole or speaker stands?
  13. prodjay

    Where's Bobcat.

    Has anyone heard from Bobcat lately? I know his state has a lot of water in it.
  14. prodjay


    I need something simple, to run MP3's with. I have an external drive with older music that I do not want to mix with my current music that I run on OTS.
  15. prodjay

    How many circuits

    OK, I need to know if I am coming up with the correct amount. How many 20 amp electric circuits do you think it will take to run the following. Amps 2 QSC PL-380 1 Yorkville AP4040 1 Driverack Lights 4 Chauvet Intimidators 375Z 4 Monoprice flat pars...
  16. prodjay

    Sub poles

    Does anyone here use these? Do you like them...
  17. prodjay

    crank stands

    I'm in need of some new crank up stands, has anyone here have real time with the Pro X 14 ft. stand? The most weight I would be lifting is about 200 lbs. My old ADJ stands are getting old (about 20 years now), and I would like to replace them with something better.
  18. prodjay

    Power amps

    Ok I know most here are now on the self powered speakers but, I do still have a passive system and will be in need of 2 amps for my subs. With that said, I need something that will drive 4 - 8 ohm speakers. (2 per channel). These speakers have 800 watt rms drivers in them, so I will need a lot...
  19. prodjay

    School & Teen Events Pricing

    If you do High school events, do you charge the same price for all the dances they have thru out the school year?
  20. prodjay

    Subwoofer voice coil size

    Hey who can tell me what the difference between 2 subwoofers if both have the same power rating and very close sensitivity ratings, but 1 is a 3" voice coil and the other 1 is a 4"?
  21. prodjay

    Small live mixer

    What brand and model live mixer would you buy for ceremony use? My requirements are must be very small, must have mute and I would only consider some of the better brands. ( Yamaha, Mackie, Soundcraft, Allen & Heath) One other thing I would like is XLR outputs.
  22. prodjay

    Ipad / mydmx go

    I did not want to derail the other thread, What size (GIGS) Ipad should I get for the mydmx go? Will 64 gigs do it, or do I need larger?
  23. prodjay

    ceremony table

    I need a small folding tall table for ceremonies, what do you use?
  24. prodjay

    Ceremony Rig

    If you do Wedding ceremony's, what do you use to play the music with? (computer) Most of my ceremony's only require 3 to 5 songs, so I would like something other than a computer for this.
  25. prodjay

    Both lighting

    Who all here has bought from Both lighting and how was your experience? Are the products holding up?