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  1. Valerie Hicks

    School & Teen Events A night of firsts

    We've been doing this for 25+ years so we don't see a lot of 'firsts' anymore. Last saturday night was sure the exception. We planned extra setup time because my contact person never replied to my confirmation inquiries prior to the dance. We've been going to this school for about 10 years...
  2. Valerie Hicks

    American DJ Revo4's

    For Sale: Pair of American DJ Revo 4's. In original box. Opened but never seen an event. Just weren't what we were looking for. Paypal before the weekend and I'll ship the pair to you for $350. Will be double boxed for shipping and I will provide a tracking number once on the...
  3. Valerie Hicks

    Help wanted Mukwonago WI Oct 3rd

    Well I managed to tear up my knee a month ago or so and am currently waiting for surgery. Looking for someone to help load in, setup, maybe run lights during the dance if you'd like, tear down and load out. Let me know asap if interested or feel free to send someone my way who might be. It's...
  4. Valerie Hicks

    Spirit Digital 328 board

    Spirit Digital 328 board FOR SALE Nice little board designed for multitrack recording. Release review at the link below. With original box and in great condition. We can talk price.
  5. Valerie Hicks

    Putting out fires

    Rick Ryan's thread about his music list concerns got me to thinking about multi ops and damage control. I'm not picking on Rick here, it's just his thread that got me thinking about it. When I managed a multi op, we ran into another multi op after our event one early morning at a Perkins or...
  6. Valerie Hicks

    hey! congratulations are in order!

    Seems we forgot to congratulate one of our own on tying the knot last weekend! If i'm not mistaken, PrecisionPower is now hitched! Congrats Brian! Sounds like you found a wishes for many, many years...
  7. Valerie Hicks

    Looking for a Roadie, Estes Park CO

    Once again seeing if anyone in ODJT land is interested in making a couple bucks and seeing what we do. Looking for a hand loading up in Estes Park July 9th (Saturday). Can provide accomodations friday night if needed/wanted, and might be interested in putting you to work some friday night if...
  8. Valerie Hicks

    School & Teen Events Looking for a roadie June 3rd, Chicago

    Looking for a roadie again....June 3rd (friday) in Chicago (Rosemont) for a Prom. Will involve early afternoon load in--probably 1:00 arrival, though that is not confirmed just yet; approximately 1 1/2 hours to get everything inside. You are welcome to stay for setup and the event, but not...
  9. Valerie Hicks

    School & Teen Events Principal: "We aren't having any more school dances..."

    So this school has been having huge stress over their upcoming homecoming dance. The principal had EVERY parent called prior to the dance to inform them of the dance rules: dress code & behavior (including dancing face to face). They were very stressed. The Omaha news TV & papers have had...
  10. Valerie Hicks

    School & Teen Events HELP! Feb 13th, Chicago

    Looking for a roadie. Regular client of ours....long load in...about 2000 kids...turn about dance. Contact me for details if you're interested.
  11. Valerie Hicks

    JOURNEY a poll

    Please vote.
  12. Valerie Hicks

    School & Teen Events Needing some fall Roadies!

    Homecomings are just around the corner. Steve just hurt his foot this week, and we will likely be needing some assistance loading in/out at this fall's events. This involves loading gear into the venue, perhaps helping stack speakers and assemble screens, and loading gear back out to the...
  13. Valerie Hicks


    Okay, here's a scenerio for you....I'll keep the details as concise and objective as possible. You book a prom in Chicago area...with a school you have not yet worked for. The prom is held in a convention center. You send out your regular technical requirements several months prior to the...
  14. Valerie Hicks

    Progress!! New amp rack.

    Finally completed our matching amp racks and distro for the system. (The new one is the one in the middle :sqwink: ) Thought I'd share some pics. Helps make setup/teardown more efficient, setup a little more tidy and finally got around to eliminating a couple pesky buzzes we've been just...
  15. Valerie Hicks

    School & Teen Events How far out do your schools book?

    I am in awe this year at the number of high schools calling for prom with 60 days or less notice. What's the norm in your world? We book between 10-25% 12+ months prior. We book about 50-60% in 5-12 months prior. The remaining 25% or so book 2-5 months. (usually schools new to us) It...
  16. Valerie Hicks

    Anyone bored right now?

    Call Ben...he's got another hour or two on the road....... :sqwink: Felt bad not driving back to town for a chat over coffee, so thought I'd send some cheer his way anyway! lol
  17. Valerie Hicks

    Gonna need a roadie--Omaha NE

    Anyone in the Omaha area interested in being a grunt for a day on May 9th? Booked a show at a new location and need loading help in and out. You need to arrive on time, help load in equipment for about an hour. You would be more than welcome to stay for setup and the show, but there is not...
  18. Valerie Hicks

    School & Teen Events Tis homecoming season once again...

    Ok, I'm a little slow on the draw. We're halfway through homecoming season. Here's a look at our first couple weekends.... two more weekends to go. Last saturday was our smallest dance at a school of about 1600. This weekend we move up to 2550, and follow that with another 2000+. First...
  19. Valerie Hicks

    Weekend pics

    Sound for a band for a street dance was our last minute show. They called 2 weeks ago in a bind and we happened to be sitting home. Great guys to work with. Our only complaint was it was HOT and HUMID. Lots of sweating going on, but no problems, and a fairly enjoyable show once the sun went...
  20. Valerie Hicks

    Our wedding for the year.

    We generally end up doing 1 wedding dance every year for a friend. This year was for the daughter of a long time friend. He wanted to throw a party for his daughter who got married a week ago away from home. This was the 'back home' reception at their house on the farm. Beautiful day for an...
  21. Valerie Hicks

    Video demo

    Here's a brief look at our events. It will be up for a limited time only, so look fast. [<<link removed>>] THanks
  22. Valerie Hicks

    Another Prom down

    Kinda pressed for space, even though it is in a large room. Had barely enough space to set up; this was as small as we could make our little stereo! lol Tweaked the system and tracked down a phase issue that has been occasionally bothering us. System ROCKED after that. Loaded up in 2 1/2...
  23. Valerie Hicks

    Prom Pics for Chuck (more behind the scenes)

    Small school on an indian reservation. Always have a good dance here. A day in the life.... Day started with leaving at 9:30am from our shop. Some bad roads slowed us a bit but we still arrived 1/2 hour early. Arrived at 1:30, 270 miles later (time change set the clock back 1 hr)...
  24. Valerie Hicks

    Tis Prom Season at last

    Had our first prom; just got home. Small school. About 40 couples maybe. They had a great time. Things went pretty well and we had a near record load out time of 1:24! Advisor commented "they hired someone else a few years ago once, and it just wasn't the same. It just didn't go as...
  25. Valerie Hicks

    Roomful of kids, big stereo, and a $300 tip

    Had a turn-about dance saturday night. All went basically well. The sponsor was blown away. He didn't see our setup at homecoming, but booked for this dance due to popular demand. 2 hours into our 3 hour dance, he came up and handed me a $300 tip telling me "you guys are awesome" about 9...