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  1. dunlopj

    Back to Backups too. Just thought there'd be an easier (better technology) way to do this....:sqfrown:
  2. dunlopj

    Back to Backups

    Mike, I do the exact same thing! But one of my backup external HD's is kept at work. When you say "mirrored", what does that mean? Do you keep all HD's updated manually or is there a better method?
  3. dunlopj

    Gia Woods - Feel It

    It's killing me too...sounds like cr*p!:sqO.o:
  4. dunlopj

    Best lightweight mobile PA setup for my DJ wife who plays a range of music

    Aren't we all? That's the million dollar be debated endlessly....:sqrolleyes: But over the last 5 years or so, it's become much easier...almost the norm.
  5. dunlopj

    Reunions High School Reunion

    Aaahhh...good point Chris!
  6. dunlopj

    Itunes is going away??

    Avoid the I Tunes hassles...come to the dark side.....Google Play!:sqrolleyes: That's my source of choice...320 cbr...
  7. dunlopj

    Itunes is going away??

    That sounds like a PIA. If I didn't already OWN (purchased) 24,000 tracks, I'd be tempted to go to Spotify. But it's be a major time consuming effort to replicate as much of my library as possible....
  8. dunlopj

    It doesn't get much easier than this

    Ha! Love it! Never heard that before.:cheers:
  9. dunlopj

    So I Did A Little Something New :)

    I believe that is his "regular" facade. When using the podium, he uses it to store cases, bags, etc. Taso, please correct me if I'm wrong...
  10. dunlopj

    Office dilemma

    Bu that's not the way things go around here!:sqO.o:
  11. dunlopj

    A couple interesting set ups...

    Me too Mike back in 1989...was it The Pros?
  12. dunlopj

    Finally getting business

    You weren't sitting...just revving you engines....:sqwink:
  13. dunlopj

    Grand Entrance song tomorrow

    Nice duet song...
  14. dunlopj

    Traktor DJ 2 Released

    So you have a spare for your spare's spare's spare....:laugh:
  15. dunlopj

    Weddings A New Ceremony Plan

    I do not mind being fodder for your entertainment. As a cancer survivor, I have a thick skin and take only a few things seriously. Please continue...:sqwink:
  16. dunlopj

    Weddings A New Ceremony Plan

    Hmmm....I see I should have re-worded that...let's call them ways to express love....yeah, that's better....
  17. dunlopj

    Traktor DJ 2 Released

    Why am I not surprised??:sqwink:
  18. dunlopj

    Weddings A New Ceremony Plan

    Mike, the book simply states the five "hot points" that women respond to like words, touch and gifts. You will easily find which one(s) your wife responds to the best. If you known her for a while, it or they will stand out plus the one(s) she does NOT like or respond to will be clear. My wife...
  19. dunlopj

    Traktor DJ 2 Released

    My genre's are quite specific, so I guess you could say that's almost the same...
  20. dunlopj

    Weddings A New Ceremony Plan

    Read the book "The Five Languages of Love"...really helped this dumb guy out...
  21. dunlopj

    Traktor DJ 2 Released

    I've never created a playlist in my life. Just sayin....:sqeek::djsmug: Never felt the need....
  22. dunlopj

    Cool DJ Booths but...HOLY POCKETBOOK BATMAN!

    How easy do they tear down?
  23. dunlopj

    I made the decision to change my wedding planning forms

    There...I fixed it for ya...:sqbiggrin:
  24. dunlopj

    Weddings A New Ceremony Plan

    Sorry to disagree....been married to an incredible woman for almost 39 years. Love her more every day...
  25. dunlopj

    Weddings A New Ceremony Plan

    Same as the elephant room at The Smithsonian. Did a corporate event 15 years ago there and used 8 12" tops all around the walls.