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  1. Ausumm

    UNCLE CC'S Video Gig Log Lighting Review: Quality vs Quantity

    To me, it seemed like he was just showing off for the camera.
  2. Ausumm

    UNCLE CC'S Video Gig Log Lighting Review: Quality vs Quantity

    Just before the 9-minute mark, he starts to make announcements. He's using a wireless mic and standing on the dance floor and the lights are moving... (to give out dining instructions) Then, the camera pans to show more of the crowd....and NO ONE is paying any attention to him.
  3. Ausumm

    I have been asked the last 3 gigs for this

    It's not often you get to re-make your hit song. Especially if your hit song was actually someone ELSE'S hit song... that was ALREADY a re-make when you re-made it 30-years ago.
  4. Ausumm

    Certain Saturdays this year I received no leads/inquries for. Others seemed like too much demand.

    I have gigs booked three out of four weeks in September... I have a holiday party and NYE booked in December.... and they were all booked late last year. DJ gigs for the rest of the year are almost non existent.
  5. Ausumm

    I got a email about what happened at Club Marlos on Friday May 10th.

    Refuse to let someone in? For what reason? Because they MIGHT cause trouble? Because they LOOK LIKE they might cause trouble. Yep! That's a lawsuit waiting to happen. I'm pretty sure most people who get into a fight in a bar, didn't PLAN on getting in a fight that night. And if they DID plan on...
  6. Ausumm

    I got a email about what happened at Club Marlos on Friday May 10th.

    It's not that we "think nothing" of a fight breaking out at a bar/nightclub.... it's that most of us HERE, don't do the bar scene...we concentrate on private events. Now, if you were spinning at a wedding, and four fights broke out.... YEAH! That is something we would take notice of. Bar fights...
  7. Ausumm

    How do you deal with a potential client who wants a price quote right away?

    Yeah. You need to encourage them to give up more details. I like Rocky's idea of offering a ridiculous price range... because no one would simply say, "Okay." and move on.
  8. Ausumm

    6 minutes of work!!

    You mean unsolicited SALES/SCAM calls. A person calling to book you as a DJ would most likely be unsolicited.
  9. Ausumm

    In Case This Makes You Feel Any Better

    Are you sick and tired of getting requests for Baby Shark? Great news! If you are hell bent on NOT playing it....EVER.... and if they aren't savvy enough to request the name of the ARTIST.... You now have a second option Baby Shark (alternate version)
  10. Ausumm

    6 minutes of work!!

    Funny. We hear about couples who are not afraid to use their home stereo system... and play songs off their phone for the entire reception.... but this bride can't figure out how to play two songs for her ceremony.
  11. Ausumm

    Woman reads out fiancee's cheating texts instead of vows

    I thought of the same song, but thanks for posting it.... cause I honestly thought I was the only person who remembered it.
  12. Ausumm

    Shes the best!

    Nahh. Too many copy write issues.
  13. Ausumm

    Shes the best!

    In which case, I'd say you BOTH dodged a bullet. :djsmug: And what nerve to assume that the decision is ALL YOURS!!! :sick:
  14. Ausumm

    My partner is something else.

    Like the party where "the client" wanted a particular kind of music for dinner? I know that you DID in fact play the music that was requested... but you certainly made a stink about it on this board. And you blamed her for the party not being successful.
  15. Ausumm

    A marketing/booking phenomenon i've noticed

    (your prejudice is showing)
  16. Ausumm

    Star Wars Music

    Meco had a hit in the 70's with his version of the theme. this is a link to a 15-minute version. View: The "Imperial March" is Darth Vader's theme. View: And this is a 13-minute version of the...
  17. Ausumm

    A marketing/booking phenomenon i've noticed

    Now, the real question is.... how do you USE that information to book more gigs?
  18. Ausumm

    My partner is something else.

    I've offered a lot of discounts with my "Friends and Family" plan. I have also done two weddings for family...a niece and a nephew. Didn't charge them a dime...even though I had to drive 6-hours to get there. My mom and dad took care of my travel, accommodations, and even slipped me a few...
  19. Ausumm

    My partner is something else.

    THIS IS EXACTLY WHY YOU HAVE PROBLEMS. Tig gave you a very valuable bit of information... and instead of understanding what he is trying to say.... you only applied his statement to THIS ONE INSTANCE. I think he was trying to suggest (as most others have) that you stand back, and take a close...
  20. Ausumm

    My partner is something else.

    You need a divorce from your partner. He's taking advantage of you and he doesn't respect you. Blame the divorce on Irreconcilable Differences. But wait.... if you didn't have a marriage contract, there never really WAS a marriage to begin with.
  21. Ausumm

    Client sensitive to light.

    A slow fade is a great way to get color without "flashing" lights.
  22. Ausumm

    Who is planning on going to the DJ Expo in Atlantic City?

    Actually, I would love to go. But it doesn't seem right to spend all that money on travel, accommodations, and meals... when I really don't need to buy anything right now. Oh sure, it's nice to just go and see what's new... but I don't enjoy seeing nice new stuff, knowing that I can't buy it...
  23. Ausumm

    My partner is something else.

    Mix... I know I've said this at least once. Perhaps you shouldn't be so quick to post. If you notice, if the rest of us post a thread about a gig.... and the gig HASN'T HAPPENED yet... it's because we have a question about the best way to accomplish something. Sooner or later you'll learn that...
  24. Ausumm

    My cord bag....personal zen.

    Chris Don't feel the need to "explain yourself" or your methods. If it works for you, your customers are happy, and no one gets hurt... you should continue to pursue your personal zen wherever you can find it. Me too. Heck, I find myself wrapping EVERYTHING with the over/under... tt's to the...
  25. Ausumm

    Would you work on a karaoke setup and what do you need to do it successfully?

    A karaoke gig is NOT the same as a DJ gig. You can't just sit there and play music for people who sing. You need to play the songs that THEY want to sing. You need to be a very vocal, outgoing personality. (kinda like a game show host) You need to speak a lot, to encourage people to sign...