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  1. TwinSpinDJ

    Interesting playlist...

    At our ripe ages I wonder if our looks cause potential clients to look elsewhere? I'm now in my 70's, but get comments that I look much younger. LOL If they say you look old because you are stooped over, I just tell them it's DJ arthritis, from lugging and carrying equipment. How many of us...
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    hot new line dance??

    Gangnam Style was a quick starter but only lasted a year. I can't get excited over this new line dance (country), however.
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    Good remix edition of DJ Beats

    Since this discussion involves DJ Pools, etc., have any of you heard of a pool called Red Light District Music Pool? I received an email purported to be from them via Constant Contact. I couldn't find a link to this website. I am attaching the email body for your comment: RED...
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    Interesting playlist...

    Be wary of last minute guest requests.
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    Steve149...I thought you purchased the Evox 8 pair a few years back? How are the Evox 12 for weight and move-ability? The Evox 8 have both the head and subwoofer in the same carrying mode. How wide and deep is the bottom? I know...check out the RCF website. LOL! Weight is NOW an issue. Want...
  6. TwinSpinDJ

    ...every time

    ...or at wedding receptions when guests arrive early and set themselves and BABY right next to the dance floor. Older guests decide to sit next to the dance floor, too. My first response is to go to the "baby" guest and explain that loud music will be playing and they may want to find a table...
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    Puerto Rican playlist.

    Ricky, all well and good. However, I would contact B&G for their Latin music "must play" songs. This is a wedding reception, right?
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    Puerto Rican playlist.

    Handinon said: "IMHO, knowing how to dance Salsa and Merengue is a big help because you can just "feel" what is going to work well on the dance floor. Much of my library has been enlarged by keeping my car radio on Latin stations and my smartphone jammed against the speaker - I consider...
  9. TwinSpinDJ

    What are you using for a timeline (weddings)

    My time line is incorporated into the Wedding Reception Program; Outline page, Reception program, Wedding Party & Introduction page (copied and printed on 5x8 card stock), Music Listing (pre-selected must play tunes). Reception Program Outline (card stock) is provided to Room Captain...
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    Anyone NOT playing Michael Jackson

    If it's requested I'll play it. If it fits the mood, I'll play it. Separate the music from the person.
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    Ripping CDs now

    I use dB Poweramp to import CD and windows media player and iTunes. I prefer dbpoweramp.
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    Do you dance?

    I usually take my wife out for dancing during Valentine's Day. The rest of the time I can be seen moving and grooving behind my DJ setup. Kind of hard not to dance to Latin music, especially Merengue.
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    OtsDJ question

    My assumption is that you have OTS recently installed on another computer? Do you have empty categories on the "new" computer? I have a second computer where it was just the "shell" with the basic categories (empty). I wanted a mirror image of my primary computer (Win 7); newer computer has...
  14. TwinSpinDJ

    How do you see yourself as a DJ 3 years from now in 2022?

    Mentally, I still have the ability to continue, but my body speaks to me in a different way. Arthur-I-tis a major detractor as well as weak knees and back issues. I'm a local DJ that gets calls for the 55-older community functions. Won't be long now. The end is in sight. Physicality is the...
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    Site Visits

    Always do a site visit IF I have never played at the venue. Relocated to Florida. All requests for service required a site visit, but not until a retainer had been sent. However, moving to a new geographical area does incur extra expense of my own. First visit is on me. However, I do try...
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    today's music

    Amen to play the Classics and earlier decades that worked then...they will work today. Movie soundtracks are bringing back the earlier music.
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    Sing alongs

    Redneck Woman
  18. TwinSpinDJ

    PrimeCuts Closing Permanently December 31st

    Another music service bites the dust. Not enough CD subscribers? Don't believe they were into digital pool business?
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    Would You Mentor A Young(er) DJ?

    Nobody mentored me. I began to DJ late in life, but I was way ahead of most "young" DJ in that I already knew what to play for the "older" folk. My choice of weapons was the Wedding Reception. I learned about contracts from the short stint that I worked for a multi-op. But the real teacher...
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    Klipsch speakers are a remarkable speaker. Back in the 90's they made professional audio DJ speakers...EXPENSIVE! but the sound was fantastic. I'd say you can't go wrong with this brand. I have a satellite pair of Klipsch that I use with my laptop that has a subwoofer. Great sound!
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    Why did you buy the speakers you bought to DJ with?

    Began my DJ aspiration with very high-end non-powered speakers and stereo amplifier; Teac, Pioneer and Sansui--3-way, 4-way. I believe the max power for speaker was 240 Watt. Sansui low-end was a 14" subwoofer and I definitely could tell the difference between it and 12". All cabinets were...
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    Another dead Rock n Roller

    Not that I ever put the LS801P subwoofer on the cart. I was commenting it was heavy and would only wheel it in to the venue!
  23. TwinSpinDJ

    Another dead Rock n Roller

    I have an original R-N-R. Had a problem early on with air loss from the stem. They sent me 4 airless wheels. I replaced them and not a problem. I've overloaded it on several occasions so much so that it was very difficult for me to push or pull; however, that was at least 10 years ago. I...
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    What’s Next?

    FMI (for my information), what state and city do you live?
  25. TwinSpinDJ

    Spinning in the mist. Got me pissed.

    I've already decided upon "beach side" wedding ceremony and receptions; exception is covered with sides in case of rain but on land.