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  1. Ron

    Bride fattens up sisters

    Bride admits to secretly fattening up ‘stunning’ sisters so she looked better at wedding: report - (
  2. Ron

    Wireless Video Results

    So, a few months ago I posted about buying some equipment to allow wireless video (Wireless patch recommendations for active speaker or second mixer needed - ( Well, the...
  3. Ron

    Facebook Marketing

    Not even sure what to say about this post I can't imagine another DJ service that could compete for a job here at $275
  4. Ron

    Small Setup

    To make extra room for the mouse and DJ2GO controller for my small setup I turn the removable end upside down an latch it back on to the flight case.. gives me just enough extra space. (unseen in the photo is the laptop sitting on top and below the yamaha mixer, mounted in the case is the...
  5. Ron

    Impressive Battery Life

    I purchased my EZ-Par 64's 26 months ago and last night turned 2 of them on for a battery test at 5:30 PM. I forgot to check this morning before going to work. Get home this afternoon and check. Both are still on with both still on; but the battery indicator on one just starting flashing. I am...
  6. Ron

    Static Noise on one channel

    Got my new laptop in and when I hooked it up to my system on the second channel every so often I would get a static / feedback kind of noise. It will last about 10 - 15 seconds and then go away for a few minutes. I am using USB out to my Yamaha MG10XU mixer. I am going to see about a driver...
  7. Ron

    Anyone use Platinum Notes?

    Anyone use Platinum Notes? And if so what are your thoughts... Platinum Notes - Improve Your Music Collection (Audio Software)
  8. Ron

    Planners and Your Contract

    First time this has ever happened and it has happened twice in the same week. Event planner apparently got a copy of my contract from the client (already signed and co-signed months ago). She called to see when I would arrive for setup and I mentioned the event starts at 5 and she interrupted...
  9. Ron

    Anyone familiar with Peavey IPR2 3000 amps and troubleshooting them

    Anyone familiar with Peavey IPR2 3000 amps and troubleshooting them? When I first turn it on, The right channel exhibits normal behavior. (IE Active LED comes on) The left channel... The Signal light and the DDT light comes on together and after about 5 seconds the DDT light goes off; but the...
  10. Ron

    Local Bar being sued by ASCAP - claims an agreement with Virtual DJ covers them

    Charleston County strip club sued over music license fees
  11. Ron

    Blue Encore 100's or any mic with elongated head

    Blue Microphones - Products - enCore 100 Anyone using these mics or similar ones where the head is more elongated than round? I am trying to find the best windscreen for them. The one's typically made for the more round ones do not stay on very effectively. Any thoughts?
  12. Ron

    Trailer ramp extension

    So over the holiday break I have a number of projects I have completed. Remodeling the 1/2 bath (new walls, trim, and toilet replacement) about 90% done. Re-enforcing the new handles on my Rock n Roller to help prevent them from bending... done. It seems after about 2 years I have to replace the...
  13. Ron

    Ribbon Lighting

    Found a good use for Ribbon Lighting in my rack.
  14. Ron

    EZ PAR 64 battery life span

    Does anyone have an idea the lifespan of the battery in the Chauvet EZ PAR 64's? I know there are a lot of variables, proper cycling, etc... I am just looking for a rough estimate. Thanks in advance
  15. Ron

    Marketing Kits for planners

    Does anyone send "marketing kits" to wedding planners in the area? Here's is what I would consider a full kit: A portfolio outlining the services you offer, photo samples, a few key reviews, etc.. (3 - 10 presentation type slides) About 25 business cards (plus business card holder... desktop...
  16. Ron

    GOBO Lighting Question

    About 2 years ago I purchased the Chauvet EZGOBO projector. Bought it mostly on a whim. Just curious how high above the dance floor do you trey to get your projector? Any stand recommendations are also appreciated.
  17. Ron

    Music On Demand

    There is actually a DJ in my area advertising on his site that he can play music on demand with his Spotify subscription..... It's just sad.
  18. Ron

    Song not available in the United States

    I am looking for where to purchase "Can't help Falling In Love" by twenty One Pilots. Any Suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  19. Ron

    Business License

    I am trying to determine the differences between the following business license's: City County State Is there an advantage to one over the other, should you have all three and should you have one for each city you perform a gig in?
  20. Ron

    Local DJ being taken to court

    I met this guy once about 8 years ago. Seems like the last year or so he has really been messing up. I know several local DJ's he farmed work out to and never paid them; even a couple of wedding planners I know who he got to work for him and never paid. He really used to have a solid reputation...
  21. Ron

    Bunny Hop

    Any suggestions for the "Bunny Hop" song for a wedding?
  22. Ron

    Well the Knot refused my counter offer

    Well the Knot refused my counter offer as well when they emailed me asking to sign up. Proposed Counter Offer: 6 months trial period any gig confirmed booked through the Knot receive 5% commission. (My figuring is based on their cost. If I book anything close to the number of brides they...
  23. Ron

    Monster Mixer

    Anyone seen this yet... thoughts
  24. Ron

    GOBO mounting

    What do you use or recommend for getting your GOBO unit up to project down on the dance floor? My GOBO fixture is Chauvet's EZ GOBO. If that has any away on your thoughts. Looking for information like height suggestions, stands with very small footprints, etc... Thanks in advance.
  25. Ron

    Outdoor Uplighting

    Anyone ever used the Par 64 LED uplights for outdoor events, on trees, etc? Any photos, hints, tips suggestions/ Thanks in advance