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  1. Ron

    What percentage do you require from a client for a retainer?

    I moved to 30% a few years ago. Seems to work out well.
  2. Ron

    Another dead Rock n Roller

    You are right, it does depend on your setup and since my setup usually involves a table it does work for me. If you do not mind me asking what does your "non-standard, distinctive no table set-up" look like?
  3. Ron

    Fix for paint chipped sub

    I have used this on a set before; turned out pretty well.
  4. Ron

    Another dead Rock n Roller

    A huge advantage of the RNR over the magliner is being able to fold it up and hide it under my 4 ft table
  5. Ron

    Another dead Rock n Roller

    Caught this today; when I looked down and saw the wheel at about 10 degree tilt. Clearly poor welding. The cart is 3 years old this month. Gonna take it a welder. Just hope it makes it through the load out tonight. I only have about 220 lbs on it; less than half the capacity. Disappointed; but...
  6. Ron

    PrimeCuts Closing Permanently December 31st

    So since PrimeCuts closed I moved to Promo Only... found out you do not get the new releases as fast. A lot of time I would have songs before they became mainstream hits... Not Anymore...
  7. Ron

    Ripping Karaoke mp3+cdg pair to an UNZIPPED folder

    Interesting. I use Virtual DJ and for years used paired (mp3 + cdg) files. About 6 months ago I decided to zip the pairs into a .zip file and let the Virtual DJ worry about the overhead of unzipping at time of play. I have used Power Karaoke (Power Karaoke Software To Burn, Create, Play &...
  8. Ron

    I bought a couple of new Speaker Stands to replace a pair of old ones

    I hope you have better than luck with the Rockville stands than I did. I purchased a set about 5 years ago and after 7 months got rid of them completely. Hopefully they have improved their product during that time. Rockville Stands - (
  9. Ron

    Need PrimeCuts Monthly Help!

    Congratulations on your election!
  10. Ron

    Silent disco?

    I am friends with a DJ in my area who does this regularly. I am not sure how much he spent on the entire setup (his is 4 channels ; sometimes he runs all 4 himself; sometimes he has 3 other DJ's with him). He is making it work! He does silent discos at different clubs; he does silent yoga in...
  11. Ron

    Bride fattens up sisters

    Bride admits to secretly fattening up ‘stunning’ sisters so she looked better at wedding: report - (
  12. Ron

    Wireless Video Results

    So, a few months ago I posted about buying some equipment to allow wireless video (Wireless patch recommendations for active speaker or second mixer needed - ( Well, the...
  13. Ron

    Wireless patch recommendations for active speaker or second mixer needed

    Looks like they do have one: J-Tech Digital Mini Composite RCA CVBS AV to HDMI Converter
  14. Ron

    Wireless patch recommendations for active speaker or second mixer needed

    Not a bad idea. I have not looked for an "injector". You are correct I am mapping my audio to the HDMI Port.
  15. Ron

    Wireless patch recommendations for active speaker or second mixer needed

    The link to the second product extract the audio from the HDMI receiver. J-Tech Digital Premium Quality HDMI to HDMI + Audio (Spdif + RCA Stereo) Extractor Converter
  16. Ron

    Wireless patch recommendations for active speaker or second mixer needed

    I do still have the Alto and as stated used it a "handful of times" with no known issues. All times the transmitter was mounted on a light stand and the receiver directly on a remote speaker. I will probably consider selling it though now that the new solution cover audio and video and at better...
  17. Ron

    Wireless patch recommendations for active speaker or second mixer needed

    I purchased and used the Alto wireless system a handful of times; but never transmitted more than about 75ft with it. I recently was hired by a couple who wanted not only sound; but video (slideshow) shown in the main ballroom where I would be setup at and a secondary room at the venue. The...
  18. Ron

    Facebook Marketing

    Not even sure what to say about this post I can't imagine another DJ service that could compete for a job here at $275
  19. Ron

    Local Bar being sued by ASCAP - claims an agreement with Virtual DJ covers them

    Well here is the final outcome:
  20. Ron

    From Toto To Weezer

    My wife discovered this version a few weeks ago... not too bad.
  21. Ron

    Small Setup

    Backup amp for the smaller system cam in today. Got it mounted in it's case and will travel wherever the smaller system pictured above goes. Really happy with the fit of the case. Just enough to hold the power cable and an extra set of cable to run from the mixer to the amp. It can also function...
  22. Ron

    Need a simple mp3 editing software

    I purchased the Lifetime License of Goldwave over 10 years ago.. lifetime of free upgrades. Works like a champ. GoldWave - Audio Editor, Recorder, Converter, Restoration, & Analysis Software
  23. Ron

    Impressive Battery Life

    The newer models have the switch recessed. The first 10 I ordered are like you mentioned, then I ordered 2 more and they had the recessed switch. I use the Chauvet bags to pack them and have always been concerned; but, never had an issue.
  24. Ron

    Impressive Battery Life

    Good Point, the last time I tested mixed colors I only got about 12 hours. I just left them on the last color I used with them. Once they charge back up I will conduct another test with 2 colors.
  25. Ron

    Small Setup

    To make extra room for the mouse and DJ2GO controller for my small setup I turn the removable end upside down an latch it back on to the flight case.. gives me just enough extra space. (unseen in the photo is the laptop sitting on top and below the yamaha mixer, mounted in the case is the...