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  1. DJ Ricky B


    So I can agree with both ways of doing business seeing as I book other DJs. ...Unless the date is a Saturday in October, or New Years Eve, or June or October of next year I am not going to turn down a $750 gig. Even if I don't want to book myself, I KNOW I can book my brother, sister, or...
  2. DJ Ricky B

    Van Wrap? Magnets? Decals? Anyone?

    So you are saying that Walls Work, and it's a good idea to build them for security, and to help keep people from doing something illegal like illegally trespassing onto property that they don't belong on. Totally makes sense! :D
  3. DJ Ricky B

    Anyone NOT playing Michael Jackson

    We are not the music police. I will still play his music. R Kelly...I don't play his stuff unless it was requested any way. I have no problem playing Ignition when someone requests it at an event. MJ's music is much more appropriate to play than a lot of the crap that is being played today...
  4. DJ Ricky B

    School & Teen Events Big Dance? What is success?

    Disco never went away... ...As for the small turn out. Goes to show that most students don't care to be at a dance these days. ...My son's school's PTA put on a spring "sock hop". 1.5 hour long dance. The DJ was someone that somebody knew. I was told the speakers sounded horrible from...
  5. DJ Ricky B

    Doing a Sorority formal - think I'll use their sound system

    I agree...My sister should upgrade. She says she wants newer speakers. Been saying that for 5 years, but has not made any purchases. I guess she just continues to use what ain't broken. She does have a single Yamaha DBR10 powered speaker that she uses for ceremonies, and cocktail hour. In...
  6. DJ Ricky B

    Ceremony Rig

    SO check this out. 2004: 50 lb+ Amplifier, 2 Yamaha or JBL Speakers on stands, Numark CD Mix Station, wireless microphone (hand held), Burned CD with all ceremony music on it. PLUS a intrumental classical wedding music CD for prelude music Remained pretty much the same until around 2009...
  7. DJ Ricky B

    Doing a Sorority formal - think I'll use their sound system

    Yeah, we have seen this conversation plenty of times. You get what you pay for, warranty, better parts, last longer etc. etc. It does not change the fact that owning all RCF, FBT, or BOSE F1, or Mayers, or DB TECH will have ZERO effect on the client's decision making process in who they...
  8. DJ Ricky B

    Weddings Anyone else noticing this trend?

    No. Not a single music video inquiry directly EVER. ...I get karaoke inquiries from time to time. Much more frequent 8+ years ago. However, in terms of music video...ZERO. I have seen 1 lead on Gig Masters where they were asking for Music Videos. That is 1 out of 2,100+ life time...
  9. DJ Ricky B

    Doing a Sorority formal - think I'll use their sound system

    Which is why unless a DJ is doing BIG events on the routine, there is no need to purchase speakers and subs that are at a higher price point/higher end perceived line up than Alto TS, EV ZLX, Yamaha DBR, or JBL EON speakers. :)
  10. DJ Ricky B

    Doing a Sorority formal - think I'll use their sound system

    The F1 system has a great sound to it. ...As far as actual Bass. In the back of my head for like the past year, I have thought about purcahsing another Bose S1 Pro, and then purchasing a Bose F1 Sub to go along with the S1s, and create a "mini system", BUT I also figure that a Bose F1 might...
  11. DJ Ricky B

    Doing a Sorority formal - think I'll use their sound system

    I would simply to use the F1s, and see how loud those speakers will get during high energy dancing! ...I have heard them at the Expo...Great Sound...Just not sure of their power capability! ...Comparing them to the RCF ART 745s, I would pick the RCFs over them...BUT I still like those F1s A...
  12. DJ Ricky B

    I like my Pizza Like That! :)

    Check this out! :) View: I LIKE MY PIZZA LIKE THAT!!! 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕
  13. DJ Ricky B

    Do you dance?

    I SURE DO!!!! When I dance I dance just like this guy, and it's EXHILLERATING! I make sure to make someone watching me smile! :) ...I don't do the splits any more...Too old for that $hit now! But everything else is legit me after having 7 or 8 drinks! :cheers::dancecool: View...
  14. DJ Ricky B

    The Sirius XM Classic Rock top 1000

    Yes it is. It's such a big genre of music. Hard to pick a single #1. I would not agree with stairway being #1. I don't think there is a true #1 in Rock N Roll songs.
  15. DJ Ricky B

    The Sirius XM Classic Rock top 1000

    Bohemian Rhapsody or Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven?
  16. DJ Ricky B

    On the verge of buying a new cc-mobile

    Sorry for your loss! I will say that I load, and unload my vehicle EVERY WEEKEND THAT I HAVE A GIG. I use my 2011 Chevy Traverse for events, and vacations, and to take the family out to dinner...THAT IS IT. ....Now my wife blew the motor in her 2009 Chevy she is driving the...
  17. DJ Ricky B


    You are correct. However, high end wedding planners will care how it looks. The bride and groom don't particularly care about a few wires, but they will notice if cords are all over the place, and it looks totally unorganized. A bride who spends $400 on their DJ won't think much about it...
  18. DJ Ricky B


    I am whole heartedly a table top facade advocate ...The only time I don't use one is because I am in a venue where they supplied a 4 foot table, or I have no choice but to use my 4 foot table, and my table top facades don't fit a 4 foot. BUT ...I could purchase a 4 foot table top facade for...
  19. DJ Ricky B


    Actually, I have to remember this. If we make it to his birthday in July, and he still has not purchased a facade, I'm giving him one for his birthday. That will be his present, lol
  20. DJ Ricky B


    One could argue that using a facade is being less lazy than someone who does not use one. It is one more item to put in vehicle, load into venue, set up, tear down, pack away, and load back out of the venue. My older brother does not like using a facade, and even does not want to use a...
  21. DJ Ricky B

    Both lighting

    So I have a quote from Both Lighting from a few months ago. $82 per light for 10 18 wattx 6 lights. Shipping on 10 lights was $227. 60. So about $1,048 for 10 lights. Coming from China. I assume it would be a 2 to 3 week delivery time, but Rick mentioned his came in like 5 days or so which is...
  22. DJ Ricky B


    IF, I have a wedding client who states they will only pay the balance on the date of the their wedding at the event. I will tell them I am flexible, and can arrange that, BUT payment will need to be handed to me in Casheir's Check, or CASH PRIOR TO THE RECEPTION STARTING. ...I am there and set...
  23. DJ Ricky B


    I love it. This has turned into a classic ODJT thread! :cheers: ITTIGER: I don't know what American Legions you are referring to, but my we have performed in many american legions over the years, and my own wedding was in one. ...EVERY American Legion I know of requires the payment in full...
  24. DJ Ricky B


    Can you name a venue that accepts payment in full after the event has taken place? ...I'd like to verify because I have never seen one, or heard of one that does business in that fashion. There are hotels which will come up with an additional bill for any extras, or extra time etc after the...
  25. DJ Ricky B


    Actually, at most restaurants, you do pay before you get your meal. There are many more fast food, and fast casual restaurants out there compared to dine in restaurants. At hotels, you reserve the hotel room with your credit card. It is pre authorized the night before, or the morning of the...