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  1. Mike Burke

    Weddings Had to cancel

    I just had to cancel the only wedding I would have had this year. I met with the B&G gave my contract, talked about music, talked about the venue , the timeline of events, We talked about weather contingencies because it was outdoors. We were several months out. The client did not put the...
  2. Mike Burke

    Thought I'd come back and say Hey!

    Thought I'd come back and say Hey! It's been an interesting summer and now that Fall is upon us, I've got nothing set up for next year. I made some friends this year and gained a little notoriety, but I'm a afraid that I slit my throat with the Chamber of Commerce. The COC runs just about...
  3. Mike Burke

    I don't need to be shown the door, I know where it is.

    Over the last 17 years I have tried to make being a DJ work, spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on a lot of stuff that was sworn by that turned out to be a crap shoot at best for me. I have always been a firm believer in investing what you have and not what you don't. I made a lot of...
  4. Mike Burke

    Sound Reflection

    I DJ'd at a very popular location last night over in my old town . A very beautiful and posh location, the hall was great, awesome size, awesome staff awesome floor... but I did have a little bit of difficulty with sound reflection. The sound kept bouncing back at me and it was a little "off...
  5. Mike Burke

    What is the best way to meet with Venues?

    What is the best way to meet with venues? Do I send them a letter? Do I just go there and introduce myself? Somehow these things don't seem that practical. How do you go about doing this? I would like them to know I am there but unless I work there, sometimes even if I work there, they...
  6. Mike Burke

    Are any of the so-called lead services really "worth" anything?

    I ask the question because most of them I see as good money out the door on nothing. I mean it's like playing the lottery hoping for the best but most of the time you get nothing. I'm not known for luck . I like to play music, but I really don't like to gamble. I see the whole thing as a...
  7. Mike Burke

    maintenance question

    CD deck is stuttering and stammering. if I blow on it, it clears it up for a moment. Do you think it might just be dirty? Plus my jog wheels are really sticky and no idea why. Any suggestions on what to do with it?
  8. Mike Burke

    New DJ Controller

    I will be getting my first new DJ music controller since 2002. I have to admit, I have no clue on what this thing does. I'm not out blowing a ton of money on some top of the line thing, it doesn't have all the bells and whistles, it's pretty simple and straight forward from what I can see...