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    6x18 vs 9x18 Uplight comparison

    I wonder if this is an issue with similar Chinese-origin uplights across the board or just Rainbow's.
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    6x18 vs 9x18 Uplight comparison

    Very nice. How is their reliability? Any failures? How are repairs or failures handled with that company?
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    Show your setups

    Very nice, clean setup, very nice facade and I like the movers on totems look. Are those RCF NXL24A's and RCF subs? What sub model are those? BTW... you straight up look like Rob Gronkowski.
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    Comment by 'Gaffle' in media 'IMG_1003'

    I prefer this unit over the Chauvet version; it has no tiny individual LED bulbs to stare at like the Gigbar.
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    Black Friday sales

    So thinking about it, there are some big advantages to this facade: By having it, one should consider: ... they're no longer buying uplights to illuminate the panels. (money saved there) ... most DJ's only run 2 or 4 uplights behind their facade, whereas this facade illuminates each and every...
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    Black Friday sales

    I agree ((( BUT ))) the case that comes with it is NICE! It's that light-weight plasticky graphite sort of material... the stuff they use on today's lightweight luggage cases. If they offered all of that for about $799, I'd bust the budget for one. $1186 is pretty hefty... I'd rather put that...
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    Black Friday sales

    Don't mean to get off track but this facade is the best I've ever seen: View: I need to put it on my Xmas list!
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    Black Friday sales

    You said it but they didn't: Foldable DJ Screen Add new life to your road show with the Foldable DJ Screen from Equinox. This simple low cost, yet very effective light screen allows you to create your own unique effects using a vast array of LED fixtures (fixtures not included), meaning you...
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    For DJing what are you happy you bought and what do you regret buying?

    Best purchases Technics 1210 M5g... nuff said. 2009 MacBook Pro... no issue, no viruses and I've only had to max out the memory and upgrade the hard drive to 1TB. Danley TH118 subs... I own four of them. I've had issues shaking down venue lighting and AC vent fixtures just using two; they're...
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    Black Friday sales

    Do you know of the PERFECT size carrying case for this? I will not buy a facade w/o a carrying case.
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    Nicki Minaj reaction to Missy's WTF

    It's uptempo and I like it.
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    Comment by 'Gaffle' in media '1053346_10151697171303914_502057697_o'

    ARe those Martin scanners? How are they mounted on those tripods?
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    ShootOut - Evox 8 vs JBL/Yamaha

    If this is true Lanzamiento de la 2da Version de EVOX 5 y EVOX 8 News & Events - Allmusiccorp, some of you may want to unload your current Evox 8's while you can still get top dollar.
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    Wireless Mic Spectrum Update

    Pump your brakes. 2.4Ghz mics are getting less than stellar reviews with these users: Sennheiser D1 review??? Where did it go?
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    Comment by 'Gaffle' in media 'Whiskey Row Lofts'

    Man... I keep checking out this setup, it looks sharp! I love the façade and looks of those speakers the most. I'd prefer more symmetry with the lighting fixtures but overall, a big thumbs up from me. Who makes this façade?
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    School & Teen Events BTSD Redwood HS 1100 Kids

    Congrats on your school gig with that huge turn out but jeez you're under powered for such a large crowd! Those ZXA5's are very loud but you should have at least four of those in the 60 degree variety and about 8-12 ETX18SP's with all those students, especially being outside. More power to you...
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    In Anticipation Of L1 vs. F1 Questions and Comparisons

    I heard the F1 at a GC here in Atlanta; it was in their showroom corner-loaded. I compared it to a JBL SRX835P, which was not corner loaded. In this particular situation, the Bose F1 honestly sounded better. It was way more full and had better low end (ie: just a very pleasant full-range...
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    Running Out Of Space On The Laptop? 1Tb Drive - $55

    Everyday was a struggle. Every since I got a DSLR and discovered the art of RAW picture editing, my space has been depleted. No more...
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    Running Out Of Space On The Laptop? 1Tb Drive - $55

    Good lookin out... I just placed my order for one. I'm down to 5% freee on my MBPro 500GB 7200rpm drive.
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    and you thought Apple computers were high priced

    Wow, a Trash 80... we've come a lonnnnng way! I remember those daisy-wheel printers being super slow and very loud.
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    Comment by 'Gaffle' in media 'IMGP1771'

    @ittigger The 4th from the left. The winners are 2nd from the right and 2nd from the left.
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    Carvin S600 Stagemate

    What do you mean by "the wireless mic"? Do you mean with the speaker using it's wireless mode... it sounded ok? As far as the Bluetooth, if you experienced drops there, you'll experience them everywhere. You have to plan and expect worst-case during a ceremony as you don't want dropouts...
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    Carvin S600 Stagemate

    Mackie... clowns. This thing is not PA gear, it's more like competition for THIS. Where's the pole mount?
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    Carvin S600 Stagemate

    If your ears aren't damaged and you're not being overly biased or subjective, Bummer... but for ceremony music and nuptials, isn't this system more than adequate? Also having remote music capabilities + battery powered, I wouldn't expect the world from this speaker; I'd just appreciate it as a...
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    Carvin S600 Stagemate

    It's also a giant billboard with "ROLAND" plastered across the front. What bride wants that in her ceremony pics? Prosumer? Ewwwww... where's the pole mount. This looks like one of those DIY Karaoke machines. Not trying be the pessimist but those don't seem like viable options. This Carvin...