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  1. TwinSpinDJ

    Site Visits

    Always do a site visit IF I have never played at the venue. Relocated to Florida. All requests for service required a site visit, but not until a retainer had been sent. However, moving to a new geographical area does incur extra expense of my own. First visit is on me. However, I do try...
  2. TwinSpinDJ

    today's music

    Amen to play the Classics and earlier decades that worked then...they will work today. Movie soundtracks are bringing back the earlier music.
  3. TwinSpinDJ

    Sing alongs

    Redneck Woman
  4. TwinSpinDJ

    PrimeCuts Closing Permanently December 31st

    Another music service bites the dust. Not enough CD subscribers? Don't believe they were into digital pool business?
  5. TwinSpinDJ

    Would You Mentor A Young(er) DJ?

    Nobody mentored me. I began to DJ late in life, but I was way ahead of most "young" DJ in that I already knew what to play for the "older" folk. My choice of weapons was the Wedding Reception. I learned about contracts from the short stint that I worked for a multi-op. But the real teacher...
  6. TwinSpinDJ


    Klipsch speakers are a remarkable speaker. Back in the 90's they made professional audio DJ speakers...EXPENSIVE! but the sound was fantastic. I'd say you can't go wrong with this brand. I have a satellite pair of Klipsch that I use with my laptop that has a subwoofer. Great sound!
  7. TwinSpinDJ

    Why did you buy the speakers you bought to DJ with?

    Began my DJ aspiration with very high-end non-powered speakers and stereo amplifier; Teac, Pioneer and Sansui--3-way, 4-way. I believe the max power for speaker was 240 Watt. Sansui low-end was a 14" subwoofer and I definitely could tell the difference between it and 12". All cabinets were...
  8. TwinSpinDJ

    Another dead Rock n Roller

    Not that I ever put the LS801P subwoofer on the cart. I was commenting it was heavy and would only wheel it in to the venue!
  9. TwinSpinDJ

    Another dead Rock n Roller

    I have an original R-N-R. Had a problem early on with air loss from the stem. They sent me 4 airless wheels. I replaced them and not a problem. I've overloaded it on several occasions so much so that it was very difficult for me to push or pull; however, that was at least 10 years ago. I...
  10. TwinSpinDJ

    What’s Next?

    FMI (for my information), what state and city do you live?
  11. TwinSpinDJ

    Spinning in the mist. Got me pissed.

    I've already decided upon "beach side" wedding ceremony and receptions; exception is covered with sides in case of rain but on land.
  12. TwinSpinDJ

    Spinning in the mist. Got me pissed.

    DJ JohnThe 1-- Been in your situation before and it definitely sucks! It only takes on time to hit home that no outdoor events unless me and my gear are protected from the elements. After my first incident, if it was outdoors without a tent, I brought a large beach umbrella and weighted stand...
  13. TwinSpinDJ

    A night of firsts

    That was a rough weekend! Glad your house and property were not affected by the fire next door. As for the school issue I can relate to that but on a smaller scale. Only, when I was to begin setting up in the gym there were female basketball players not quite finished with practice. Caused...
  14. TwinSpinDJ

    Rebuilding My Music Library

    Just started ripping ALL of my Top Hits, Promo Only, and Prime Cuts into iTunes folder on my external HD in MP3 format. ITunes is great for doing lists and printing those lists...entire library, if necessary. I will then import select lists into my digital software program OTS. iTunes also...
  15. TwinSpinDJ

    The Official Introductions Thread

    Welcome to the nut house, Juan. You'll soon understand why it is often called "animal house" too.
  16. TwinSpinDJ

    DJ Expo 2018 - August 13-16

    Many thanks for the informative updates relative to "the show" and "Exhibits". One of these days I'll make be able to meet the ODJT guys and gals. Since I am riding off into the sunset, albeit on a donkey (slower than a horse) I'm still interested in new technology and perceptions of both...
  17. TwinSpinDJ

    The Official Introductions Thread

    Welcome. Another wedding dj small weddings at your service. You will find Odjt a nice place to spend some of your down time. Plenty of resources and experienced dj to help out when in need. I'm in Florida Atlantic coast near Cape Canaveral.
  18. TwinSpinDJ

    Hi Valerie, need some advice regarding potential use of "projector" for B&G who want to take...

    Hi Valerie, need some advice regarding potential use of "projector" for B&G who want to take the time of their first dance to discuss the scientific project they have been working on. I have not discussed with them yet, but their initial inquiry asked about renting a projector from me (which I...
  19. TwinSpinDJ

    The Ultimate Dinner Playlist

    True +1, but the concept is pretty good. Wonder how Perfect and Elvis would sound?
  20. TwinSpinDJ

    Ever call your competition?

    Scott and I are very similar in business perspective; play nice, say only good things about competition (absence a comment says more than bad mouthing), refer other DJ when you are booked (what goes around does come back two-fold). Could not have said it better, Scott!
  21. TwinSpinDJ

    Ever call your competition?

    DJ associations (local area networking) is valuable for all concerned. Nobody wants to learn your trade secrets or pricing for that matter. The most obvious point is for it to be a learning tool. Try to raise the bar of professionalism; need for insurance, legal music library, use of...
  22. TwinSpinDJ

    Ever call your competition? on going resource.
  23. TwinSpinDJ

    Ever call your competition?

    Best opportunity to contact DJ in your area would be a local DJ association. Been involved with many of these groups during my career. Great for exchanging equipment and technical ideas and checking out those who you might want to help you out in an emergency. Always nice to have a backup...
  24. TwinSpinDJ

    The Official Introductions Thread

    Usually we don't see Bio info like what you posted. Experience and knowledge tend to be received moreover when you Post to threads. To me your experience is certainly well grounded. Welcome aboard. Some of us "old" DJ (in age) aren't as well versed as many of the younger DJ generation in new...
  25. TwinSpinDJ

    More of my clients are using Spotify for their playlists

    Me thinks it may soon be time for me to fully retire. They still need to know the music to be truly effective; like when a person comes up during a song a requests one that is close to the same time period. Ya gotta know your music.
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