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  1. ProDJ Jose

    Five Common Fashion Mistakes that Wedding DJs make

    You are what you wear and looks matter. Pretty simple!
  2. ProDJ Jose

    An interesting article about the innovative Sony Walkman... Mine still works even with my mix tapes from the 80s & 90s. Today I rely on my trusty smart phone and this ap...
  3. ProDJ Jose

    What it takes to be a full time DJ

    What does it take to be a full-time Mobile DJ? 5 Things: Attitude Determines Your Altitude Knowledge Is Power Practice Makes Perfect Experience Is The Difference Mind Your Own Business To recap, be good at what you do and the money will follow.
  4. ProDJ Jose

    How many of you can play a CD at an event?

    Learning is defined as a change in behavior as a result of experience. :laugh:
  5. ProDJ Jose

    How many of you can play a CD at an event?

    Easily could have been avoided with a few minute talk with the customer. It's the difference between professionalism & amateurism.
  6. ProDJ Jose

    Gear you regret selling

    My (2) Pioneer EFX-500s, Denon DN-D9000 dual CD player, and VT-1 Voice Transformer.
  7. ProDJ Jose

    The difference between US and UK DJ's...

    Double your rate would be $1800-$2000. You say that you have been DJing for 25+ years. I did the math and that's what you should be charging without any additional training from anyone. Unfortunately, most DJs I've met over the past 30 years suck at training. They do know how to run their...
  8. ProDJ Jose

    I thought this was interesting

    Developing a winning attitude. There are countless of books available on that subject.
  9. ProDJ Jose

    I thought this was interesting

    Today's youth of neophytes want to skip the education & training and go right into the work. Good luck with that approach to Mobile DJ success.
  10. ProDJ Jose

    Was at my first N.Y. wedding on Saturday night

    Thanks for bringing back some memories. I had the privilege to DJ/MC at a few wedding at that venue. I lived only a few minutes from it and I remember how difficult it was to get the gear to the main room. This was in the 90s and 2000s. I was still using my turntables and records. It's one of...
  11. ProDJ Jose

    What is the one piece of gear that you love to use when doing an event?

    This: I have 3 of these rare headphones.
  12. ProDJ Jose

    Events Cancelling...............AGAIN

    It's very simple, most DJs don't think. They never think about what their value or what they are charging vs their responsibility. They have never asked themselves, "I wonder why this photographer is getting paid so much more than me, when I have to work so hard and provide so much for the...
  13. ProDJ Jose

    How much should you pay to rent each item for a wedding?

    Why don't you just ask Bob why he's always been so reluctant to post a link to his site? I have a link to the website and linkedin profile, but I'd rather let him post it. Lastly, Taso, Bob has a reputation of being obnoxious and argumentative, but he's probably a really good guy inside. I...
  14. ProDJ Jose

    How much should you pay to rent each item for a wedding?

    Once again, there's nothing new here. During the Golden Era of Mobile DJing, the 90s, as @Proformance probably knows, there were high-end entertainment service providers in long island that were selling talent & gear at high-end prices without smart phones, the internet, or social media. These...
  15. ProDJ Jose

    Pricing one standard price vs package pricing

    This is a quote from my website: "I provide a “personalized” “custom-crafted” entertainment service with “à la carte” price packages." @LittleTreeGuy, as you gain valuable experience from working at different kinds of events, you will fully understand why "single-ops" can't think like multi-ops.
  16. ProDJ Jose

    Is there a good DJ training source?

    Is that how high-end venues do it? What about the knot or weddingwire? Customers can be brain washed to thinking that they don't need to meet the DJ/MC or get a demonstration or that a cheap DJ Service is just as good as an expensive one. As for developing your skills as a DJ, my advice to...
  17. ProDJ Jose

    Is there a good DJ training source?

    This really means, focus on what 99.9 % of Mobile DJ Service providers do: Never meet with your clients, use a website to book events, and let Vibo or DJ Intelligence do the planning for you. That's revolutionary customer service. :laugh:
  18. ProDJ Jose

    Is there a good DJ training source?

    I'm just wondering how we all learned how to do this before the internet & smart phones. KISS
  19. ProDJ Jose

    Will Dancing on the Clouds Effect have any chance of making smoke alarms go off?

    This new machine looks like it's even more powerful: View:
  20. ProDJ Jose

    Will Dancing on the Clouds Effect have any chance of making smoke alarms go off?

    Guys don't sweat it! Just do what I do. Put a frozen turkey & some ham in the machine and at the end of the night eat it for dinner. :laugh:
  21. ProDJ Jose

    What online music source do you use when someone request a song at an event you're doing that you don't have?

    As been pointed out, you can get ad blockers for free, but I never rely on youtube for streaming requested songs. If I don't have the song, I ask for a second choice.
  22. ProDJ Jose

    Need a new music source

    Probably NOT! You can lead a horse to water..... One thing outside of the DJs control is the weather. I have an outdoor wedding on December 11, and I'm praying for 70-75 degrees & no rain. :laugh:
  23. ProDJ Jose

    Need a new music source

    As someone who takes pride in providing a high-quality personalized service, I make it clear to my clients that I'm the Professional, not them. I honor requests, but it's still my responsibility to know what to play and when to play them. Also, it doesn't matter how many songs a DJ has, if they...
  24. ProDJ Jose

    Would you DJ an event on Christmas Day?

    NO. Thanks!