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  1. ittigger

    Bose S1 Pro Knock Off Speaker for $199 on Amazon

    Don't try to trick him, that's a 'vette. ;)
  2. ittigger

    Bose S1 Pro Knock Off Speaker for $199 on Amazon

    The 'savings' is in the buy price? This might be an accurate statement if A and B were comparable .. but they're not. There's no savings if the components are not in the same league. What you call 'savings', they call 'cheaper components / build'. Cheaper components / cheaper builds do often...
  3. ittigger

    Interactive DJs Roll Up Limbo Pole??

    You can use any 2 or 3 foot straight stick for a limbo stick (broom / mop handle, etc).
  4. ittigger

    Enclosed trailer owners... Question for you

    Another trailer user here (5x10) and equipment stored in it year round. Trailer has been indoors and outdoors in all weather - though I keep it indoors as much as possible. I also have no signage - and I also believe this helps protect against a would be thief. When towing, I also use a hitch...
  5. ittigger

    CES 2023 - new laptops

    I believe this is the Lenovo Yoga Book 9i
  6. ittigger

    Harvest of Sound

    I'm running the EV ETX12's and 18's - lovin' the sound.
  7. ittigger

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year ODJT Fam!
  8. ittigger

    Testing the DB levels out with my vintage Sound system in the basement

    So .. if you look up this testing, it is done using a lab environment, with specific tones at a specific power, a specific height and the measurement of those specific tones within that environment. You'll also note that the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has...
  9. ittigger

    The Official Introductions Thread

    Welcome Gillon, Jeff and Jiaxing - to our home on the web. Take a look around, participate and ask questions. Keep your appendages inside the vehicle at all times .. and whatever you do, NEVER, EVER .. feed the monkey after midnight! He's sneaky and will try to trick you!
  10. ittigger

    EV Electro Voice ZLX-12P Powered Speakers making LOUD Static Noise

    If you are staying with EV, why not replace it with the same? There's also ELX, EKX and ETX.
  11. ittigger

    Some Great Deals for DJ Gear I thought I would share

    Moved to Steve's Steals & Deals.
  12. ittigger

    Harvest of Sound

    Ben Stowe (NLFX) is a great person - very smart guy!
  13. ittigger

    The Official Introductions Thread

    Welcome aboard Wheelie.
  14. ittigger

    A couple more "new guy" questions about DJ'ing

    Same here - locked out / disabled. I also lock the playing deck - I have accidentally loaded a new track on the playing deck before.
  15. ittigger

    Auto function on Robe dj scan 250 xt?

    As for operating modes of your fixtures, a review of the manual shows what to look for if Master / Slave modes are available. Looks like some early models didn't have this available - while later models did. I'll be the first to tell you of the following business rules I've followed: Rule 1...
  16. ittigger

    Connect lights to rekordbox

    We have some users that use Sound Switch - but these products are not the same nor do they perform the same functions.
  17. ittigger

    Auto function on Robe dj scan 250 xt?

    You can put any fixture on a DMX Chain but unless there's something that can send the proper signals to these devices, then they won't work. The reason Master / Slave works for the same products is because they use the same exact settings per channel. These settings vary between products and...
  18. ittigger

    The Official Introductions Thread

    Welcome to the good ship ODJT.
  19. ittigger

    The Official Introductions Thread

    Welcome aboard the good ship ODJT. Please keep all extremities in the vehicle at all times.
  20. ittigger

    What software are you using to DJ with?

    It definitely wouldn't hurt to know how both work - in the event you needed to use either.
  21. ittigger

    The new Shure dual wireless H11 mics work GREAT!

    The suggestion for where the money is going to come from has been given to you countless times, by many folks here and from other sites - it's called a Business Plan. For their entertainment .. or ours?
  22. ittigger

    How long have you been a DJ and what are your likes and dislikes about this business?

    Like Forbes and others here, I use 18" subs the majority of the time (with 12" tops). Could I (and others) successfully do events with 12's only? Sure - but as a professional, I want the customer to not only see a difference, to hear a difference - and they do. Do customers know that a sub is...
  23. ittigger

    How many of you can play a CD at an event?

    I can play CD if I have to. I haven't had to in forever.
  24. ittigger

    My first "BUSY" weekend and what I learned...

    Long range nerf with a scope!
  25. ittigger

    My first "BUSY" weekend and what I learned...

    The OCD side of me has a question .. why is the one uplight red? FWIW, if you saw under my table, it's also a nest of wires - table skirts hide it.