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  1. adj2ent

    DJX 2022

    A couple of photos from the DJX show in Atlantic City. Plenty of people down here, much more than last year. I’ve noticed much more families with kids and women with their own companies. The Seminars are pretty good and pretty well attended. The only thing I’d really missing is there are no...
  2. adj2ent

    External HD's

    I always advise people to use the SSD as the system drive. Data can be stored on a HDD or avSSD if you want to spend more. That’s how I have my newest laptop configured. A 512GB SSB system drive and a 1TB HD data drive. All of my regular HDs have been fast enough to handle Video and none of them...
  3. adj2ent


    Will do, on the other side of the floor now. You were doing your thing, I was there taking notes saying I wish I could do that. Great job.
  4. adj2ent


    is this you doing your thing?
  5. adj2ent

    The laptop I put to backup duty won't stay on.

    I was thinking the same thing too. Either a dirty fan or broken fan. One thing for sure if your a back up doesn’t boot up successfully every time you’re going to be really screwed if you have use it when your main laptop has issues at a event.
  6. adj2ent

    Anyone buying anything new?

    The latest thing in was a Juice Box EV charger. My wife thought it was a juicer, now I don’t know if she was joking or not but it was too funny. She crazy busy with work & her mom isn’t doing well, she get a pass. Only other item was a GoPro Max 360 camera. I am still figuring out editing the...
  7. adj2ent

    Gear purchases are like herpes... so I hear

    Really the only thing my wife could have an issue with is the amount of computers we have in the house. I’m at 5 laptops and a bunch of desktops And looking to purchase another gaming laptop because the new 12th Gen came out, I see her eyes rolling. But she works from home now with multiple...
  8. adj2ent

    What's your favorite music to play when doing an event?

    My favorite genre is Disco. Since I’m still in the College market I don’t get a chance to play it very often like I used to. 25 years ago we had a 70s Video Dance Party which was popular. Now the student like my son were born in the 2000’s. So stuff from the 90’s is considered old. They do know...
  9. adj2ent


    I remember that I was like who the hell is this Lady Gaga, they brought it back a second time so,”Acorn” could introduced her. Lol, yeah I know it’s a Akon but the previous is funny. I remember getting on Jim about putting in some seating because after being on my feet all day I couldn’t last...
  10. adj2ent


    I’ve been at every single DJ times convention since the first. If they could make it thru last year they will probably doing shows for while. Last years show was really small but numbers were down for everything I went to, including CES which was about only 1/3 of the size it usually is. The...
  11. adj2ent

    Not So Fast

    It all started at the beginning after I finished setting the DJ set. The DJ only has to bring his records, CDs or tapes. I see him unloading 10 crates of records, taking them out the crates, leaning them on the wall and I notice they not in any sort order. I’m like that’s odd. Next, I give...
  12. adj2ent

    New to forum

    Welcome to the forum. I’m a former a guitar player too. I used a to play Rhythm guitar in a couple bands. Lots of fun, although I was never really good. My father was a real musician, played all the saxophones & woodwind instruments. Taught me to play the clarinet, which I was actually really...
  13. adj2ent


    What day & time?
  14. adj2ent

    Not So Fast

    I’m willing to bet when you boil in down major part of what they want might be they think it will save them money & also give them control of what music is played.. I have dealt with these people want unique music and other things. It isn’t cheaper, easier & requires much more effort, planning &...
  15. adj2ent

    Not So Fast

    When I used to supply DJ systems to to other DJs I could move the whole DJ system by myself faster than the DJs could their get the records to the cars. I stopped using records 1992 when we had a job on top of building in NYC and the wind was blowing so hard we couldn’t play records. I used my...
  16. adj2ent

    Not So Fast

    Absolutely hilarious, so you want guests to bring their old records so the DJ can play them. So we get pass very likely the records will sound like crap. Playing someone else’s records, hum, if I did still play records I won’t want to go that route. Personally I don’t care what they do if they...
  17. adj2ent


    I will be there very likely for the full 4 days. Been to each and every one since the first one. Usually I’m only there for 2 or 3 days but have something to attend on the first day. A couple of years ago I won a photo booth and last year a headphone case. I alway run into some guys from way so...
  18. adj2ent

    Home Theater Tour, no it’s not mine

    Not exactly DJ related but definitely interesting on a couple different levels. Couple years ago I started getting back into home theater upgrading my set up. I’ve always had a home theater since the early 1980’s when I got my first video projector & started doing video dance parties. I follow a...
  19. adj2ent

    It's a seller's market right now...

    Thanks for reminding me I need to go back to placing ads to get rid of the rest of the stuff I have sitting around. I’ve been using craigslist. It’s free and stuff sells if it’s in demand, usable or collectible. I have been getting collectors that are buying stuff that they used to have and got...
  20. adj2ent

    How high does the price of fuel have to get for you to change your driving habits?

    Wow, that’s almost twice as much I paid. It was $4.34 day at BJ’s today. I’m surprised you haven’t told us to stop complaining, I knew gas was high over seas but I didn’t think it was so high in Canada. The F150 is pretty much sold here, I don’t even think they are taking orders anymore for the...
  21. adj2ent

    How high does the price of fuel have to get for you to change your driving habits?

    Maybe but you can view that online, which ones are operation, charging rate, including which ones are busy. They can Alert you when they’re open. I wonder how many check first before heading to a charger. If you see 50% are down at a location, nobody has checked in there, then that’s not a...
  22. adj2ent

    Portable and adjustable ramp

    That is just what I need to for my shed. thanks for the share. It going to make getting the lawn mower & Generators back in the shed a lot easier
  23. adj2ent

    How high does the price of fuel have to get for you to change your driving habits?

    You are in NJ use BJs gas, they have the lowest gas prices, get their credit card and get additional 10 cent of a gallon. You will have to get BJ membership but split it with someone and/or go in and shop, somethings they have good prices on.. I know where every BJ gas is on my routes. My van...
  24. adj2ent

    How high does the price of fuel have to get for you to change your driving habits?

    Here is a way to view things, how many times do you take long trips over 200+ miles in a single day, do you have a class II charger at you home. So do you stop on long trip let say every 4 hrs. Let said you take 4 trips of around 400 miles. Then it means very like you be making least one stop...
  25. adj2ent

    How high does the price of fuel have to get for you to change your driving habits?

    Are you trying to compare passive engry generation with active? Because there is not point to that. However there is a point to getting a credit for power you don’t use so you call pull it from the grid when you need it. Why would anybody want to generate 5 mega watts on demand in their home...