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  1. adj2ent

    DJX 2022

    A couple of photos from the DJX show in Atlantic City. Plenty of people down here, much more than last year. I’ve noticed much more families with kids and women with their own companies. The Seminars are pretty good and pretty well attended. The only thing I’d really missing is there are no...
  2. adj2ent

    Home Theater Tour, no it’s not mine

    Not exactly DJ related but definitely interesting on a couple different levels. Couple years ago I started getting back into home theater upgrading my set up. I’ve always had a home theater since the early 1980’s when I got my first video projector & started doing video dance parties. I follow a...
  3. adj2ent

    Entertainment while on vacation

    I got a chance to see three different events while I was away on vacation. Nice to sit back and not be responsible for anything. The first was a white gala beach party on the beach. So I’m heading back from the beach and I see these guys moving these huge bass bins, speakers, moving heads &...
  4. adj2ent

    Hello All

    Hello all, I just popped in to say hello and see how everyone doing. With everything opening up I figured things would be getting busy. I see Mix is still keeping things active. What’s funny is he got me listening to that Superman song he likes. I never heard it until he mentioned it. Now I’m...
  5. adj2ent

    Mix, this for you

    Mix, I was looking around youtube and this popped up. I wasn't sure if you have seen it. The date said it's from 2012, Sometimes I just run across things that remind me of someone. I know this is one of Mix's favorite songs. Guys, I hope all is well. I saw the news about Papa, a real nice...
  6. adj2ent

    Quick Stop In with Ausumm

    Just a quick stop in to thank Ausumm (Michael) for meeting up with me in PA this weekend. I had a great time talking about the old days. What was funny is how our wifes actually put us through the same things. It’s very nice meeting with some of the people you usually only correspond with...
  7. adj2ent

    For Mix, Documentary - I was there I when House music took over the world

    It’s a Documentary about the beginning of House music. The mid 80’s was really a crazy time for me DJ wise. While I was busy with my Video Dance Parties in the college market, two of my DJs were introducing everyone to House music and Reggae. Although I was familiar with Music they played at the...
  8. adj2ent

    Gateway computers is back

    Yes, Gateway computers are back, complete with the back black & white cow boxes available at exclusivelyWalmart for now. I remember my first PC udesktop computer was a Gateway 386SX brought for the discounted price of $3,600. I think that was around 1990. It was a big step up from the 286 we...
  9. adj2ent

    File this under interesting

    Somebody somewhere posted a link a song by postmodern jukebox. I’ve been checking out a lot of their stuff. They redo different takes on current songs. Most featuring some very talented singers & musicians. This one struck me because where in the world do you find a female singer who plays the...
  10. adj2ent

    CES 2021

    I just got the news CES 2021 will be online and Digital only in January 2021. I not sure I was planning to go anyway so it being online will work for me. Las Vegas is going to take a big hit, when I was thinking about going in 2020 most hotels were soldout Months before. But looking at whats is...
  11. adj2ent

    Microsoft closing all its retail stores

    Microsoft is planning to close Its retail stores. They will 4 Microsoft Experience Centers in London, NYC, Sydney, and Redmond. I worked at the opening of two of the Microsoft stores where they had a huge concert in the malls parking lots. That was only 8 years ago. I am usually in the...
  12. adj2ent

    VDJ 2021

    I just found out VDJ 2021 was released, it allows you to separate the vocals, instrumental and the beat. I didn’t get a chance to dig into it yet but I heard it requires a powerful processor. Likely they might be trying to take advantage of the power of the Intel processors with AI. I will be 2...
  13. adj2ent

    For Mix - Chicago house Music recorded live (well 2years ago)

    Mix this one is for you. It was recorded two years ago in downtown Chicago in the afternoon. I’m not sure who is DJ but they did a really good job. I used to do outdoor gigs at the colleges during primetime, they were always fun especially when the weather was perfect. It looked like the people...
  14. adj2ent

    Look what I found, learn the 90s’ Dances

    I was going through the basement looking for a videotape I needed to digitized and ran across this. The Star DJs - Let’s Dance All-time Popular Party Hits VHS videotape. I might force my son to watch it. Or maybe sell it on eBay along with 50 unopened exercise videotapes, lol. I can’t believe...
  15. adj2ent

    Virtual Small Business Expo

    I usually go to the small business expo at the Javits center every year. It’s free, very well organized, always find good info and at the end of the day they provide a free beer/wine at the bar while you network. With all that’s going on I guess they decided to have a virtual expo complete with...
  16. adj2ent

    Here is another place to play

    So I’m up late last night on YouTube and ran into this. Being a James Bond fan the name of the boat Quantum of Solace caught my attention This yacht much much larger than many of the board I’ve played. Personally I prefer planes over boats but this one was too nice not to watch. Can’t afford...
  17. adj2ent

    Monday morning laugh

    Although not really DJ related but still really funny. Yes, women do take their rings Seriously. Recently the diamond popped out of my wife’s ring at work. She had them tearing up the place and they found it. How they found the stone that small I don’t know. View:
  18. adj2ent

    Thriller 30’s interpretation

    Although I found it a little late for this Halloween. Definitely worth a listen, Wayne Brady did a good job on this one. View:
  19. adj2ent

    All our Equipment & Talent is now obsolete

    All right let me explain, So I am at a conference where college students come to find events & talent to bring to their campus. Over the past 2O+ years attending I’ve seen all sorts of things, DJ, Bands, Lectures, Dancers all sorts of novelty events, bungee, Mobile zip lines,. Well I thought...
  20. adj2ent

    Gator Framework stands

    I’ve been using these new gator frameworks stands for a couple of weeks now and I must admit I’m really liking them. They fold up really compact with an included carry bag with separate pockets for each stand. So if you use the bag I can see the stands looking like new for a long time. The...
  21. adj2ent

    DJ Expo Day 2

    Day two at the DJ Expo. Didn’t see anyone from this site this year. My biggest issue with the expo has always been the sound level in the exhibit hall. The past two years they have been providing earplugs but that makes conversations with vendors very difficult. It seems now they have sound...
  22. adj2ent

    DJ Expo 2019

    Yes, I can’t believe it’s been 30 years. Made it to all 30 for at least one day. Only here for two days this year but hopefully I’ll win something. A couple of interesting items. The Yorkville Synergy speaker system. A large powered system that hit like a freight train. The whole eight box...
  23. adj2ent

    Small Business Expo NYC 6/5/2019

    If your in NYC checkout the Expo on 6/5/2019 at the Javits Convention Center. Seminars & show floor. It’s free. If you do attend they have a Beer & Biz networking event later in the day. I be there most of the day.
  24. adj2ent

    Beach DJ front

    I was in BJ’s and saw this. Thought it looked pretty cool. Perfect for the beach or pool party or the Jimmy Buffett fan. It’s got your matching stool and bench seat with beer holder for your fans/groupies. I didn’t look to see how complicated it is to assemble or how to breakdown. It wasn’t...
  25. adj2ent


    This should start some interesting hopefully friendly & intelligent conversations. I just received the email And I haven’t dug deeper to find out exactly what they’re talking about. View: