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  1. djcrazychris

    Cheap moving heads

    looks pretty good! ... cant beat the slow controlled movements of the Chauvet tho... cc
  2. djcrazychris

    Cheap moving heads

    Just please cut the power to these during slow dances... thats all i ask Rick... My major gripe with the whole sound active thing is the lack of control when you need to set a particular mood that isnt "roller rink all skate"... Way too many halfwits out there with cheap laser lights dancing...
  3. djcrazychris

    How many have recovered in this DJ business from the Pandemic?

    I thought mean posts were outlawed.... lololol cc
  4. djcrazychris

    How many have recovered in this DJ business from the Pandemic?

    I am happy to announce... my partner and I are back in business 100%! 2 church basement baby showers in 2022... one for my aunt Shirleys friend who remarried a guy that worked at Circuit City with a dude i knew back in 97... that dude said hello to me once when i bought a vcr.. so....pretty...
  5. djcrazychris

    Where is Steve?

    Im still trying to process this... Steve had helped me so much behind the scenes and was so kind. Such a huge loss to his family friends and this community. cc
  6. djcrazychris

    Where is Steve?

    That is heartbreaking... he was a class act and will be sorely missed. cc
  7. djcrazychris

    Where is Steve?

    Sadly Ive been a bit out of the loop... but noticing a deep void without Steve.... noticed he hasnt posted for several months... please tell me everything is ok! cc
  8. djcrazychris

    What makes you stand out as a DJ?

    My various bulges. cc
  9. djcrazychris

    Things we did before we were experienced

    I used to throw Pez candy at the crowd...and give away pez dispensers... i tried contacting Pez headquarters and getting some sort of sponsership...i wanted a giant pez of my own head they didnt respond.... it was 1990 and I made around 50 dollars a gig... and spent 48 on pez stuff...
  10. djcrazychris

    Your first mixer?

  11. djcrazychris

    Setup circa 1985

  12. djcrazychris

    Another off topic thread.

    aaaaah....To be a fly on the wall in the employee lounge after Mix left the store.. cc
  13. djcrazychris

    What are your plans this year moving forward for your DJ business?

    Sure hope you guys dont go out of business... cc
  14. djcrazychris

    Contest for a Free Year of Supporter Status

    I found my dignity... it's right down here by my spencer's gift fogger cc
  15. djcrazychris

    I almost got a brand new van fully paid for.

    Yall are haters... Truth of the matter is... if your house is robbed... the insurance company will oversee the building of a brand new 4 bed 4 bath ranch style...and present it by moving a bus to reveal it draped with one of those giant novelty bows. Insurance is cool! cc
  16. djcrazychris

    Texture coat for speaker cabs

    Duratex all the way! The finish the provided roller gives is great... but if you need something specific in your rolller for the finish im sure its out there. cc
  17. djcrazychris

    Is it confidence or ego?

    Forget ego... how about pride... As in... taking pride not only in your performance... but the way your set up looks...and your reputation... All the ego in the world cant convince an audience that you have worth if , visually , you look amateurish just something to chew on... cc
  18. djcrazychris

    We're number 1 :)

    I guess unless Rodney Dangerfield had a house album in 1987...Mix hasn't heard of him cc
  19. djcrazychris

    PSSL Has Closed Their Doors

    There was a time years ago when PSSL was my only answer for dj gear without a 4 or 5 hour drive. That catalog was all i had to even know how the industry was evolving ... that and a few issues of DJ TIMES.... rip cc
  20. djcrazychris

    First night back

    I think the movie "Bridesmaids" really revived the Wilson Phillips tune to a certain age group... but i havent had many requests for it lately either... cc
  21. djcrazychris

    I was going to leave the house and then this happened.

    Sorry to hear about your mom... once shes back up and on her feet... maybe she could apply to be a cocktail waitress and you guys can carpool to the imaginary club that might hire you. cc
  22. djcrazychris

    Please wish me great skill today.

    imagining all that snot blowing in the wind... cc
  23. djcrazychris

    Hey folks. It's been a while. Got a question for y'all.

    I think the sad part here is that you had to contact them to find out the wedding was canceled... thats a shame that people would just ignore the vendors theyd hired. Maybe they were just resigned to the fact that they werent getting any money back as per your contract and figured any courtesy...