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    Chauvet DFI with Rockville Wedges

    I know some of you are running Rockville wedges and myDMX Go. Question.... is anyone using the Chauvet DFi dongle out of your DMXgo and sending a signal to your wedges, or are yo just using the Rockville transmitter? I just ask because I already have the Chauvet DFi dongles and have read all...
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    Mobile DJ's - What lights do you use at weddings

    @djtaso, Thank you again, as always for the detail. Here is the boat I am in. I just broke away from a small DJ company and decided to go at it myself (due to life/different goals/etc). They had 20+ uplights at their disposal, several quality moving heads, and several different types of "fun...
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    I searched the site, but only found stuff from 2006/2007. Just wondering if anyone is still using DJ Finder for planning/tracking your events? I was looking for something to get me started and this seems to fit the bill, but if there is something better or easier for a newbie without a big...
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    Need new contracts created

    Most of you know, I'm still a very new DJ. I started working with a local DJ's business, but have found that my life, my goals, and what I want to do differ from theirs, so I resigned from their group. Now that I will be on my own, I want to have some basic contracts created to protect both...
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    Labor Shortage, Lack of Pay shortage, lack of will to work, or Lack of actual people shortage?

    Southwestern Pa here, south of Pittsburgh, and seeing pretty much the EXACT same thing. Especially in the lower paying job positions and more labor intensive positions. Very few of the fast food places here have their lobby open for the reasons you've said, and the ones that do, usually people...
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    Mobile DJ's - What lights do you use at weddings

    Thanks.... I will add that I have also been using ShowXpress and the Chauvet wireless DMX dangles. Slowly learning DMX for controlling the lights, not into doing productions or preset light programs yet.
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    I need an analyst

    Not involving my gear... I guess I haven't DJ'd enough yet. LOL.
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    Mobile DJ's - What lights do you use at weddings

    I'm just curious, for you mobile DJ's that don't have the luxury of having a regular venue... that pack, setup, and tear down at every wedding. What lights do you use regularly? Wash, derby, moving heads, uplights, other movers? I have a pair of Wash FX hex's currently. I have a little...
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    Have you dealt with uneven ground?

    Thanks all. I think I'll end up fabbing up some thin wooden platforms. I have large subs (ETX18sp's) so I like the mild crate idea, but it's just not deep and wide enough for my comfort level. I'll post up some pictures once I get my things built. It's just on paper at this time.
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    Have you dealt with uneven ground?

    @ittigger I know what you mean... unless it's solid and really level, the tops can put a lot of un-needed stress on the poles and pole cups. I know they are designed for vertical use only. The wood "blocks" I used at my previous event was a 2x4 that was laid flat (wide side down) and it...
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    Have you dealt with uneven ground?

    I have a question that I'm looking for potential solutions to. I ran into a small issue at a gig recently that was outdoors. It was on concrete, but the ground was sloped a little. I was using subs with pole mounted tops. I ended up having some small wood blocks on hand so I was able to...
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    School & Teen Events My first School / Teen event

    So I had my first Teen/School event yesterday. It was just for a last day of school "activity/fun day" sort of thing. Basically background noise while the kids had ice cream, ate lunch, played ball, socialized, etc. I played for about 4 hours. 2 hours per grade. One class had a lot of...
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    Would you use a Subwoofer at this wedding reception?

    x2 I say yes. My theory is, if you are able, deliver your whole package every time you can. Grant it, I'm new to this business, but I look at it like this.... Every time I set up, THAT time, may be the interview for my next gig. That's what I tell myself when I don't feel like tidying up...
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    What do you think of hanging a sign on front of a facade?

    Like others have stated, there is a time and place (In my unprofessional opinion). At a wedding? Nope. The people paying know who you are. I have cards on hand if someone should ask for information. I do play at some bars, for free, and I have a sign on the front of my ADJ booth that has...
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    School & Teen Events My first School / Teen event

    So, the date of the event is 6/1. Due to chance of rain, they were going to have it inside and not have a DJ. I just got a call this morning that said the weather looks clear, so we'd like to have you (if you want) and they will set you up outside in the schools "common area" maybe 125' x 125'...
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    School & Teen Events My first School / Teen event

    While I don't disagree with you, they can't find anyone to play music for them. The DJ's in the area all want $500+ to do any event. I enjoy being around students (I was almost a teacher, I've coached, helped with scouting, our church youth, and other school activities). I have the equipment...
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    School & Teen Events My first School / Teen event

    So I did look around the forum a little but didn't find anything real recent. Hoping maybe someone might be willing to point me in the right direction. As school is winding down, I may have a chance to play at a local middle school's "play day". Basically it will be 7th & 8th graders outdoors...
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    Looking for help with the speakers on either speaker stands.

    Mix, you seem like you'd be willing to do some DIY hacks if it would be cheaper... so I'll offer a thought or two. Look at the bottom of the speakers. If the holes in the bottom look to be in good shape (nothing broken in the cup), then it's likely a simple case of the speaker pole you have...
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    Priced out of work...?

    Hey all... thanks for all of your input. I didn't forget about this thread, just been busy with work. I've gotten some great advice, suggestions, and ideas. I'm slowly working through them all. This forum is great!
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    I just ordered another rolling laptop bag from Ebay

    I'm happy for you that you got something you like and I guess got a two for one deal in the process. I say be careful with those rolling bags though, they make me nervous. I don't know if I'm afraid someone will kick my laptop or what, but it always makes me cringe seeing people wheeling those...
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    Priced out of work...?

    So, as some of you may recall, I'm still new to the DJ business. I've been working with a couple of established dj's in my area for about 5 months. I've assisted them with several weddings, private events, and booked several of my own private events and play somewhat regularly at a local small...
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    Your opinion on DJ sitting in a chair while deejaying?

    @DJ Ricky B - shoot me a message if you're looking at buggies. I'm selling my whole setup. Only about 4 races on it. ;-)
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    Controller choice?

    I'm still new to dj'ing, and I went with an SB2, which I know is over your budget, but I'm super happy with it. I know, that's of no help to you. However, if you decide you want to go the ddj400 route, I have one that I only used maybe 5 times in my living room. I have a case for it as...