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  1. djcrazychris

    Where is Steve?

    Sadly Ive been a bit out of the loop... but noticing a deep void without Steve.... noticed he hasnt posted for several months... please tell me everything is ok! cc
  2. djcrazychris

    And just like that.... We are back in business...

    An interesting update from West Virginia on Weddings and Celebrations.... Now i guess if the venue is large enough... a gathering of 100's may be possible? cc
  3. djcrazychris

    Gear... when the drug stops working

    I wonder if it's just me...or if this is effecting other dj's..... I am quickly losing interest in "wishbooking" new gear... ive seen a big push from the big dj/music outlets....sales... giveaways...etc... and i truly feel for them... who in the world is spending money for new exciting gear in...
  4. djcrazychris

    Is this the next floor filler?

    New Gaga.... View:
  5. djcrazychris

    Who here plays Moombahton?

    This is my absolute favorite genre lately.... i normally save this set for the last hour or so of an event and just go crazy with it... Anyways... if you are playing it... what's your favorite titles? cc
  6. djcrazychris

    The new line dance ...

    Last time i posted about a new song it was THE GIT UP... and though no one at any of my events ever seemed to learn how to do it is still on every request sheet i get... That being said... Steve's hit list post had an interesting listing on it....DJ KOOL - CHA CHA CHA.... So i...
  7. djcrazychris

    Recieved my Rockwedges.

    Thankfully every one of them is in perfect working order... takes about 20 seconds to click the right wireless channel color and lock in the dmx address and they are up and working with MyDMXgo. I got a couple of the Rockville bags...
  8. djcrazychris

    Chauvet Bubble Haze I gotta say...when i saw this released last year...i thought it was a terrible idea...and complete hot garbage....a cash grab by a company running out of ideas...
  9. djcrazychris

    Anyone used this bad boy?

    I am highly tempted to pick up a couple of them... This video shows one in use for ample time to do any ceremony (almost 3 hours)....and as a bonus for could...
  10. djcrazychris

    The Rockville Rockwedge seems to have disappeared ...

    Nothing on Amazon.... and Ebay has 2 empty flight cases wonder what happened? cc
  11. djcrazychris

    yamaha mg10xu question

    When using a yammy 10xu mixer... if i have a 1/4 line input and an rca input plugged on the same channel...will they play simultaneously? i set up for this talent show last night and cannot get my channel 9/10 to produce any sound...i turned it off of usb ...tried it both ways...its just...
  12. djcrazychris

    True Confessions of MyDMXGo... ....i must admit... my app shut down once during my wedding Saturday... but let me explain I turned it on at around 1:30 pm and put it in blackout started outside at 3pm... it stayed in black out mode til almost 7. the minute i clicked blackout again it popped right on...
  13. djcrazychris

    Gig prep... lick finger...hold it in the air.

    Was just curious how much you check the weather for an upcoming outdoor event? Im booked in a week and a half to do an outdoor ceremony/indoor reception down in NC.... obviously the further down south...the warmer....though warm hasnt been a problem around here for months.. but considering its...
  14. djcrazychris

    Commenting disabled in Hit Picks thread?

    Just curious why the comments are always shut down on the Hit Picks threads... i seem to always see a song i like...or have something to point out... i know the board goes off on tangents ....but a good hearty music discussion should be what the board is about cc
  15. djcrazychris

    Favorite songs with epic fanfair/triumphant/exciting/familiar cold openings/intros

    I love to beatmatch and keep the momentum going in a set ...songs blending so seamlessly that no one realizes its changed. But along with this method is the need to shake things up with those type of songs that simply shouldnt be mixed...the opening needs to be heard... the intro revs the crowd...
  16. djcrazychris

    Who's using a spectrum analyzer?

    Anyone? Everyone? Any thoughts on the subject? recommendations of a good one? tips on understanding the readout fully? cc
  17. djcrazychris

    Concert lighting and sound...

    Just took my wife to see Miranda Lambert tonight... shes a huge its an early anniversary present ...i could care less about country music... but i did get to see some really cool lighting and hear some quality sound... ($600 for the tickets...better be Cant believe the...
  18. djcrazychris

    A quick promo vid for social media

    Made a promo vid for my social media pages this morning.... thought ya might want to check it out... View:
  19. djcrazychris

    Hey Mix!! Booked any winter gigs?

    Just gonna leave this here....youre welcome
  20. djcrazychris

    Ceremony set up....back or front?

    I know some folks do not like setting up ceremony rig at the back of the wedding area... but i heard a dj (i think it was Brian Redd...but i could be mistaken) make a solid point... that being.... the people up the bride...groom...and first 4 or 5 rows can hear the officiant quite...
  21. djcrazychris

    So you hate the scratching and "fapping"?

    So i had a thought today.... The origin of dj software began when professional dj's using turntables refused to switch to "corny" cd's companies created the unthinkable... they designed a software that could read a sound code and be manipulated by specialized vinyl records allowing the...
  22. djcrazychris

    Some unearthed video from my wedding reception

    A little bit of the dancefloor action from my wedding. View:
  23. djcrazychris

    Travel Fees?

    Just curious how you quantify your travel fees? Do you charge a blank sum for a certain mileage range and factor in hotel and gas? or do you allow the client to provide hotel and charge for gas and extras? Seems like a lot of my upcoming gigs are 2 states away... so im charging enough to cover...
  24. djcrazychris

    Chinese wireless uplighting + Mydmx Go question...

    So i know many of you have recommended the cheap chinese uplights sold on ebay... but i had a question. Let's say i purchased 10 of these uplights and wanted to add them to my existing set up using the mydmx go.... How would i connect and in turn send the wireless dmx signal to the other...
  25. djcrazychris

    Why it is imperative to be a referral driven business.

    Was just reading a local statewide wedding group page on Facebook...just to see what brides are talking about... Saw a half dozen posts over the last couple weeks that all read about the same... LOOKING FOR RECOMMENDATIONS : DJ WHO DOESNT CHARGE AN ARM AND A LEG ..... DOES ANYONE KNOW AN...