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  1. Jon Tuck

    here we go part 2
  2. Jon Tuck

    Mellow background songs

    Boyce Avenue
  3. Jon Tuck

    DJ Intelligence Vs Gig Builder

    I hae DJ Event Planner and like it much better than what I do Intel which is what my partners company uses. I have adapted but Event Planner much more old school friendly for us old snails. They have a fresh newer look over there now as well. - - - Updated - - - Troy is a sponsor here as well...
  4. Jon Tuck

    Mmmmm? What do you thiink?

    sub and tripod take up virtually the same floor space no matter what!
  5. Jon Tuck

    Mmmmm? What do you thiink?

    I wouldnt cash in until I tested these
  6. Jon Tuck

    Kevin Nichols - How long?

    not to mention the expenses for labor and materials ala Gaff etc. Cable upkeep etc.
  7. Jon Tuck

    Credit card user fee?

    I prefer my latest and greatest piece of plastic. No CC carrying VISA Debit. Its got all the positives needed for my interests. - - - Updated - - -
  8. Jon Tuck

    Cancelling An Event.

    Mad max !!!
  9. Jon Tuck

    Credit card user fee?

    Jersey and New York both had signs for credit usually around 5 cents per gallon more.
  10. Jon Tuck

    What about thinking outside the box for once !

    wasting money by purchasing legit music libraries makes a difference too I would guess.
  11. Jon Tuck

    Another meeting with restaurant owner tomorrow.

    so with your disability retirement you can lift gear eh? Go get em Tiger I hope no one sees you nor reports you for the fraud across the board.
  12. Jon Tuck

    What other 1 or 2 lights would you add to these lights?

    I would still be looking at that new ADJ barrel scanner X2
  13. Jon Tuck

    And Behringer introduces a whole lot of products

    you claim they are cloning everything. Well in actuality they in fact own the rights to most everything they are now putting out including Midas, Turbo and much much more. They are in the big leagues now. just wait and see their line array setups will be spreading like wild fire.
  14. Jon Tuck

    Those Wedding Planners

    wow Rick you remind me of MAtt Cohen eith comments like this. Shame on you Mr handsome.
  15. Jon Tuck

    And Behringer introduces a whole lot of products

    heres a clone I would like to hear. TURBOSOUND DRIVER? Nice!!! PROFESSIONAL POWERED SPEAKERS iQ18S 2,500-Watt 18" Sound Reinforcement Subwoofer with TURBOSOUND Driver, KLARK TEKNIK DSP Technology, Speaker Modeling and ULTRANET Network
  16. Jon Tuck

    JBL VerTec Used for “World’s Largest Disco” Charity Event

    The Vertec unit much more bump compared to MEyers mentioned the other day,
  17. Jon Tuck

    Weddings Spanish Wedding this, kind of

    glad to seepeople tasking heed to Latin music differences,.
  18. Jon Tuck

    New Cerwin Vega

    cant compare the scoops to the Vegas or 52's but similar in size etc.
  19. Jon Tuck

    New Yorkville Active speaker line...

    Art bring the RCF for backup tops then your safe. MY are passive and work well with my Powered sub and I also have a passive slavwe sub for additional oomph but this compact...
  20. Jon Tuck

    Setup/Tear down Time

    Canute you dont get it I never followed their plans until they did install the ceiling speakers and then would hook in for full run coverage. Prior to that my setup was ran as I saw fit and no one told me otherwise. Steve did it as he did his way also. We didnt bend for the venue at all ever.
  21. Jon Tuck

    Setup/Tear down Time

    Steve I asked cause I knew Canute aka Houston would make comment about your speakers staggered as such but he didnt know about the house system run in the cielings. I used to hate the slap back and why I usually ran speakers 3 and 4 part way down the corridor like aisles.
  22. Jon Tuck

    New Cerwin Vega

    Mix aint no way in Hell even CV going Stanton would under perform compared to your Yammies. - - - Updated - - - I think Im in love
  23. Jon Tuck

    Setup/Tear down Time

    you set up in that corner cause head table was in the center Steve? I always ran atleast the right speaker to the other wall and around the room over to the Piano to balance of the room. (I know that room as I played it many times for Steve and also many of my own gigs there at Swanee)
  24. Jon Tuck

    Anyone Have Experience With Any of These?

    we usually use our Movers programmed as follow spots and it can also be used at bridal shows for runway.
  25. Jon Tuck

    New Cerwin Vega

    Mix your having Crack Backs.