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  1. jokerswild

    New Lighting Set plus Marketing

    I took 4 puck style lights and mounted them and pre-wired them for quick setup... And Keith came up with the case and marketing...
  2. jokerswild

    Technics Killer or Just Another Clone... Pioneer's PLX 1000

    Pioneer has officially announced what had been rumored to be coming... Their version of the Technics SL1200/1210 killer for the professional DJ... A club worthy replacement to the Technics known as the currant industry standard...
  3. jokerswild

    Updating and Correcting File Errors the Easy (Slow) Way...

    I just completed running all my MP3's through Platinum Notes.... I had quite a bit of framing errors and encoding issues from miss handled HDD..... all fixed now... and I think some of them actually sound better. But, you really need a super computer to process with... on an old dual core it...
  4. jokerswild

    Flipped to the DVS Side

    Yes, that is Serato DJ.... I've gone to the Dark Side.... L oL
  5. jokerswild

    Serato DJ Does Keylock Best

    I find it funny that sooooooo many DJs are raving about how Serato DJ is the best thing since sliced bread all because it's Keylock function, which you have to pay extra for to get the better alogrhythm, yet are the first to bash DJs for using the Sync button.... Don't they know your not a real...
  6. jokerswild

    Cleaning My Records

    I've been cleaning my records in warm soapy water and the drying them with a soft cloth and then I set them to dry in a dish rack... How do you clean old records you pick up? I can dry about 12 at a time so by my calculations my small collection is about 96 LPs and 50 45s so no it's not a big...
  7. jokerswild

    Great Deal on Traktor Pro

    Don't miss out, if you've even just been a little curious this is a great deal!
  8. jokerswild

    Portable Battery Powered PA Options

    I'm researching a Portable PA solution for outdoor events, must be compact, battery powered and so easy to use a caveman could do it... I've looked at Alesis, Pyle, Behringer and some no name units... But need real world opinion. Also would like built in wireless mic if possible. Main use is...
  9. jokerswild

    Mobile Beat Las Vegas 2014

    :D: I am so stoked to finally be going.... if it weren't for a buddy of mine I probably wouldn't be... He booked my flight, hotel and Exbo pass and paid for them too!!!! :eagerness: Myself, Nick and his friend Edgar will all stay at the Riviera Feb 2 to Feb 6... I have a full pass and they've...
  10. jokerswild

    Serato Users....

    Why all the "Real DJs don't use Autoplay" BS? I just honestly don't understand what the reason for the snobbery, is it really that big of a deal or what? Almost every other DJ specific software has Automix... But none of them state that a real DJ uses Automix.
  11. jokerswild

    Picked Up a Last Minute Wedding and a Pair of Subs..... woohoo!

    Just picked up a new booking for Nov 2013.... paid in full! Also completed my EV ZXA1 setup with a pair of ZXA1-Subs..... found 1 on ebay for $475 and the other for $465.... used but, I can't tell them from new... they don't have a scratch on them and they thump good and loud.... my neighbors...
  12. jokerswild

    Poor Mans Totem

    Here's what I came up with....
  13. jokerswild

    Wanted: CDJ Case to Repurpose for Lighting case

    I think a CDJ case like one for a Pioneer CDJ1000 where the front panel comes out would be the perfect size to mount a DMX distribution box, power strip and USB to DMX box where cables would be routed out the front... Anyone got one laying around they don't need?
  14. jokerswild

    New Toyz Y'ah! 30w LED Moving Head

    I can't tell which brand or manufacturer these are from but they are pretty nice! 30 watt single white LED 7 Color + White, rainbow and rotate 6 Gobo's + Open and Rotate DMX Focus Can you identify these lights.... the settings display is back lit in blue with white text if that helps? I...
  15. jokerswild

    Thumbtack for Lead Generation

    I've been using Thumbtack for a while now....$46wh1A Leads cost 5 credits each which if you just buy them in 5 credit increments they cost $8.66 I believe and get cheaper the more you buy at one time. I've had at least two solid leads so far and...
  16. jokerswild

    Super 16 Black Light Birthday Party

    I have a potential client that wants to have a Super 16 Black Light party. They also want uplighting around the room. I'm thinking 10 Chauvet 18" fluorescent fixtures for the uplighting plus 2 for my facade which would be set near the dance area. The venue is small so no formal dance...
  17. jokerswild

    Another Company is Using my Name!!!

    I was just doing a web search for my company name I ran across a Facebook page opened using my company name.... found here and mine is here I've been open since 2005 under this name and hold a dba and LLC in this...
  18. jokerswild

    MP3 Tags Finally Sorted Out....

    For some time now I've had trouble with corrupted tags.... it didn't happen the moment I changed over to using a Mac instead of a PC but shortly after.... I think in trying to copy from NTFS formatted hdd to a Mac formatted hdd something go borked.... and files wouldn't load into VDJ players...
  19. jokerswild

    Looking for Karaoke Version of Dirty Summer Nights NSFO

    This appears to be a home made version of the song but apparently there was a version put on CDG disc at one time but, I'll be a devil if I can find it... Here's what appears to be a home made version using the Summer Nights karaoke track with their own graphics...
  20. jokerswild

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas from the Total Impact DJ family!
  21. jokerswild

    Starting Over - A Fantasy Gear Chat

    Ok, you've just won the lottery and can buy anything you want for your business. So, you sell off all the gear you have now to start fresh. What would you buy and why? Include everything from Laptop to speaker... to lighting etc... Keep this to what gear you'd want for the way you...
  22. jokerswild

    Weddings Hertzberg Wedding 9-14-12

    Last nights wedding reception was a short one running from 7pm to 11pm but, we sure did pack a lot of party into those short 4 hours! Setting was for about 75 people and I think about 60 or 65 were in attendance so it was a very intimate group of people. Lots of dancing to a lot of great...
  23. jokerswild

    My Radio Spot

    Here's my radio spot that is currently playing on Oldies 94.3 FM
  24. jokerswild

    Got a new Enttec Pro DMX Doggle

    Just picked up a replacement DMX doggle for Freestyler... my Vellman was not behaving correctly due to a loose USB connection.... I've never really liked the construction of the Vellman being all plastic with the USB connection exposed like it is.... so I bought an Enttec Pro... Of course...
  25. jokerswild

    Updating my Party Page

    Lately I've been seeing an increase in traffic to my Special Events (or Party) page and felt it needed some sprucing up and additional information... I know some didn't see the before but that's ok... what I'm looking for is more eyes to tell me where my verbiage and grammar or spelling may...