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  1. azdeejay

    Army's Concert Production Equipment Auction

    Came across this in one of the Facebook Meta DJ Groups, if anyone here has been thinking about expanding into concert production , he ya go...
  2. azdeejay

    EV Road Show 2021

    EV Road Show was in town tonight, along with Chauvet dj and Promo Only, it was very underwhelming , got a free shirt, a free pen, tote bag, a 1 month upgrade on my Promo only account to the platinum plan, yay! EV was demo'ing the Evolve systems.
  3. azdeejay

    Daft Punk, Not Gonna Do It "One More Time"

    Daft Punk has split up
  4. azdeejay

    Is This Better Than a Drake Song ?

    AHh yes, the 80s, and German drugs, that has to be the only way to explain this( the comments are pretty good) View:
  5. azdeejay

    Re Download Help, Promo Only

    The last week has had me in PC hell, and in that time in hell, I lost about 30 tracks or so thanks to Windows not allowing me to transfer them to my back up HD, and most of them all came from Promo Only but once you download a track, clicking on the download buttons does not download them again...
  6. azdeejay

    From Toto To Weezer

    Interesting remake, not bad, not great, I think I like the Toto's version better, found about it via the pool a few days ago, gave it a listen and then downloaded it, not sure its one I will listen too again on my own accord. Yes, I "borrowed" the way of doing the thread title from dunlopj...
  7. azdeejay

    New Toy

    Got me a new toy( back in May) , one could say its for the Youtube(s) , its a bit over kill for sure, but I like having XLR's and no limits on record time like with DSLR's, and it records at 50mbps. I am total nerd when it comes to this stuff, its not 4k, but I really couldnt justify getting...
  8. azdeejay

    EV's Input Issues, Strike Again

    For various reasons, I pulled out one of my EKX 15p's, and it just happen to be the one that was not exchanged out. EV had a bad batch of inputs installed on a lot of products, so today, messing around, get a cable stuck in the input, so here are some pics and I believe I have figured out...
  9. azdeejay

    Table Cloths, Transport/Storage/No Wrinkles

    Yes, leave it to me to ask these types of questions, but you cant learn if you dont ask right?, Finally got myself my own personal table cloth, came today, after a quick trip round and round in the dyer, its now wrinkle free. So how do you guys store/transport/and keep it somewhat wrinkle...
  10. azdeejay

    Grrr , Broke My DSLR.

    So thanks to one of my hobbies, I got sliver piece of plastic stuck in the SD card slot on my Nikon D3200( I left the door open), anyways, removed it but now it wont read the SD cards, so called one local repair place and without having in their person, they said probably around $200 to fix...
  11. azdeejay

    Responding To Leads

    Keeping this one simple, when you get leads via lead sites and you have the contacts email address or phone number provided to you, what is the best way to respond back to them? through the lead site, direct, or both? And go.......
  12. azdeejay

    Wet Lens, whoops

    Yeah, not a good day, got my lens wet while shooting my daughter playing on the slip and slide , it didnt soaked, but just got enough water in it for it to stop working, I am trying the rice trick , but even if that does work, there is a lot of moisture on the inside of the lens, so its going...
  13. azdeejay

    Stuck Cable EKX15SP

    Looks like I got bit by the stuck cable bug from EV, its on the input connector and its not releasing the cable, long story short , a 15 minute phone call to EV and a replacement sub is being dispatched to me. I just hope I am able to get the cable free, dont really want to chance losing a...
  14. azdeejay

    RnR Cart Caster Question

    I purchased a RnR 6 cart, arrives tomorrow( I love it when new gear arrives ) , reason for this thread is I have read on various DJ forums and reviews of said product that the front casters , more so on the smaller ones are pretty much crap for the most part if you do any sort of off roading...
  15. azdeejay

    Serato Pyro

    Not sure if this going to be good or bad for us . Serato Pyro - Your music seamlessly mixed
  16. azdeejay

    Small Storage Bins

    Found these guys at Wal Mart, perfect for holding some of the smaller items we carry, clear and stack-able, and cheap, I think a couple bucks for the small ones, and maybe like $3/4 for the bigger one.
  17. azdeejay

    MC6000 Issues

    I seem to be having a MIDI issue with my MC6000, using VDJ, I use the four deck option, and I am now only able use to three, deck four is no longer working, on the controller side, the only functions that work is the gain , and I can play a song , but I have no control over the slider or...
  18. azdeejay


    This may seem like a dumb question, but how does one upload pics to the gallery here?
  19. azdeejay

    I got new toys!!

    I know its nothing new for you guys, but got my freight shipment home from Audiopyle Mike , one item not pictured is a mixer, its getting dropped shipped , the unmarked box has the covers for the tops and subs, and the sub poles on top of that box.
  20. azdeejay

    Website Help

    Alright guys, I do believe its time that I get my website back up, long story short, the server my site was on (Go Daddy) was decommissioned a few months back, so I had to transfer every over, well, my site was pretty craptastic so I just transfered my domain and flushed the sight . So, I...
  21. azdeejay

    DJ Company spamming DJ forums

    Not sure what the point of doing this, but, this is being posted on various DJ forums " DJ party for wedding Its my sister's wedding coming up and we want to have a DJ party dance. Will a 1200W sound be enough for a 1200 sqft hall? I'm hiring the premium DJ package of abbeyroad from Toronto...
  22. azdeejay

    Equipment question

    Hello guys I am trying to build my new main system and putting together my equipment list and need some help figuring out what I am going need, and what I wont need , this not going to pertain to speakers or mixers, but the components for running the sound . I am going with active speakers...