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    A peak inside the Black Box

    I ran across this neat little program that gives a graphical "Tree" hierarchy of what's going on with your USB ports - It runs without installation. Here's two views of my laptop - My laptop has 4 USB ports, but I wanted to make sure my sound...
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    Traktor Pro V3.5

    I know there's a few Traktor Pro users here. The new V3.5 seems to have gone through Beta with a number of critical issues either missed or not addressed. AVOID!
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    Compressing Music

    I think most of us can agree that current music does not need additional compression. However, I play a lot of older music that was recorded prior to the "Loudness Wars". These songs can benefit from compression when being played in a noisy environment , i.e., a bar. Rather than using a hardware...
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    Firmware update for K.2 speakers It's not nice to (try to) fool mother nature!
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    For those who enjoy self-castigation
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    Algoriddim djay Pro AI v3 leaves Windows users further behind

    ....and will only be available only with a subscription - If you want to skip some of the verbage, go right to the video. Pretty impressive stuff - View:
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    Record Buddy now Free and Open Source
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    Having Fun in SE Florida

    This is a boring DJ equipment post. I've been playing around with this - Old Numark DM950usb mixer. That's Mixvibes Cross DJ on the laptop, configured for "External Mixing" - the DJ2GO is just a midi. You might just barely see the Rane SL2 soundcard. The 950's Crossfader is unplugged, I just...
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    Black Rectangle on Windows Home Screen

    Note the black bar over Gingers right eye. Doesn't matter if I change the background - it's always there, but it can be in a different place on the screen when I reboot. I can't move it, I can place icons over it. It's not visible if I run a program, and the mouse seems to work fine in that...
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    Just did the Windows 10 feature update 2004

    On two laptops. You can really waste some time on this stuff!!
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    Fascinating repair of a Behringer mixer!

    Bad electrolytic caps. Lots of them. Hang in to the videos end where he actually takes a bad cap apart - apparently this particular brand of Chinese caps were not properly sealed, allowing the electrolyte to dry up. This is not an...
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    Traktor Pro Beta with SMARTLISTS!!

    Wow, been a long time coming, but the future (at least for Traktor fans) is finally here!
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    Mixxx 2.3 Beta

    Mixxx 2.3 Beta has been released. FINALLY, you can name and color code Cue points - If you don't need video, Mixxx is now about as good as any $$$ software.
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    QSC KSub $599.99

    Just in case someone wants one (or $1200 for two to hold their tops) -
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    What's the First Song You'd Play on these Speakers ??

    AC/DC Thunderstruck !!
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    Serato Users!!

    Check your personal email for messages from Serato - "Serato Play" is a free expansion pack until the end of May.
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    Great Article for Discussion
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    In Search of Lightweight Subwoofers or Someday, with Luck, you may be an Ol' Geezer like me!

    Most of you have heard me refer to my DIY 15" Neo magnet subs. Here they are, all 48 pounds (each) of them - They are High-Passed at 40 Hz, and are driven by a 7 pound(!) Behringer iNuke NU3000. The NU3000 can swing 49 volts on it's outputs before the sine-wave starts to flatten (clip)...
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    Spotify abandoning Streaming

    This probably effects few (or none) on this Board, but just for the record - "As of July 1, 2020 Spotify will no longer be playable through 3rd party DJ apps."
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    Website hosting - Speed up your website

    I think Taso is 100% right on the importance of Social Media, but SPEED is also important, especially when you build heavy media content sites. As a photography enthusiast, I have followed Richard Barley for some time, and he has just posted a YouTube video with what IMHO are excellent tips for...
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    Wedding Ceremony Music - ThatCelloGuy

    The first piece is Time from the movie "Inception"by Hans Zimmerman. Apparently Zimmerman was so impressed with this, he had him work on The Lion King. The second is his cover of I Giorni by Ludovico Einaudi. An album will be out soon with this piece on it, and it would certainly be lovely...
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    JBL EON G2 circa 2010

    Search here at ODJT for these brings up zero results, so just for informational purposes, anyone have experience with them? Seems the EON 10 G2 and the EON 15 G2 were early JBL powered speakers with, IMHO, some very innovative features - the main one being an aluminum front panel with the...
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    dB Technologies ES 1203

    Starting to hear really good things about this, which seems to have addressed the "shortcomings" of many column systems. Notice the height when the guy is standing next to it. Not cheap, $5000/pair. View:
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    I found this completely by accident!

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    Wow, I'm going to need a bigger box!!

    Actually, 5.5 to 17 cu. ft. - Granny is not going to be happy!