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  1. DJ SVO

    Finally got to play...

    With my new toys. The Pioneer RMX-1000 is amazing and I'm still learning new stuff to do with it. The effects will be great for the mixes I put together for my families school dance competition inside their school and then into the competition with the other local schools. The other one is my...
  2. DJ SVO

    Weddings South of the border.

    I've read the posts about what to bring equipment wise to a wedding. Many have said that the big setups and lights are not wanted. I've seen the same in the US however, we with Latin blood running through our arteries and veins love the big stuff. In the high end weddings I've been invited too...
  3. DJ SVO

    WARNING iTunes 12.2

    Apple seems to have created some serious issues with large music libraries. Be careful.
  4. DJ SVO

    Name That Tune

    I'm having a mental block as I have this song yet I can't remember title or artist (Driving me nuts!!!). So I come to you guys to get rid of the block ;)
  5. DJ SVO

    They're here!!!!!!

    After what seems an eternity they finally made it in :D:D:D:D 2 QSPOT 160 LED 2 QSPOT 260 LED
  6. DJ SVO

    3/4 of the way done.

    Well, I'm redoing my racks and this is the first of two. Both are basically the same thing except one uses an Allen & Heath S2R and the other one uses a RANE MP44. I'm waiting for my Neutrik connectors to come in (With all the other stuff I'm waiting for ;) ) so I can put together the break out...
  7. DJ SVO

    VDJ 7.0.4 released

    They released it today, here are the changes: VirtualDJ 7.0.4 (05 May 2011) * changed default JogSensitivityScratch to 200% (on fresh installs) * new registry JogSensitivityScratchMotor (default 100%) for separate setting for motorized platter * fixed a potential bug in...
  8. DJ SVO

    Video Jocks Max HDMI cable run.

    Ok guys. I'm having a get together for NYE and I'm planning to run some video with VDJ to a 50" LCD TV. The thing is the TV is about 21 ft. from where the audio is setup. There are 7.2 meter (Roughly 21 ft.) available. The question is will this work without degrading video quality or should I...
  9. DJ SVO

    It's out!!!!

    VDJ 7 that is :D:D:D:D:D:DD:D Hope Rick is still building heaters :triwink::triwink::triwink:
  10. DJ SVO

    Why you should check every file you rip.

    I know it easy to leave computers ripping overnight or by themselves. But theres always the chance error may arise. I'm anal about these things and it takes a long time to check everything but you'll avoid embarrassing moments or the smartass yelling Limewire or whatever. I'm redoing all of my...
  11. DJ SVO


    If you are able to block the legs and scenery from the screen, can you identify the moving heads on the floor?????:sqwink::sqwink::sqwink: YouTube- Alizée - Moi...Lolita - World Music Awards 2002 [ HD ] Thanks!!!!
  12. DJ SVO

    Copyright labels

    The other day we were talking about this and as I'm going through my old LP's and singles to see what I don't have on CD's and convert them to WAV files I came upon these two (There's a ton more of these) single's that I got at some old used and new record store in the early 80's when I started...
  13. DJ SVO

    Track ID

    You guys/gals have a track but you can't identify the track? Try this: I've been playing with it and it's been great!!!!!
  14. DJ SVO


    Ok, I'm starting to do video and I'm in the process of buying some 1TB hard drives. Now the question is... Maxtor or Lacie? Pros? Cons? Which one? ;)
  15. DJ SVO

    What happens when a laser isn't used correctly?

    Ravers blinded by laser lightshow MOSCOW, Russia (AP) -- A laser show at a music festival injured more than 30 people, Russian news reports said. Some concertgoers lost up to 80 percent of their vision after attending the Aquamarine Music Festival on July 5, the newspaper Kommersant...
  16. DJ SVO

    1000 ..... Oh Jayyyyyyy!!!!!

    Welcome Veristic, We have hit the coveted 1000, Jay when can we get pics??????????????:sqwink::sqwink::sqwink::sqwink::sqwink:
  17. DJ SVO

    Thank You Ben@NFLX

    Well I exchanged e-mails with Ben about getting a catalog in Mexico City and it got here today (US Has a quick Postal Service, Mexico's sucks!!!!!!!). Once again thanks.
  18. DJ SVO

    VDJ Releases VDJ5.0Rev4

    Just read at Sorry Rick ;)
  19. DJ SVO

    VDJv5 is out They did it sooner than expected :D
  20. DJ SVO

    Limewire rocks!!!!

    Now that I have your attention, Prince is the one who rocks ;) if he did this :) Did Prince mock Paris Hilton's singing ability? By Jeannette Walls MSNBC Updated: 2:07 a.m. CT April 26, 2007 Did Prince dis Paris? The artist sometimes known as Symbol Man publicly humiliated the...
  21. DJ SVO

    Hip hop's Simmons: Restrict offensive words

    If I posted this in the wrong forum, staff please move to the appropriate one thanks. From CNN Hip hop's Simmons: Restrict offensive words NEW YORK, New York (AP) -- Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons said Monday that the recording and broadcast industries should consistently ban racial and...
  22. DJ SVO

    Feliz Año Nuevo

    Feliz Año Nuevo, Hope every one has a great 2007, and may you accomplish all your goals and dreams.
  23. DJ SVO

    New to the Board

    Hello, I'm new to the board and have been keeping a low profile on DJ Chat. A little bit about myself. My namje is Jacob, I live in Mexico City but I spend a lot of time in Seabrook, Texas (35 miles to the South of Houston). I'm a Pathologist that enjoy music and DJ'ing which I have been doing...