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  1. DJ Free

    low setup cost but great views online.

    So I am planning on doing outdoor sets in amazing locations like waterfalls mountain overlook towers historical locations but I am not savvy with video production. I've bin following DJs that already do this and its amazing . are you interested in type of sets or do you disagree with this idea.
  2. DJ Free

    DJ FREE About me hi im new to this site Iam a DJ I dj for the Gamler 500 events and much more .

    I would like to let you all know who I am . I'm 49 married and I love music ,hence the free part I do shows for free so I can share my love of music . I mix on two classic st80 s and also use digital wax I prefer to use virtual dj I also have Serato DJ Pro. I'm using DJ craze stylus on both...