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  1. J

    Intro Version to R Kelly - Home Alone ft. Keith Murray

    Does anybody have or care to make an intro version of this song? Bringing this song back.
  2. J

    Blown DB Tech ES1203??

    The video says it all--watch all the way to the end (easier to hear with headphones, although not necessary) . I noticed an awful sound while doing a sound check-in last night's gym. Any thoughts? View:
  3. J

    Facade that allows DJ/Coffin/mixer to been seen

    I saw a "facade" that didn't go as high as the ones I have seen most people use. Not sure if this was a whole table setup, but not bad and looked better than a traditional 6ft event table.
  4. J

    Ultra Wide Angle Projector

    I have posted about this before, am I am almost ready to purchase a Projector from Optoma. Still trying to figure out a portable rear projection screen I can use. That part seems harder to research than the projector itself. I posted a screengrab of one of my competitors using it in front...
  5. J

    Redbull 3Style so much fun

    I really enjoy wathcing these. There are so many talented DJs out there. I could spend hours getting inspiration for my mixes. I just watched this one, not bad at all, not the best I have seen, but still so fun to watch. Word play is on point though!! This guy is good. View...
  6. J

    Disturbing the peace BS

    PC-415 brought the wedding down last weekend. Has anyone ever experienced such a thing? Cop told me that they would take my equipment, ticket, arrest me if I don't comply. I looked into it, and there is no sound ordinance before midnight in Santa Barbara County, so if a neighbor from a...
  7. J

    Does anyone know of a half way decent hidden/small wearable mini camera?

    I was in a situation of "he said, she said" last night and it would have been super helpful to record what really happened without making it too obvious. Venue attempted to make me look bad to the couple and other vendors to save their ass on something.
  8. J

    Cold Spark/Indoor Sparklers

    Who here is offering this service? Highly interested in offering this at my weddings. Not many people out here in CA are doing it, and almost none in the Santa Barbara area. Who makes these things? Seems there are only a couple of companies. Taso?
  9. J

    First time for everything, never thought static was a really serious issue...

    I went to set up this weekend and had to use the venue's house system (crap EV ELXs that overheated--that's for another story). Anyhow, there was a huge amount of static electricity "floating" around, and during setup, everyone was getting shocked, even when not touching audio equipment. We...
  10. J

    Can you DIM led string lights?

    I have a client who is using the venues string/Italian/marquee lights and most of the time they are halogen style so I always recommend using a dimmer, otherwise it puts too much light out, killing the mood for dancing. Can I safely recommend the simple home depot dimmer that I always...
  11. J

    Gia Woods - Feel It

    View: What does this sound like? It's killing me! Anyone?
  12. J

    Final Thoughts after purchasing DB Tech ES1203 speakers

    So I have run these speakers a lot in the last 6 months, and overall pretty happy, but not a gig goes by where I don't miss the sound of the L1 + F1. I play a lot at the same venues and I am VERY familiar of how it sounded with the BOSE setup, especially b/c I have used it for so long. If you...
  13. J

    Phase is out, so excited!!

    Can't wait until I get these! View:
  14. J

    Very GOOD DEAL on Ceremony or light duty sound-Battery

    If you buy the two pack of batteries, $99, the inverter is free. This is the smallest battery I have seen for our use. View:
  15. J

    Renting out Equipment

    I am considering renting out a few items such as my Yeti battery. I had another DJ call me this weekend in panic, and I saved his day with the Yeti. He paid $200 so it got me thinking. Not bad for something that cost me 1000. I know Get production equipment and liability insurance online...
  16. J

    Cute speakers

    Looks like something from Danley, but not sure on this one--
  17. J

    Furman on speakers

    I recently met another DJ who was raving about his Furman AC-215 that he keeps in his coffin. He doesn't use this on his powered speakers, but basically everything else (mixer, computer, controller, etc. etc.). He truly believes it sounds quieter and less noise gets in the system, and he claims...
  18. J

    What happens if you get to a venue and don't have ground continuity?

    ^^Happned last night... Even though the outlet was 3 prong, it was not grounded, otherwise my power cable would have lighten up. Is there any danger and what is the risk? Even with the little hum I had, there would be nothing to fix that?
  19. J

    Program or App that allows tempo change

    Knowing that I am a DJ, my fitness instructor asked if there is an app that she can select one of her iTunes playlists, and set each/every song to be a desired BPM. So all songs in the playlist would be adjusted to "130." I am not aware of anything like that and wanted to ask here if anyone...
  20. J

    How do I stream wirelessly to internet?

    I took an NYE gig and ironically it is down the street from where I had plans. My wife told me to see if I could set up a live stream for the house party we were invited to, so I attempted to test via youtube live, but the quality, even when set pretty high is just so compressed. Any suggestions?
  21. J

    This might be the column array we have been waiting for

    ...well, not exactly new, but not really talked about or reviewed. DB Technologies ES1203db. It uses a dual 12" bass cabinet that weighs 64 pounds (still manageable), has a lot of power, but super efficient and packs nicely. I would love to downsize and make it easier to pack/load/setup...
  22. J

    DMX DMX Lighting Software

    I currently just use a obey 40 controllers to activate pre-programmed macros, and adjust dimmer and speed via the controller for my dance lights. It works really well. I have also recently started messing around with saved scenes to only show particular colors and then created a chase so it...
  23. J

    Blow the Whistle Clean?

    For some reason, I only have the explicit version. Any of you ever play this that could sene me the clean edit?
  24. J

    Meyer 700 Hp

    Posted this on the other DJ forum. I have been doing this venue a lot, and it definitely holds 500 people (outside) and the Bose L1 does incredibly well, but the bass does drop off as the dance floor is close to 75 feet away from the speakers. When the L1 is not blocked and there is a clean...
  25. J

    Blizzard Lighting + PRO DJ SOUND (BUYER BEWARE)

    I wanted to write this thread to make people aware of the poor customer service behind Blizzard Lighting. I ordered a big batch of HOT BOX 5’s after speaking with Frank, part owner of Blizzard Lighting. He promised me consistent color matching and color mixing on this particular light, thus...