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  1. SpinCin

    Events Cancelling...............AGAIN

    I am SO ready to be on the other side of COVID! 2 cancellations.....
  2. SpinCin

    JBL Eon Compact

    Ok..anyone using this with a wireless microphone? I have been trying for hours to get my wireless to work. Volume is awful and I get incredible hiss when I turn it up. Yet, it plays via Bluetooth, the music from my Ipad and sounds great. How do I get it working????
  3. SpinCin

    Wireless Mic - What frequencies are LEGAL in Chicago???????

    Hello Everyone! I am more confused than ever...... I have been trying to find what frequencies are still legal in Chicago. Of course I have Googled and have ended up more confused. Anyone have ANY idea? I've used the Shure frequency finder...what it recommends for the BLX series...
  4. SpinCin

    Event Management Software

    I've been using DJ Intelligence for years. Looking for something that is more "millennial phone friendly". Seems they do not like DJI. Some things to know - I'm lazy and use the DJI music list. What are the options out there??
  5. SpinCin

    Battery Powered Speaker for Ceremonies.............

    Opinions? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand GO!
  6. SpinCin

    Remote DJs

    Anyone here doing "remote events"? I've received a few inquiries. Am wondering what it involves, etc. Thanks!
  7. SpinCin

    Smaller Controller!

    Hello Everyone! Hope you are all staying sane in these crazy times! Looking for some recommendations..... My gigs have all become "micro events" with micro size rooms. My current setup is really too big - I need to downsize. I'm looking for recommendations on a smaller, quality controller...
  8. SpinCin


    Here's my question...... I have a powered speaker who's sound stops shortly after I start playing music through it. (Don't laugh or hate - it's a Seismic Audio L Wave 12) I turn it off, count to 30, turn it back on & it starts working again, Sometimes, I have to do this twice. Any ideas as to...
  9. SpinCin

    Sound Help

    Good Morning Folks, I have a ceremony & wedding this Saturday. B & G JUST called & have some changes. They have a friend who plays the electric guitar & sings. They want that person to perform 3 songs during the ceremony. Guitar person does NOT have sound equipment & keeps saying she can just...
  10. SpinCin

    REALLY CONFUSED on What Wireless UHF Bands.....

    Good Morning my FAVORITE PEEPS! I am SO confused on what is now legal. I've read several articles about the 600MHz on up has been sold & everyone has to be off by 2020. And yet, I have read other articles that have said the conversion has already started & should switch a.s.a.p. Ok....what the...
  11. SpinCin

    Here I am AGAIN - UGH!!!

    Thank you for everyone's help with my previous dilemma. SO - here's the latest....... ANOTHER client wanting a SPECIFIC version of The Cupid Shuffle - Rap Version Remix with DJ Unk & Fabo. I know it was a "special release". Any help out here? REALLY hating YouTube....that is where they saw it.
  12. SpinCin

    Looking For a Specific Version........

    Greetings all! I'm hoping someone can give me a suggestion or point me in the right direction. I'm looking for the Tim McGraw/Faith Hill ACOUSTIC VERSION of I Need You. Have been Googling without any success. Have a wedding on 9/9 that wants this version. Only place I've seen it is on YouTube...
  13. SpinCin

    LOL of the Day...Check This Out

    Received this email this morning. I actually laughed out loud. Hello, We hereby inquire regarding your availability on the Tuesday 19th September to service our 2017 edition of Family Reunion event. over 50 people will be attending. Kindly get back to us with the below details 1. Location...
  14. SpinCin

    Just wondering.....JBL

    Does JBL currently have any speaker that is worth considering?
  15. SpinCin


    Several years ago, when I was trying to get my biz going & my name out there, I was subcontracting with a few different multi-op services. One still periodically sends me leads & I have taken a few when I want a few extra bucks. Imagine my shock when I received this one today. Has anyone else...
  16. SpinCin

    American Audio VMS2 Question

    Greetings all - Happy Holidays! I recently purchased a used VMS2. Bought it as a backup. Am using it with VDJ 7 (yeah, yeah, I know "why haven't you updated to 8?") Laptop is a Lenovo i5 with 6 gigs of memory, that I have been using without any issues. I think I am having an issue with the VMS2...
  17. SpinCin

    New Laptop, VDJ & Windows 10

    Hey folks - here I am again. So I've got my spanky new Dell i7 laptop with Windows 10. I've cruised around the VDJ forum & kinda found an answer, but think I need some more info. What do I do to optimize Windows 10 to run VDJ 8? Haven't installed VDJ8 yet. I think I have optimized the battery...
  18. SpinCin

    Sound ????

    Greetings fellow dj peeps, Not sure if this is a software issue, laptop issue or some other piece of equipment. Thought I'd look here to see if anyone has any thoughts. At my gig this past Sunday, the volume kept raising & lowering on its own. This annoying anomaly stopped, just as I was...
  19. SpinCin

    Chauvet Scorpion Script

    Greetings Peeps! So I went ahead & picked up one of these from Musician's Friend when it was a "Stupid Deal of The Day" - $50. Yup, the enclosed manual sucks. I went straight to YouTube & found some most helpful videos. But there's still one thing I can't figure do I slow down the...
  20. SpinCin

    Time For An Update

    Greetings Folks! It's time to update my look. I've kinda looked around & didn't see anything. Anyone here know of a good logo designer? Also updating the look & content of my website. Need to be more "millenial friendly". THANKS!
  21. SpinCin


    I've recently had several clients ask for bubbles for their kids' parties. Of course I do not have a machine - any recommendations? Thanks!
  22. SpinCin

    Digital Wireless Mic

    Hello Peeps! Hope everyone is well physically & financially! Question - will I be happy with this mic for announcements, etc.?
  23. SpinCin

    Amazon MP3 purchases suddenly WEIRD on VDJ

    Greeting fellow djs! I haven't posted in a bit. I buy alot of tunes from Amazon & have never had any issues. All of a sudden, when I load them into VDJ, it doesn't show the correct waveform info. Anyone else having this issue?
  24. SpinCin

    VDJ 7.4.1 & My VMS4.1

    Greetings all! I've posted in VDJ's forum, but always come here to my peeps for assistance. So I downloaded the 7.4.1 upgrade & I cannot get it to work with my VMS4.1. Checked the configurations & settings. Double checked my setting s on the controller I'm clueless. Any ideas out there?? Cyndi:-/
  25. SpinCin

    VDJ Freezes

    Greetings Folks! Did a search & didn't see here it goes! VDJ freezes, but still plays when I switch hard drives. THEN while playing a tune this past Saturday, it completely froze up, quit playing & I had to restart it. My laptop is an i5-480M 2.93GHz 6GB 640GB HD. Internet...