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  1. sawdust123

    Replacement lapel mic.

    That doesn't just apply to DJs Mix. I saw Elvis Costello opening for Steely Dan at a 20K seat outdoor venue. The venue has a top of the line L-Acoustic line array that I have heard before and knew it sounded great. Elvis sounded like crap though. Between performers, I spoke to the venue staff...
  2. sawdust123

    Replacement lapel mic.

    And I would get a mono-summing adapter cable so you could feed the next videographer a proper signal. Note: A proper summing cable is NOT a "Y" cable. A summing cable has resistors in it so your stereo signal is mixed properly into a mono signal.
  3. sawdust123

    Replacement lapel mic.

    There is no scientific basis for this. This is where the tinny sound problem lies. The video mostly likely had a mono balanced input and was being fed a stereo signal. The video input was looking for the difference signal between the tip and ring (or pins 2 and 3). The bass is mostly mono so it...
  4. sawdust123

    Survey burnout

    There was a time when customer surveys were rare. Businesses rarely requested feedback and it was a welcoming to see one that did. Today, surveys are automated. Every interaction whether by phone, web or email seems to generate a follow up survey. They have become a royal pain. It has become...
  5. sawdust123

    A marketing lesson from Bruce Lee

    This is a well known marketing issue. However, you must be able to deliver to the expectations of the more elite crowd. For instance, a first class passenger on a flight may spend 10x more than a coach passenger yet both arrive to the destination at the same time. However, the 1st class...
  6. sawdust123

    Replacement lapel mic.

    This FCC query shows the active TV stations in the Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo area...
  7. sawdust123

    Replacement lapel mic.

    Before any wireless purchase, look at what TV channels are open in your operating area. Then only look at mics that can operate on one or more of those open channels.
  8. sawdust123

    Replacement lapel mic.

    Are you looking for just the mic element or are you looking for a wireless mic system with a lavalier mic?
  9. sawdust123

    What are your plans for NYE?

    I know a lot of people are buying pulse-oximeters for their home. These <$20 devices tell you the oxygen saturation within your blood. The normal range is 95-100%. A reading below 90% is indicative of hypoxemia. This could mean that supplemental oxygen may be warranted. It seems that as long as...
  10. sawdust123

    What are your plans for NYE?

    Throwing our annual party.
  11. sawdust123

    Christmas gift to yourself?

    My wife and I got each other 20 yards of concrete and a huge canvas print of Grand Central (her favorite place) for the living room.
  12. sawdust123

    Pricing one standard price vs package pricing

    I have taken the shingle down but I thought if I ever got back into it, I would use airline pricing. Have you ever noticed on a plane that no two people pay the same price and the person next to you always paid less? And the planes are packed! They must be on to something.
  13. sawdust123

    Cheap moving heads

    All this talk about cheap moving heads and no one has brought up these.
  14. sawdust123

    Removing scratches from plastic speaker cabinets

    My guess, if you were to try that, you would get better results by scuffing up the cabinet before application. This cabinet was definitely not to the point where I would consider that. In fact, if it was that bad, Bob's suggestion to torch might be more fun.
  15. sawdust123

    Christmas 2021 Gifts

    Concrete. This week we are pouring 25 yards of it. We are remodeling our entire yard. I am guessing we are still 2-3 months from completion of the project. We decided that additional gifts are kind of pointless by comparison.
  16. sawdust123

    Weddings Cool table idea

    My friend attended a wedding last night and just posted this picture of a sign that was on the table that had the seat assignments. I thought it was a cool idea.
  17. sawdust123

    Removing scratches from plastic speaker cabinets

    I think he was saying that I should simply torch the 20 year old speakers. However, I'm not there yet. I pushed them much harder than I expected to and they held up well and still sounded pretty good.
  18. sawdust123

    Removing scratches from plastic speaker cabinets

    I am providing some background music for a holiday party I'm attending (not working) tonight. I was just going to bring my JBL EON Compact but decided I would bring a 2nd small powered speaker just in case I need it. I have a ~20 year old 10" powered speaker that rarely comes out of hibernation...
  19. sawdust123

    I'm having a hard time trying to order the Yamaha DSR 115 grills online.

    The Yamaha service center was one of my old customers. I used to deal with them all the time. They had a great team and used to be easy to reach by phone. I have only dealt with their consumer side since Covid but even there, I got good support. Most tire dealers in my area provide free flat...
  20. sawdust123

    Column array imminent purchase

    I've looked at several options in this space but what I found was that you can't cheat mother nature. If you need to move a certain amount of air, you need a certain amount of power and size. You can package things differently but in the end, all manufacturers are dealing with equivalent...
  21. sawdust123

    What online music source do you use when someone request a song at an event you're doing that you don't have?

    I have used Amazon in the past to purchase and download stuff on the fly. I also have Spotify Premium that lets me download music to the phone. In fact, it is my number one source of background music these days. I could always play a song from my phone. Of course, I have limited cueing ability...
  22. sawdust123

    I was on a mission from God

    One of my neighbors is an orthodox rabbi. He is also a keyboard player and singer. When he found out years ago that I knew a few things about audio, I became his go to resource for every purchase he makes down to his cable bags. He has tons of cables and he never mastered over/under wrapping...
  23. sawdust123

    What's in your wire kit?

    I carry 3-4 different bags; 1 for AC cables, 1 for XLR cables, 1 for adapters and tools, and 1 for Neutrik cables and adapters for my passive system. My 100' cables aren't normally in my AC or XLR bags. I only take them if there is a chance I will need them. My AC bag typically has: 2x 25'...
  24. sawdust123

    Confession and request for help

    Yup. They can be vague. That is why the other questions are important.
  25. sawdust123

    Confession and request for help

    I ask. Simple questions can reveal a lot. What do you listen to in the car, while working, while exercising, etc? Where do you like to go out at night? What is your favorite musical genre or era?