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  1. dunlopj

    Need help in picking a new mp3 player

    I have a 3 year old Samsung S9 that has a battery that barely lasts a full day. I love this phone as it has a 256gb micro card that holds all of my PURCHASED music - 24,000 tracks. Problem is all new phones no longer have a slot for an SD micro card, so I won't be able to have my music with...
  2. dunlopj

    Record player in a Lexus?

    This makes no sense.
  3. dunlopj

    Finally...a new song I'd add to an event...Goosebumps

    Love this new song by Meghan Trainor. If I was still in this biz, I'd give it a shot. View:
  4. dunlopj

    Google Play Music is no You Tube Music issues

    On Friday as I was BUYING a few new songs (I always BUY), the music tab on Google Play disappeared and I was forced to transfer all my music to You Tube Music. A few problems... The 8 tracks I BOUGHT last week I cannot download to put them on my phone and back up to a few HD's. Plus I can no...
  5. dunlopj

    Your top 5 wedding songs

    Since a few folks here have had the good fortune to have a reception gig this month, I thought it'd be a fine time to refresh our collective musical minds. I want to see YOUR top 5 wedding songs that work for you - 5 of your go-to's for the right crowd, any genre, any year, and any artist - but...
  6. dunlopj

    New Gloria Estefan song

    There is a song on her new album released yesterday called "Samba"....a new version of "Conga"...really nice!
  7. dunlopj

    Rascal Flatts "Through The Years" now available

    There is a really good version of this song on their new EP "How They Remember You".
  8. dunlopj

    DJ booth at Camden Yards

    Took a tour of Camden Yards 2 weeks ago - the home of the Baltimore Orioles. One of the areas we visited was the broadcast booth area. Here's the setup the DJ has....looked a bit underwhelming.....
  9. dunlopj

    Great new wedding song!

    From Andy Grammer's new album "Naive"..."I Am Yours" it. View:
  10. dunlopj

    An interesting article about the innovative Sony Walkman...

    I found this short article from The Smithsonian Magazine quite fascinating...
  11. dunlopj

    Virtual DJ Lite questions

    A few questions on this version that is packaged with a few mixers and smaller controllers... What functions do you NOT get with the Lite compared to the full version? I have no need for video. Are you able to make (and does it show) a request list? Does it allow you to drop tracks into an...
  12. dunlopj

    Aaaahhhh! Need software help!

    I was volunteered by my daughter to do a friend's reception this Saturday night. Problem is I can't run the full version of the RockIt software as my user and password no longer work! I need to buy an inexpensive and EASY software - nothing fancy no bells and whistles. Please offer me some...
  13. dunlopj

    New Michael Buble song from his new Love album

    A great song to add to your wedding cocktail/dinner selection...IMHO...has a Frank Sinatra swing sound to it... View:
  14. dunlopj

    From Hot Hot Hot to Free Free Free

    Anyone heard Pitbull's new single "Free Free Free"? The chorus is a blatant copy of "Hot Hot Hot". And another part of it sounds very familiar....just can't put my finger on what song it mimmicks...
  15. dunlopj

    Google Play is slowly forcing streaming

    I've said before that I'm not a fan of streaming music. My OCD brain prefers to actually buy and own the music. But over the past 2 years, Google has (at least for me) made it harder and harder to buy music. First, they took away the ability to buy credit (add $$ to your account) on line and...
  16. dunlopj

    Spotify and MY music collection

    I've been trying out Spotify and I have one important question and I'm getting conflicting answers to this. Does Spotify allow me to somehow include MY purchased music in the "my library"? If not, that means all the music I've collected over the years will stay separate from Spotify. And if...
  17. dunlopj

    Need a simple mp3 editing software

    I'm looking for a SIMPLE program that will edit mp3's. All I need is to be able to take a say 40 minute mp3 (sermons) and grab just one 5 or 6 minute clip. Suggestions? I've tried "Audacity" and "Ocean Audio" but even they are too complicated. Maybe I'm too simple?
  18. dunlopj

    Need help: laptop won't connect to Bluetooth

    As a favor, I'm providing music for a 50th anniversary to good friends. That's all they want. When I went to the venue to test their Bluetooth system, my phone connected fine and the music played well on their sound system. My phone asked for the password. But my laptop did not and could not...
  19. dunlopj

    Kenny G rocked!

    Wifey and I saw the movie "Bad Mom's Christmas" - her time to pick. It had one part where Kenny G was performing a private show at someone's home and the owner needed to toss everyone out. She approached Kenny G and said "Get your fuzzy hair and flute and get the h+ll out!". To which he...
  20. dunlopj

    Sound board control through an I Pad?

    This may be a common occurence, but it's new to me. Wifey and I went to a fundraiser concert at a local VFW hall for their new roof. The artist was new country singer Sam Grow. I noticed the sound guy sitting at the table next to me and he was doing all the sound work wirelessly from an I...
  21. dunlopj

    Best on-line back up site or service for your music?

    I spent a few vacation days over the past 2 months (I have a LOT of days....don't use 'em, you lose 'em) cleaning up my mp3 tags. I made the mistake of not putting "various artists" in the album artist field on compilations and put the "ft. someone" in the artist field instead of the title...
  22. dunlopj

    Bruno Mars concert equipment

    Wife and I saw Bruno Mars in concert on Saturday night in Washington D.C.. Wow...what a performer. Here's a few shots of some equipment I thought a few here might appreciate...
  23. dunlopj

    Weddings The lost art of good mc'ing?

    I've been to two out of town family weddings over the past two weekends. And yes, it's tough for me to go and hear sub-par DJ's - actually frustrating. At both, the mc work was really lacking - no personalisation, no real feeling, no umph - just bland. And you had to listen very closely lest...
  24. dunlopj

    Nowadays, it's NOT about the music

    I had dinner with a long time friend and DJ last week. We mainly discussed the current state of the DJ wedding industry and we both came to the same conclusion. With the ease of anyone to obtain music for a low cost (i.e. Spotify), what many clients are looking for is NOT the music you can...
  25. dunlopj

    Selling my I Pod Classic and MS Zune

    I think I'm finally ready to sell my I Pod Classic (160gb) and MS Zune (120gb). Both have always been kept in protective cases and both were given TLC throughout. Make me offers....