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  1. Ausumm

    Low budget prospect loses - ha ha

    Same thing. Depends on what phone you have :laugh:
  2. Ausumm

    Low budget prospect loses - ha ha

    Damn voice-to-text...... (or should I say "dam voys two texed")
  3. Ausumm

    I just bought a Lenovo TB-8504F tablet before my surgery.

    I know, I was generalizing when I said, "take over". With hardware, you always have to buy Apple brand products. And everything is worthless when they upgrade to a new version. (no generic chargers, etc) With software, they don't actually take over...... But if you download Itunes, it wants to...
  4. Ausumm

    I just bought a Lenovo TB-8504F tablet before my surgery.

    I have a Galaxy tablet, but I almost never use it for DJ work. I surf the net when I don't feel like dragging out the laptop... or I use it to play music when I am working outside, or sitting on a plane. My hope is that when I buy a DMX dongle, I will use it for LightRider or something similar...
  5. Ausumm

    Healthy Boundaries - When Lines Are Crossed

    I agree with Steve, Jeff, Tigger, and anyone else who agrees.... you certainly tried to accommodate him... and each time HE was the one who didn't follow through. My only worry is that now, he expects you to continue to try accommodate him. And if/when it doesn't work out, he will dump on you. I...
  6. Ausumm

    The Do Not Play Challenge

    Agree totally. The bride hired me because she was an intern at the radio station I worked for. The "list" did not rear it's ugly head until she submitted the paperwork.... about two weeks before the big day. Had I known she was going to be so "particular"....I would have declined the gig.
  7. Ausumm

    Sound for the Ceremony - Is One Handheld Mic Enough?

    And it will pick up every frequency that feeds back!
  8. Ausumm

    The Do Not Play Challenge

    I have been very fortunate. Most of my DNP lists are small enough that I can work around it without breaking a sweat. On the rare occasion that I get a DNP with EVERYTHING on it... I have a real heart to heart with the B&G and try to resolve it. Or, at the very least, make a deal with them to...
  9. Ausumm

    Wow, what a weekend!

    I have an obsession with flying. I love anything to do with airplanes, and especially helicopters. I would have done this gig for free! I did do a Holiday party at a place that leased private jets.... it was pure heaven!
  10. Ausumm

    Low budget prospect loses - ha ha

    your "New Orleans" is showing :embarrassed: Evidently NOT ENOUGH! :laugh:
  11. Ausumm

    What's your price to work free?

    Why not DJ one big party for ALL of them! (like a house-warming)
  12. Ausumm

    A new scam call

    I just my first DJ scam email. It was the one with broken English... where the "groom" is hearing impaired... and asks if I take credit cards.
  13. Ausumm

    Feedback on an omni

    There are several "feedback detectors" and "feedback eliminators" out there. Detectors are usually are part of an EQ, and show you which frequencies are feeding back. You then use the EQ to lower the offending frequency (or frequencies) Eliminators usually do ALL of that on their own, but don't...
  14. Ausumm

    Lost another gig to an "all-inclusive" venue

    I don't think clients in my area go for that crap. We only had ONE local venue that had their own DJ. He sucked. The business is closed and building is for sale.
  15. Ausumm

    Here's a first for me

    Sometimes, making the kids happy is what makes the client happy... even if it means that THEY don't get to hear the adult songs they like. I had one bride who told me her daughter thinks she is a princess. So I played a flamboyant fanfare and had the entire audience give a "princess wave" to...