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  1. DjDennis
    yeah and now CASSETTES ARE BACK!!!!!
  2. Big Dan
    Big Dan
    I'm thinking it's time to shake things up around here - Dust off some of the cobwebs, refresh out look, and add features! What say you?
  3. DjDennis
    Well the day has come and gone - I am still the age I felt for a number of years already
  4. DjDennis
    Ok its the end of March 2017 -- now I am getting Older...
  5. Papa Deuce
    Wondering if you're still around. Would like to chat with you some more regarding bubble parties.
  6. DjDennis
    its 2017 now whats going to happen
  7. djmagicmoments
    I am NOT bragging.
    1. Jeff Romard
      Jeff Romard
      Are you bragging about not bragging ;)
      Dec 29, 2016
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    2. djmagicmoments
      Oh crap... perhaps I am.
      Dec 30, 2016
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  8. BlueLineDJ
    Shaking babies & kissing hands
  9. dunlopj
    dunlopj DJ Ricky B
    Next time you need help with a gig, call me (410) 215-6955. I'd be happy to tag along for the day. I retired from the biz 3 years ago, but would enjoy seeing it all happen again.
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    2. DJ Ricky B
      DJ Ricky B
      Will do! I'm sure I will have something at some point! Thanks!
      Sep 26, 2016
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  10. DjDennis
    Worried, mum fell and broke tibia on left leg - so now its 12 weeks in hospital
    1. Big Dan
      Big Dan
      I'm sorry to hear this Denny. Prayers are on their way for mom. I hope she is recouping well.
      Sep 24, 2016
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    2. DjDennis
      Actually mum came home already in 3x weeks and gets better treatment at home than she did in hospital - so loads better now
      Sep 27, 2016
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  11. Big Dan
    Big Dan
    Guess I should update my status more often?
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  12. Chuck The DJ
    Chuck The DJ
    When It's Over, It's Over.....
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    2. DjDennis
      lol its never over, till the FAT Lady Sings
      Aug 26, 2016
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    I couldn't post this on this forum as I would get too much backlash. If you send me your email address I will send you a copy of my contract and wedding planner form to give you some ideas to set yours up.
  14. Jeff Romard
    Jeff Romard DJ Ducky
    Congrats Anna we know you will do great :)
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  15. DJ Ducky
    DJ Ducky
    My DJ business is going on semi-hiatus. I'm now an MBA student (real MBA not that "Wedding MBA" stuff).
  16. d2benz
    d2benz Steve Cie
    Hi Steve, I just sent you this message on Facebook.....Hi Steve, How are you ? I was referred to you on ODJT. I have a quick question....Did you ever use the sound system at The Tides Estate in NJ??? Most of the music that I play require deep base...lots of African and Carribeaan music....they said they have a good system with sub woofer....guest count is about 330...its the room upstairs with the balcony...thanks
    Testing a second set of tops for rear fill, trying to see if running full range rear fill sounds better
    Thanks for the intelligent conversation on this site so far. I have learned a lot. I thirst for more knowledge.
    I am a 49 yr old married conservative republican. I have always been fascinated with sound and the mechanics of music.
  20. DjDennis
    OK so far all is fine (Mum is home again from Hospital) so I am fine - take care all