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    The new Bose killer? JBL Eon One Compact

    I also have the S! pro and a JBL Eon One Pro. I'm thinking about using them for ceremonies. If I can get my testicular fortitude up. I'm trying to make it all lighter do you happen to have photos of your setup and how many folks do you feel this works for?
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    Ross, a question on that Duracell portable power battery

    This is one of the reasons that I bought the Bose S-1 Pro and the JBL Eon One Pro. Both of them have their own power so that would be one less thing I have to worry about plugging into the Duracell. I do have to say that I bought all this stuff to go power free if I need to. But I have lacked...
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    Another remote ceremony speaker I use this and I have three sets of the audio technica pro 10 so this works perfect
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    Another remote ceremony speaker

    I try very hard not to factor in the price for something to much if its a need and can be used often and the price is reasonable. I got mine on sale with 48 months financing and for 809 dollars at Sweetwater. For many DJ's they don't care about presentation but for me its important. I can now do...
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    Another remote ceremony speaker

    Just bought this and I'm loving it. It has plenty of volume and outputs in the built in mixer. I also own the Denon Envoi and the Bose S-1 Pro. The Bose does sound great and so does this. I will say for presentation and sound quality this is the one I will be trying to use for ceremonies next...
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    Bose S1 Pro Speaker came in

    Well I heard the S-1 the other day and I have to say the sound was very nice for what it was. I'm a huge Bose fan as many know. I would say its competitor is the Envoi at least in my mind and ears. If I did not own the Envoi then I would have probably bought the Bose. But as has been said one of...
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    Bose S1 Pro Speaker came in

    Here is the Denon Envoi I did this video a couple of years ago when it first came out. I personally like it quite a bit, though I will say the blutooth is not the best on this speaker. View:
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    Comment by 'nextgen1' in media 'Groovielou'

    I miss this guy, its been a long time since he passed.
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    Weddings Had to cancel

    No money, not contract at the same time. Then there is no event for us here in Cali.
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    Change to table appearance/facade..opinions/ideas?

    I went a little crazy and spent to much money on this but our clients love it as well as the venues. This is the actual picture of my facade. That Dragon Boards Facades built for us.
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    Virtual DJ Version 4

    I want to thank you for showing me the errors of my ways. Your comments only show your true lack of understanding what everything is all about. My success says more to me than your hidden identity and comments. I started doing weddings 12 years ago but did house parties and other events before...
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    Virtual DJ Version 4

    I always choose the next song but I have many great list with tons of great stuff. I think I might have to call my clients of the last 12 years and apologize for their great time at their events and my use of automix. I do appreciate the art of beat mixing. But it is not one of my skills, I...
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    Virtual DJ Version 4

    I guess I'm the only one here who uses automix all the time in VDJ 8. Since I'm the DJ and the MC and most of the time day of Cord, it's a great thing for me. I have yet to have anyone complain and we do well in our business and during events. Plus may times I'm out on the floor or doing...
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    small system..L1 or another powered top or ??

    I would say it depends on what you want and what you really want to use it for. I own the Envoi as well as one F-1. The Envoi was bought for quick setup. Total ability to have no power present and to also use it for wedding rehearsals which we do many of. The Envoi is perfect for that. But as...
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    Both used but I have 3 of them and when new they were 1000 dollars Pioneer DJ DJM-5000 Rack Mount Mobile DJ MIxer | eBay Pioneer DJM5000 | eBay