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    School & Teen Events My first School / Teen event

    While I don't disagree with you, they can't find anyone to play music for them. The DJ's in the area all want $500+ to do any event. I enjoy being around students (I was almost a teacher, I've coached, helped with scouting, our church youth, and other school activities). I have the equipment...
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    School & Teen Events My first School / Teen event

    So I did look around the forum a little but didn't find anything real recent. Hoping maybe someone might be willing to point me in the right direction. As school is winding down, I may have a chance to play at a local middle school's "play day". Basically it will be 7th & 8th graders outdoors...
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    Looking for help with the speakers on either speaker stands.

    Mix, you seem like you'd be willing to do some DIY hacks if it would be cheaper... so I'll offer a thought or two. Look at the bottom of the speakers. If the holes in the bottom look to be in good shape (nothing broken in the cup), then it's likely a simple case of the speaker pole you have...
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    Priced out of work...?

    Hey all... thanks for all of your input. I didn't forget about this thread, just been busy with work. I've gotten some great advice, suggestions, and ideas. I'm slowly working through them all. This forum is great!
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    I just ordered another rolling laptop bag from Ebay

    I'm happy for you that you got something you like and I guess got a two for one deal in the process. I say be careful with those rolling bags though, they make me nervous. I don't know if I'm afraid someone will kick my laptop or what, but it always makes me cringe seeing people wheeling those...
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    Priced out of work...?

    So, as some of you may recall, I'm still new to the DJ business. I've been working with a couple of established dj's in my area for about 5 months. I've assisted them with several weddings, private events, and booked several of my own private events and play somewhat regularly at a local small...
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    Your opinion on DJ sitting in a chair while deejaying?

    @DJ Ricky B - shoot me a message if you're looking at buggies. I'm selling my whole setup. Only about 4 races on it. ;-)
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    Controller choice?

    I'm still new to dj'ing, and I went with an SB2, which I know is over your budget, but I'm super happy with it. I know, that's of no help to you. However, if you decide you want to go the ddj400 route, I have one that I only used maybe 5 times in my living room. I have a case for it as...
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    You're not wrong.... lol.... I just felt like the price was kind of high for what it was. It does the job it was designed for and fits well as I can leave it on the controller inside the flight case.
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    I have one for my sb2. It's alright... but for most of the work I've done up to this point, It hasn't proved its worth to me yet. If I leave my controller out for a long time at home, it does keep dust off of it. Aside from that, eh......
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    Christmas gift to yourself?

    I didn't buy myself anything.... which I normally do. Maybe I'll build an ar-10 this winter.... ;-)
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    Pricing one standard price vs package pricing

    The only add-on's I can think of currently would be a cloud machine, fog machine, uplights, or ceremony sound/mics. I know subs aren't required at every location, but for a wedding, I WANT to provide full range sound because that's what I like, so I'll have them at any wedding I do. Also...
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    Pricing one standard price vs package pricing

    This is sort of the route I'm thinking about going.
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    Pricing one standard price vs package pricing

    I did try to search the forums, but didn't find much on this... sorry if it's over-discussed. As a new mobile DJ, I'm working on my pricing. This post will relate mainly to wedding package pricing. Pricing for private parties/bar/PA setups, etc would be different altogether. I see a lot of...
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    Cheap moving heads

    My grandmother had one of those sat on the back of her stove for as far back as any of the grandkids can remember. I swear that things head moved even when nobody was around. It was borderline creepy, lol. I had completely forgot about it until you posted that.... amazing.... lol.