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  1. Jim Davis

    I hope I can do the event tomorrow.

    My girlfriend wanted to book me for a last-minute gig but I stubbed my toe and found a pot of gold in my basement, so fortunately I can fix my roof. Hired the contractor from McDonald's where I live. My partner ate all the fries though, don't wanna get into it right now. By the way I bought a...
  2. Jim Davis

    Reunions High School Reunion

    Thanks for the discussion, guys. I went $500 and they were interested (even considering moving the date based on my availability - it was a referral) until they found out $500 didn't include uplighting. Uplighting?? For a high school reunion??? For the record, I let the woman know that dance...
  3. Jim Davis

    Reunions High School Reunion

    Thanks Taso, I should clarify that the event is out in Warminster, not center city or anything like that. (Jealous of my wedding DJ (Cleveland Morris) who landed a regular gig at the Plough in old city...) I'm not desperate for the gig, maybe I'll float $600 out there! I've never aimed to be...
  4. Jim Davis

    Reunions High School Reunion

    Good point, I suppose a lot could potentially be background music. (Unless it's an open bar!)
  5. Jim Davis

    Reunions High School Reunion

    So I'm just going to get right to the point - I don't DJ as many gigs as I used to. However, when I get a friend referral, I'll usually take the gig if it's reasonable. I've always been on the cheap side for the Philadelphia area, I think. I was initially thinking $500 for 4 hours for this...
  6. Jim Davis

    Brand New QSC CP Series Speakers just came out

    Bump - has anyone tried the CP12's? I have the original K12's. I'm interested in the ~10lb weight savings... at least for certain gigs. Wondering how the low end response compares. I frequently use my K12's without a sub.
  7. Jim Davis

    Current Latin Hits

    You could look at Promo Only's current and historic Hit Lists. For some reason they omit the word "Latin" from the genre headings, but it's the ones that say Tropical, Regional, Pop and Caribbean, starting below Country: Promo Only: #1 DJ Source for Music Downloads and DVDs -...
  8. Jim Davis

    Good remix edition of DJ Beats

    The thing I like about PO (and formerly PrimeCuts, or somebody like RPM or ERG) is that you can just download their packaged releases and be pretty confident you've got whatever will get requested. On iDJPool or BPM, you don't have curated/packaged releases, so you have to go manually select and...
  9. Jim Davis

    Promo Only Downloader

    My main controller is the Numark NS6 (Numark has replaced it with the NS6ii). To be honest, though, I've started using my backup Mixtrack Pro more often because it's smaller and much easier to lug around to gigs. It's definitely on the cheap end, and it looks cheaper, but if you don't use...
  10. Jim Davis

    Promo Only Downloader

    I have a CD-R set of the Platinum series that I bought from the former president of ETV network that he had listed on Ebay. Evidently they continued supplying sets/replacements to existing subscribers under the radar using disc duplicators after the copyright shakeup and this was one of those...
  11. Jim Davis

    Ultimix Warehouse Sale

    If anyone spins Ultimix/Funkymix and wants some older back issues, they're selling 20-disc lots for $1/disc over on eBay: Ultimix Funkymix Records | eBay Stores - ( They're not contiguous ranges of issues, but I guess that's part of why they're...
  12. Jim Davis

    Promo Only Downloader

    Personally, I wish they would have the "Mainstream Top 20" and other genre top 20 lists archived for download later with only incremental updates as new songs break the top 20. (As of now you can only download the current one before it disappears with the next update.) That way you could just...
  13. Jim Davis

    PrimeCuts Closing Permanently December 31st

    Are you downloading weekly Express Audio or just monthly releases?
  14. Jim Davis

    PrimeCuts Closing Permanently December 31st

    Gents - Merry Christmas! I'm taking a break in my office from the madness of all the company in my house. I have an iDJPool question: do they have explicit versions of songs as well as clean/radio on the full sub? Separate question: does the CountryDJPool subscription include Billboard Hot...
  15. Jim Davis

    24% of all music at events is now streamed

    VDJ ContentUnlimited is linked to iDJPool, which from what I've heard, is completely legit. The video portion is linked to VJ-Pro (who runs Smashvision and is owned by Lodestar), which is 100% legit. Lodestar Entertainment LLC - ( . I can't imagine VJ-Pro...