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    My friend asked how much longer will I be DJing?

    So never really knew when I would call it quits but the decision was made in the last month that this will be my last year. Right after Xmas I thought I pull something in my stomach so I had a Ultrasound done and there was no tear but they found somthing on my kidney. Get it checked out and it...
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    New Pioneer Controllers DDJ Rev1(entry level) and DDJ Rev7 (Rane One competitor with motorized platter surround)

    Yeah will stick with my Prime. There something about that guy too I just want to punch him
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    What are your plans for NYE?

    Will be working a house party I do every year.
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    I bought a few things this week to use for the business.

    Great what is your business plan to marked the lights and sell them to clients? How much are you going to charge for this awesome light show on top of the DJ portion?
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    I bought a few things this week to use for the business.

    Mint sorry you are going through all of this stuff but buying gear just to buy gear still makes zero sense.
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    I bought a few things this week to use for the business.

    So you are buying stuff that you may use one time and don't really have a business plan to make money on the items you are buying. Meanwhile you have gear that looks like it came out of a garage that had flood damage and you do nothing to fix that first. Great plan.
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    How many have recovered in this DJ business from the Pandemic?

    Back to normal for the last 9 months. During the previous year I found new ways to make money so never really stopped working.
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    Would you help a client try to find a venue?

    No you go on there to find gigs and you are the low end DJ who will do a wedding for 250-300. Hell you do them for free.
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    Would you help a client try to find a venue?

    You I did learn something in this thread. People still use Craigslist. I bet there are high paying gigs to be found on there.
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    Where do you advertise that works well for you that gets you bookings?

    Yeah you want to do those things but only for people 50 and over.
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    My partner got the phone call.

    I think you missed the entire point. What if the person you doing the job for wasn't a friend. What exactly would you have done to get to the job? Also the van breaking down is a business expense so I assume your partner will be paying half of the towing and repairs.
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    My partner got the phone call.

    So mix what if this was a wedding you had booked were you going to call the bride and tell her you need her to come pick you are your gear up so you could do your job? Amazing
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    How long have you been a DJ and what are your likes and dislikes about this business?

    33 years. I love to entertain people and make people enjoy their nights. Now I dislike the loading in and out so I pay people to do it. Doing is easy if you listen and learn. If you dont I guess it can be hard.
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    What would you charge to do this event?

    Not sure what you want to battle about. I mean we could battle with the amount of Gigs I have this year compared to yours. We can battle over how much I get per gig compared to yours. We can battle about many things. We can have a battle mixing country music. I think that sounds like a great...
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    What would you charge to do this event?

    Sounds like your partner without a license and a way to get there already gave them a price. Still do not understand why you have a partner in a business that doesn't exist.