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  1. campbelljt

    Vinyl Music Collection for Sale

    I will keep folks posted as I start this journey. I have three DJ CD cases full to list. It took me 8 months to get everything listed in the vinyl.
  2. campbelljt

    Vinyl Music Collection for Sale

    I am in a transition period and I am selling my Vinyl Music Collection. With the return of vinyl it is a perfect time. I saw one of my albums from the 70's in Walmart the other day for $20. I am not asking that kind of money for my collection. I started at a young age with many LP's from...
  3. campbelljt

    The Official Introductions Thread

    Hi all, my name is Jim Campbell, I'm in Statesville NC. I have actually been a DJ since 1978. My company's name is Sound Entertainment. my website (and it appears to still be active) is 1978, Boy that is a long time. In so many ways I'm better person for it ands in some...