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Wedding February 13th, 2016
Jim Davis

Wedding February 13th, 2016

Normandy Farm - Blue Bell, PA
I am not ashamed to admit I learn something great yet tragically simple everyday surfing these forums - all this time I have either been velcro or zip-strapping my XLR cable wires to my riser poles going to the tops. Simply coiling the wire around the poles seems a perfectly simplistic way of doing the business of keeping the wires from hanging straight down just as well. Thanks for posting. I shall try this at my next event...
IMHO, I have seen and done it both ways. I prefer the cables going down the back of the pole and not wrapped around the pole. Some of this opinion also has to do with the stands I use. I have some Ultimate Telelocks with the quick release - I use tie wraps / velcro / etc. On the other Ultimate stands, they have the hand knobs, you could wrap the cords around the pole using the knob to keep the wire in place. As I said, I have done it both ways .. but I think 'down the back' gives a cleaner appearance.
As long as they aren't just hanging down, it's all good ..
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On an unrelated note, this was the final gig where I used those light bars (although I'm sure I will re-purpose them at some point). I switched to a t-bar as seen here (crappy photo quality sorry) --

RCF HD12-A's also made their debut at that gig.
I always coil my wires around the speaker pole.
If I wanna be real OC about it, I'll use a little bit of electrical tape to keep them in check.
That's not a bad picture to me. It just looks like you were put in a tight corner. You also dressed the part as I've seen some dress very poorly with wires showing everywhere.

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