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W IDEA  DJ Simple Setup

W IDEA DJ Simple Setup

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just a photoshop idea...i have a pvc pipe facade and am using clipped on knit fabric..PITA to put on and make it wrinkle free.

this idea is a banquet table skirt - can make then any length (they call it stage skirting) and in 3 different designs - this is a box pleat design.
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I am sure you have heard this, but the light tree behind you would help it not stick out (visually) so much... even behind and off to a side so guests can't see the legs,,,, but this may not be a real set up shot... I like the pleated skirt and used one for years when I had a table....
So you're saying put the lightstand behind the speaker stand as to 'hide' it more?
Behind the table rarely works - I think almost every venue I've been in there is maybe 6' from the dance floor to the wall, 3' for the table so I'd be tripping over the damned light stand al night long (been there done that don't like it)

Since this pic I've gotten 2 subs so the tops are on them via poles OR I have scrims on the speaker stands. If my speakers had top pole mounts I'd likely put the lights on top of a speaker (last speakers had them, none of my current ones do).
I dunno... I don't like having everything covered up. You can see the fancy bottles a bartender is pouring from and I think it's nice to see a little bit of what the DJ is doing...

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