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The Float Bash 2016 stage is ready for all the gear.

The Float Bash 2016 stage is ready for all the gear.

Float Bash is an annual party that a friend and I put on every year. It's open to everyone staying at Bass' River Resort on the last full weekend of July. We do offer a group rate if you float with us.
This is nice! With a cover ,,,,,,,hardly anything will get wet. How long to set up this stage? How much weight? And finally what is the cost of the panels?m looks like you have 14 of them.
The threat of bad weather is exactly why I had the stage. It saved me twice! There were two good, but short, downpours over that weekend.

It took me about 2 hours to setup after I figured out placement. It goes very fast after the first platform is down.

It weighed about 1,400lbs and fit on one pallet. The whole stack barely fit in my Sprinter, which has the tall roof.

I rented it and it cost about $500 for the weekend.

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