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My Dj Gear Packup Pics 002 (Sheet 2)

My Dj Gear Packup Pics 002 (Sheet 2)

i worked for 15 years as a mechanic and keeping my tools and shop organized made for faster work and less costly (like not losing a tool).
If you do it the same way every time you get fast and mistakes are fewer.
WOW ! You are very good at packing not sure i could have pulled that off.
I've slowly improved it. Doubt it will get much better. Need a good bag for my clotthing next.
Yep had all mine worked out to a T - saves things not being able to load when you place things in the WRONG area...
been nearly a year..changed some gear but it all still fits - I can get 2 DXR12 tops, 2 cases/bins for mixer/lights/cable, etc, an EV ETX18 sub, 2 light stand bags, light bag (4Play), acrobat if needed, my clothing (did get a bag for it), a small duffle with backup stuff, a 4' table.

I broke a plastic handle on the dolly using it as a ramp to put the 114 lb ETX18 now I just pick the damned thing up..still pondering the options. The dolly has a 5 year warranty and they sent me a new handle (free) and it seems to be made of a less brittle plastic, but i'm not testing it!

Maybe the 4' table would work as a ramp...have to work on that as having it slide off the back of the car and drop the speaker ot the ground wouldn't be good for anything. And no idea if the lifetime brand table can bu used that way. A 4' 2x12 would of course work... and having 2 people makes it easier.

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