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Chuck The DJ


How is that Gemini? I've been looking for a 1 RU media player with a CD, USB, etc. capability to throw in the rack. The Denon DN-300z looks sweet .. had CD, SD, USB and a radio built-in. This Gemini seems to be half the price. (Denon is $350+).
BTW, I have the same Rane MLM42 .. have used it as a karaoke mic mixer into my Rane MP-25.
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If it had stereo channels, I might be tempted for a 2nd .. bought an Ashly LX308 as a mini system mixer .. replaced an older Rolls I had. I wish there were other US audio companies like Ashly and Rane.
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+1 on the Rane MLM.

Had been looking at them for a while now and recently found a great deal on a used but near mint mlm42.

The newer mlm42s seems to be identical in spec to the older 42 model. Maybe the "s" stands for silver as that's the colour of the finish on the rear of the newer model. Guess the contrast of the finish makes it a little easier to distinguish in limited light where to plug the connections in.

I'm now looking for a second one to use either as a backup mixer in a 4 channel wireless ceremony system or to combine them to have up to eight inputs with eq, using only 2u rack spaces.
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I have a "S" version .. I think the main external difference (other than a silver back) was a change to an internal power supply instead of the special phone connector one they had.
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Yeah, I see that now that I am looking at it (was just delivered a few days ago). Looks like it would be an expensive power supply to replace if you could even get one any more, but for $95 U.S in mint condition for the mixer, even if it doesn't last forever,I think I did ok.
I had a Soundcraft 16 channel mixer that had a similar type of external PS .. I bought a second to have in case of failure, but I have been trying to get rid of all gear with external PS (might be a challenge for wireless mics). The only gear I have still with weird PS are my Behringer Sharks, which have a circular 5 pin connector and a hefty external brick.
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