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Behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes.

It looks like you're running VDJ on a MacBook - that's probably why the cover turned red like that ! :laugh:

I really like the light on the controller.
When I used a DJ mixer with the connection for a goose neck light, it was a LED that produced no heat, so I just covered it with red cellophane.

If yours also produces no heat, try that - you won't need a dimmer and it will match that crazy Macbook.
@Handinon They make it with red LEDs as well but I don't like red light. I specifically wanted white. I got the dimmest one they sold. sells a dimmer for $20, I've just been too lazy to buy it.
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Wow, this is an astonishing amount of gear. Were you processing a bunch of live sound stuff other than your DJ equipment? I've never seen anyone run a board like that just for DJ stuff.
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I was feeding the X32 one wired mic, one wireless mic, and the MC6000 output.I'm a stickler for good audio, especially for toasts/speeches/announcements, which is why I bought the board.

I use the low cut filers, gate, compressor, and PEQ on the mics. The MC6000 audio is unprocessed.

The output is on two faders, one for the tops and one for the subs. This gives me quick access to control the sub volume, which is important to me. It also allows me to easily set delays on the tops or the subs when needed.

Lastly it gives me the outputs for delay stacks, second room, and recording feeds. I can configure those outputs to have whatever I want sent to them. For instance the delays might only get the microphones sent to them.

All of this can also be controlled from my iPad, which is great for setup.

The whole setup you see here took 2.5 hours to setup and 1 hr to teardown with one helper. I'm still working on making that faster.
@STLRiverCityDJ Isn't the same thing available in their 2 smaller formats (X32 Compact, X32 Producer)?
Yes, it is essentially the same. However I see myself also providing sound at corporate events and for bands in the near future, so I went with the full-size model.
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