Your prediction on this business in the next few years

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DJ Extraordinaire
Oct 16, 2011
That is one thing people will figure out with time. This is why I don't think changes like this will take hold any time soon.

Even if a service starts where they take care of set up and tear down, and a "tech" making sure everything is good to go, someone at the party will need to be in charge of overseeing the equipment at least loosely. Someone still needs to make announcements. However, if they figure out a way to do remote announcements from a professional MC that could be a game changer. Still, remote/virtual has it's limitations.

I don;t foresee much changing in the next 5 years, and probably not 10 years. DJs will still be needed for weddings. 20 years? Who knows. I will be 59 at that point and at least currently, I plan to have exited the business by age 59. If I am still doing events it will be just a handful a year, and probably for older folks at that point.
While over time things will get figured out another event is being ruined. The best thing is having a DJ who knows what they are doing. End of story.